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Firewire Greedy Beaver

Firewire Greedy Beaver
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4.94 out of 5 stars

The Firewire Greedy Beaver has built a solid fan base in a relatively short period of time. Don’t be fooled by the longboard nose, the Greedy Beaver is a rebel in disguise. Designed to paddle fast, catch waves early and perform from the tail like a true shortboard. The Greedy Beaver will leave you with a permanent grin in weaker, fatter waves.

Stock dimensions

5’6” x 19 3/4” x 2 1/4” - 29.9L
5’8” x 20” x 2 5/16” - 32.1L
5’10” x 20 1/4” x 2 3/8” - 34.3L
6’0” x 20 1/2” x 2 1/2” - 37.5L
6’2” x 20 3/4” x 2 5/8” - 40.9L
6’4” x 21” x 2 11/16” - 43.6L
6’6” x 21 1/4” x 2 3/4” - 46.4L
6’8 x 21 1/2” x 2 13/16” - 49.1L
6’10 x 21 3/4” x 2 7/8” - 52.1L

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From the shaper

The Greedy Beaver is a true “crossover” board with the paddle and glide of a mid-length and the agility of a shortboard. Plant your back foot and the GB is happy on a rail, capable in the pocket and reliable in steeper waves. Negotiating the flats is a breeze, a large planing area and a pronounced single to double concave will speed you across the mush.

Dan Mann

Our Review

Chuy Reyna talks Baked Potato

what we like

Performance mid-length

The Greedy Beaver is instantly pleasing on the eye; Firewire’s TimberTek construction, smooth and curvy lines with and a beautiful rounded pintail. This might sound a little crass, but the GB is a classy “cut-n-shut”, with a generous mal front end and the rear end of a performance shortboard.... Rolls Royce comfort and glide with the speed and control of a BMW M3!

The Firewire Greedy Beaver really is a joy to ride and really comes to life in good quality waves. While it’s not the board to attack hollow barrelling waves, the Greedy Beaver really works when you’ve got a bit of face to work with.

Sizing the Greedy Beaver

This board will serve a wide range of abilities and styles depending on how it’s sized. If you’re an accomplished shortboarder looking for a summer stick, or a board for weaker conditions, you’ll love the smaller 5ft 6 and 5ft 8 sizes.

The Greedy Beaver also makes a great first shortboard, with early wave entry, stability and a true shortboard feel under the back foot. Older guys are flocking to the GB, lured by its split personality, generous float and performance in decent waves. Longboarders looking for a smaller travel board are loving the compact size and loving its prowess in the quality waves they’re encountering around the globe.

what we like

why buy from boardshop

Boardshop.co.uk came into being through a love of surfing and a desire to earn a living doing something we love.

Years of experience

We’re not some over bloated corporate behemoth only concerned with the bottom line...the very first thing WE do every day is check the surf! We have well over 150 combined years of surfing experience, and over 20 years experience in surf retail. We’ve surfed all over the globe on a variety of shapes to varying levels of expertise from down-right clumsy (me) to comfortably competent.

Ride Out guarantee

We’ve put our money where our mouth is with an industry first guarantee. If you’re not completely, 100% happy with your new Firewire Greedy Beaver surfboard for whatever reason, we’ll take it back (as long as you haven’t trashed it!) within a 30 day period and exchange it for another! We understand that shelling out £600 on a new surfboard is a big commitment and we want you to be completely stoked with your Boardshop purchase. No ifs no buts.

Loyalty bonus!

We appreciate your custom and to that end offer a 5% bonus on every purchase to our loyal customers. You don’t need to rack up points or anything like that, all you need do is spend over £100 with us and for the next 12 months you’ll automatically qualify for 5% off everything...simple!

