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The Boardshop Surfboard Showroom

A huge selection of boards, wetsuits and accessories.

The Boardshop surfboard showroom is fully stocked with an extensive range of boards from Firewire, Slater DesignsLostChannel Islands, Pyzel, FORM  and more. The showroom is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm by appointment, for you to collect your new board. If you’d rather pop in at the weekend that’s fine too just contact us to agree a time and date and we’ll open up for you. There’s also a comprehensive range of fins, leashes, tail pads, boardbags and every other surf essential on show as well as wetsuits from every brand worth considering.

As well as top end performance surfboards we have a full range of entry level boards from Torq, Cortez, Alder and Surfworx.

Click & Collect your board from Boardshop works like this. Buy online and collect from the showroom whenever you like. Don’t like the idea of your new board in the hands of a courier? We do understand, and although the rate of damage on the boards we ship is less than 0.5% it's 100% fine to collect your board from us, just let us know when.   

Look forward to seeing you soon at the Boardshop surfboard showroom.

To arrange a visit, give us a call on: 01243 674250 or alternatively send us an email at: info@boardshop.co.uk