Vissla North Seas Wetsuit

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The Vissla North Seas Wetsuit series as the name would suggest is a collection of wetsuits and accessories aimed at the surfer who regularly surfs the colder waters of the North Sea or anywhere else in Northern Europe where winter surfing requires a level of dedication only a committed surfer understands.
Top Features
• V-Foam the lightest and warmest neoprene available
• Full body thermal hollow fibre lining insulates and dries fast
• Eco friendly Dope Dyed fabrics that don’t fade
• New improved fit for a better range of movement
• PK S-Lock Water Tight Zipper
• Chest-zip entry with Cris-X panels for easy entry
• Power Seam a flexible waterproofing sealant used on the outside of the seams for added durability and warmth
From Vissla

The new and improved North Seas Series follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful Seven Seas with the same distinctive clean and uncluttered look. Vissla have stripped away all the irrelevant knick-knacks and produced a wetsuit which delivers precisely what you need, a warm and comfortable full wetsuit for the cold water surfer.

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Our Review

Watch Ian's in-depth review of the Vissla North Seas Wetsuit

Watch In Action

Watch Simon Hetrick put our most advanced and warmest wetsuit to the test in the frigid waters of his home state, Maryland.

Why We Love The North Seas Wetsuit Here At Boardshop HQ

Fit and Function

The Vissla North Seas Wetsuit has a new and improved fit with anatomically correct panels and seam placement giving a better range of movement and increased warmth. It really doesn’t make any difference what whistles and bells a wetsuit boasts if it doesn’t fit.

The improvement in fit makes the North Seas warmer and more comfortable than before and will keep you performing at your optimum for longer during those frigid winter sessions.

The North Seas 3/2mm Full Suit

The North Seas 3/2mm Full Suit is one of those must-have wetsuits if you regularly surf the colder waters of Northern Europe. This is the wetsuit you’ll probably wear the most. Realistically the 3/2mm will take you all the way from spring right through to autumn here in the UK and would be a good high-summer wetsuit for Scotland and Scandinavia.

The North Seas 4/3mm Full Suit

If you’re lucky enough to live in the southwest of England or in southern Europe the North Seas 4/3mm could well be warm enough to see you clean through a winter season especially if you team it with some quality boots, gloves and a hood if necessary.

For most the 4/3mm is the wetsuit you reach for in October/November when it’s just too chilly for the 3/2, and at the other end of the season around April when it’s a little too warm in the 5/4.

Feedback from the riders

5 out of 5 stars
Verified buyer
Fantastic suit
A fantastic suit, brilliant quality, supple neoprene, easy to get on, surprisingly quick to dry. I was out on the East of Scotland in December and came out as warm as I went in.
Nick Walker
Verified buyer
Most comfortable hooded wetsuit I have ever owned
A very well designed winter suit for surfing. The hood is particularly noteworthy. It is snug fitting and flexible and integrated nicely into the neoprene from the neck line up. It makes a difference because you are less restricted in your head movements (not that I’m moving my head around that much but it makes a difference, believe me!).
I wanted to get a more “eco friendly” suit. I think there may be a bit of “green washing” going on but Vissla claim to respect sustainability is important to our future. Clearly it is imperative! In choosing this suit over other (arguably) more sustainable products I feel a bit hypocritical but in terms of the quality of the suit and what it is for (cold water surfing) i cannot fault it. I have only used it twice so how durable it is remains to be seen but having had many many winter suits over the years I have been surfing, this is the best I have had yet. It has stoked me back up when the cold was starting to put me off and I can’t wait to get out there again and snag a few peelers! Happy days :-)