Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard

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If you love the Pyzel Ghost and Phantom models but need a shorter and more generous board for smaller and weaker waves, the Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard would fit the bill. The Ghost and Phantom DNA is still there but in a shorter, wider, flatter guise for an easy paddle, and rapid acceleration in less than inspiring conditions.
Stock Dimensions
5'2" x 19.25" x 2.25" - 24.8L
5'3" x 19.375" x 2.312" - 26.1L
5'4" x 19.5" x 2.375" - 27.5L
5'5" x 19.625 x 2.375" - 28.2L
5'6" x 19.75 x 2.437" - 29.5L
5'7" x 19.875 x 2.437" - 30.2L
5'8" x 20" x 2.5" - 31.6L
5'9" x 20.25" x 2.5" - 32.5L
5'10" x 20.375" x 2.562" - 33.9L
5'11" x 20.625" x 2.562" - 34.9L
6'0" x 20.75" x 2.625" - 36.5L
Or Build a custom
From the shaper - John Pyzel

The Gremlin is all about getting you excited to surf when the conditions are far from perfect and maybe the weight of summer crowds is a little off-putting. This is the little shortboard that’ll reignite your stoke and give you a hit of FunFormance however mediocre the conditions. The Gremlin has heaps of get-up-and-go, paddles easy and delivers a snappy and drivey, high-performance feel.

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Pyzel Gremlin surfboard 5ft 10 FCS II - White
Pyzel Gremlin surfboard 5ft 10 FCS II - White
Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard 5ft 10 Futures - White
Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard 5ft 10 Futures - White


Key features and details

Our Review

Watch Ian's in-depth review of the Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard

The Pyzel Ghost Family

Matt breaks down the Ghost Family of the Pyzel 2022 Range.

Why we love the Pyzel Gremlin

Matt’s review on the Gremlin

Matt is the closest to a "frothing grom" we have here at Boardshop; his board knowledge is staggering and what he doesn’t know about the Pyzel range frankly isn’t worth knowing. I’ve ridden the Gremlin in solid head high and over SW swell and had just as much fun in our predominant wind swell when the waves lack punch. My surfing hasn’t felt this good and the rest of my quiver hasn’t had a look-in during the last 3 months. My paddling feels ridiculously strong and the board just seems to fly on take-off without the need for any “pumping” even in mushy waves. The board responds so fast that I don’t lose any speed when executing turns or cuttys. The best board for UK waves that I’ve ridden this year! - Matt

Sizing the Gremlin

Matt rides a custom 5’9 Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard with 33.1 litres volume which is a litre more than his every day shortboard. This extra litre gives him that little bit of help in the lower end of the wave spectrum without compromising performance in better quality waves.


"I have almost exclusively been riding my 5’9 as a quad; the drive off the bottom frees the board to be surfed with speed even in sub-par conditions. I prime my board with a Performance Core fin set up; using the FCS II Kolohe Andino fins up front with the Performer Neo Glass Quad Rears. This perfect balance of drive and control has massively improved my surfing and I’m performing manoeuvres better than I have ever done before." Matt

Feedback from the riders

4.9285 out of 5 stars
Verified buyer
First impressions very good!
Only just had my first surf on this board, does exactly what I bought it for! Small surf. Took it out on an uninspiring day and the board paddled great, caught just about every wave I went for and had plenty speed and ‘go’ in small weak surf., can’t wait to try it on a good 3ft plus day
Matty Ward
Verified buyer
Excellent Service
Managed to snatch this board as a 6.4 foot (40L Volume) on the weekly Premium Trade In email at a cut price of £400. Before purchasing I had a chat with the guys at Boardshop on the phone about to confirm whether it is the right board for me to progress on related to my height/weight, experience, and my usual surfing conditions (northeast england).

Bought it as a step down from a 7.6 Torq minimal, and never thought the transition to a shorter board would be this easy. Took it out in Tynemouth on very slow 2-3 footers and to my surprise still managed to catch waves. Think my turning ability has improved drastically after a couple of days. Still waiting to test out in bigger conditions, however it's such a confidence boost to know you can ride and perform on smaller days.

Advice would be to pick a few boards you fancy then wait around for it to show up on the Premium Trade In email. Literally nothing wrong with the condition of second hand boards. Postage and packaging is dead quick and secure as well.
Matt Hills
Verified buyer
Perfect groveller
Ideal summer board, well packaged. Got delayed by courier but boardshop had good communication throughout
Verified buyer
Great board & great service!
Just received my Gremlin today and cannot wait to take it out! Really impressed with the customer service and the reasonable shipping fees to Ireland. If anyone I know is looking to buy a new board I'll definitely be recommending Boardshop.
Verified buyer
Awesome board and fantastic service!
I’m amazed at how wave catching ability and performance have been packed into this board. My first short board in over 25 years and I’ve loved surfing it. It’s so forgiving and stable yet I can still get a buzz of a nice snappy turn. Probably overdid the size going for the 6’2’’ (I’m 5’10 and 145lb) but I wasn’t sure how I’d get on and figured I’d prioritise the wave count.
Service from Boardshop was amazing, smooth, ultra quick and the board was so incredibly well packaged - they have this off to a fine art!
Verified buyer
Awesome customer service!
Traded in a board and got great service all along the way. The team couldn’t have been more helpful and went above and beyond what you might of expected.
So easy to give them 5 stars!!! Board also does what it says on the tin.
Verified buyer
The board I’ve been waiting for !
Amazing board, perfect for the average / decent North Cornish surf. As always a super fast delivery and great service by Boardshop. I keep promising my wife it’s the last one and this time, with this board, it just might be !!
Verified buyer
Amazing Board and great service.
Purchased the Pyzel Gremlin 6'4 and couldn't be happier. Staff via email were happy to help and offer advice. Couldn't recommend enough.
Verified buyer
Epic board and epic service from boardshop
The guys at boardshop were really helpful in getting the right size board for me. Had my first waves on it today and it was awesome.
Best place to buy boards for sure!
Verified buyer
Amazing service
Amazing service from the board shop was a pleasure to purchase my new board from them took it for its first surf on the weekend and loved every second of it would highly recommend these guys
Verified buyer
Great advice from the Boardshop . My new Pyzel Gremlin surfboard is just so good to ride
Great advice and friendly service.
Super Stoked with my Pyzel Gremlin after riding my new surfboard recently.
Thanks Frazer
David brook
Verified buyer
Love it
Only been out once, on a pretty rubbish swell in Shoreham and can already tell this is going to be great. Picks up waves super easy. I am using GRIPD instead of wax. Also very cool.
Verified buyer
One of the best.
Now had three Gremlins. Had a lot of boards in-between and kept coming back. This is one of the best performance grovellers, in everything from knee high to head high, user friendly, and goes well as a thruster or quad. Can almost be a one board quiver if you happen to live on the south coast of England.
Jordan rundle
Verified buyer
Pyzel gremlin 6,0
Great communication when I got the board snd board is brilliant works well in all surf!