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O'Neill Hyperfreak

O'Neill Hyperfreak
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The O’Neill HyperFreak wetsuit family consists of a full range of neoprene wetsuits and accessories aimed at the serious watersports enthusiast. From short sleeve 0.5mm “wetsuit tops” right up to the 5/4mm winter wetsuit. The HyperFreak collection uses some of the very latest materials including the beautifully soft and flexible TechnoButter 2 and the freakishly stretchy SuperStretch TBX.

Top Features

• TechnoButter 2 Neoprene - 20% lighter 30% less water absorption
• GBS - Glued and Blindstitched watertight seam construction
• F.U.Z.E (Front Upper Zip Entry)- keeping you dry without compromising flex
• TechnoButter 2 Neoprene - 20% lighter 30% less water absorption
• Minimal Seam Design - Less seam = more stretch!
• 360 degree barrier with 3 drain holes - Minimal flush and fast draining
• Double Super Seal Neck - Comfortable, Durable and Watertight
• Critically Taped Seam Junctions - Reinforcing the most vulnerable sections
• External Key Pocket with loop - Easy access key stash
• Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones - Flex where you need it most
• Sidewinder S-Curve Seams - Anatomical seam placement
• Zipless entry with 360 degree barrier with cinch cord
• SuperStretch TBX Neoprene (HyperFreak Comp Zipless only)
• Ultra Minimal Seam Design (HyperFreak Comp Zipless only)

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From O'Neill

The HyperFreak series is easily identifiable by its super-clean lines and tasteful colour blocking. Minimal panel construction = less seams which means more stretch, more flexibility and less water ingress...we make that a win, win, win situation. The range utilizes the buttery soft TechnoButter 2 and the ridiculously stretchy SuperStretch TBX neoprene. Comfort, warmth, and unrestricted movement...the awesome HyperFreak series.

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Our Review

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Boardshop’s take on the HyperFreak series

Where and when

The O’Neill HyperFreak wetsuit family have got you covered whether you’re surfing warm-water reefs in the Indian Ocean or braving the frigid waters of a northern European winter.

Tropical and warm water destinations

If you’re lucky enough to heading somewhere nice and warm the combination of a HF 0.5mm Top teamed with some boardshorts has to be the ultimate in comfort for tropical and warm water temperatures.

A 0.5mm neoprene top will keep you warm if there is a breeze, protect you from the sun’s harmful rays and will afford a little more protection than a lycra rash vest should you contact the reef.

European waters

A HyperFreak Spring suit or a Long Sleeve Spring is THE perfect wetsuit for summer in southern Europe and high summer in the UK. The HF fullsuits range from the 2mm short sleeve, ideal for summer surfing in the UK right up to the F.U.Z.E Full 3/2mm or the freakishly flexible Comp Zipless which will take you from late Spring through to Autumn in the UK.

Both the F.U.Z.E and the Comp Zipless are available in 4/3mm and 5/4mm for winter surfing in the UK and Northern Europe.

The O’Neill HyperFreak Comp Zipless is also included in the youth range, granting the serious grom a slice of the action.

Boardshop’s take on the HyperFreak series

Why choose O’Neill?

O’Neill wetsuit fit

As with any sports clothing and equipment, the most important thing is “Fit”, this is even more important when choosing a wetsuit as it won’t work if it doesn’t fit perfectly! The guys here at Boardshop have over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience using and retailing wetsuits and neoprene goods; we know what works, we know how a wetsuit should fit and perform.

O’Neill produces THE easiest wetsuits to sell; the fit is second to none and the materials are so flexible that they will fit pretty much any shape and size.

O’Neill wetsuit function

O’Neill have been designing wetsuits for surfing since the 1950’s and continue to research and develop with the help of their stable of team riders. This process ensures that every wetsuit in the O’Neill catalogue has been put through a tough testing regime by some of the best surfers in the world and in some of the most demanding conditions on the planet.

O’Neill HyperFreak conclusion

The HyperFreak series delivers in my opinion the perfect balance of warmth, flex and performance. You’ll find warmer wetsuits in the line-up equipped with welded seams etc, but what you gain in warmth you sacrifice a little flexibility. This perfect blend of super-stretchy materials, a unique panel layout and GBS seams gives me and many of my surfing buddies everything we look for in a surfing wetsuit.

Why choose O’Neill?
Feels like nothing!
The most comfortable wetsuit I ever tried. Perfect fit and the 5/4 will be warm enough to Portugal winter!
Brilliant material
Light and with great stretch, easy on and easy off. The neoprene is the best I've seen and provides a great fit and feels like a second skin.
Guys i ordered a shortie for my kitesurfing trip to
Guys i ordered a shortie for my kitesurfing trip to turkey on friday received by courier on sat pm top top service !!!