why buy from boardshop
Great all around board
Needed a board that will fit easily in the car, storage room at home, not possible with my 9'2'' longboard...and still catch waves easily on small/on shore days and surf good...
51 years old, living away from the Ocean, surf 2-5 days every month :( 6'5'' tall, 88 Kg, good physical form, and consider myself a "real" solid intermediate surfer (lived by the Ocean on great surfing spots about 15 years, surfing 2-3 sessions daily... I can surf from ankle high beachbreaks to double overhead reef breaks on most any board and although I don't do the best maneuvers I do make the wave 90% of the times...
To the board:
After quite some pondering I went for the 6'10'' (52 liters) as I am not planning to get stronger or surf more in the near future...
First session surfed a pointbreak headhigh to head and a half, strong off shore winds-30 knots-...not the ideal conditions as the wide nose slowed me down on take off almost as much as a longboard would, almost pearling on late takeoffs but the board held well and once on the face it turned well and went up the lip nicely. Possible to duck dive, but a lot of work when I got caught inside a few times. Would have been better off on my bigger wave board (7'0, 19 feet wide, 2 5/8, about 35 liters more or less...) but had to give new board a try.
Next sesion on shoulder to head high beachbreaks, lined up, very light off shores (yes, an ideal session for anyone :) Low tide was very nice, easy take off even on nice late peaks, board worked amazingly well, super happy !
Then the tide came up, waves got a bit flatter on take off and through all the ride, and crowd increased big time.... and this is when the GB became the PERFECT machine. It took off easy just a little earlier than all the young guys on shortboards, just enough to have priority (actually had to refrain from being too "greedy", let some perfect set waves go by... : ), just needed to be well on front of the board when paddling, stand back on the tail wen popping up and from then on it was a bliss ! easy fast bottom turns, nice cutbacks, slow but easy and well controlled on the lip, easy to pump so as to make flat sections easily, and held speed around closing out sections almost as good a s single fin longboard !
I will still surf my normal shortboards when conditions are perfect and crowd is light, don't want to loose that fast high performance feeling, but as soon as it is a bit on shore, waves are flatter or there is too many people I know which board to take out !
Another point, Boardshop.UK staff really great, answered well and precisely on both Email and phone, delivered to Spain in about 3-4 days, very well packed. Actually I planned to buy board in Spain, local dealer, but service was so good that I changed my mind. Thank you!
Greedy beaver 6.2
Arrived in perfect order , surfed in shoulder high solid waves. After few waves to get it sorted the board was a joy to ride , nice and smooth rail to rail and held into steep parts of the wave .
I have a Beaver, it is Greedy
I’d been looking at options for a one board solution and after trying out a 6.6 GB it was such a good all round board I decided to look at a 6.4 GB to get less volume. The board arrived and was an eager beaver so I went for a paddle out and stayed in the water for 4 hours, got out having surfed my brains out and was totally stoked. Great fun and I can confirm it is as greedy as you want it to be! Boardshop gave me some excellent advice and help to get the correct set up for my needs and had it sent out for next day delivery without any hassle at all. If you’re mulling this one over see if you can get a try out on one, if that’s not possible I think you’ll be keeping hold of a GB if you buy one. Thanks Boardshop!
All they say about this board is true..
All they say about this board is true.. Don't be fooled by the outline: this is NOT a mini-mal or a beginners' board. This a real cross-over. The board is wide close to the nose: easy paddle and wave catcher. BUT: the tail is narrow, rails are pulled-in, single to double concave on the bottom. So when you get some speed or take off on bigger waves, the board holds really well and turns just like a short board. Fantastic. Confusing at first if you come from a wide-tail board (like a fish), because it won’t’ accelerate like these boards do. Tried it in 1.5 to solid 6 feet last summer, and it never disappointed. It holds really well in bigger waves and the extra volume help you to catch them. This board is perfectly fulfilling my needs: take only board for my trips, enough volume to have fun from day 1, catching all the waves on my patch without hurting my arms, and turning like a short board by extra fun (“because I’m not THAT old..”). Go buy it.
Bio: I’m almost 40. 75kg. Exp: 5 years of bi-weekly surfing, the last 3 years of only holiday’s sessions twice a year. Average fitness. Went for the 6’4 (yes, you can duck-dive it!)

The greediest beever
Ordered last week and finally got a chance to get out this morning .... all I can say is WOW . Can see why it’s called a greedy Beever , every wave , every time. Nice and stable and very easy to control. Can not fault at all
It Straight Away Became my Go-To Working Horse as a Landlocked Surfer
I got my GB 6'2'' ~42L about three years ago. I've taken it to the Canaries, Maldives and Costa Rica. Surfed it from knee high waves to up to a bit over head in all types of breaks. The generous volume distribution up front helps you get into literally anything and the nice slim pin bites super well. Love it as both, a quad or thruster, though I think I love the thruster a bit more. As a Landlocked surfer it is the first board I take out whenever I start surfing after a long break or when I have any doubts about the conditions. It has NEVER let me down. I can highly recommend it. We must be honest, us landlocked people rely on boards like these with a tad bit more of volume hidden behind the curves such that we can have fun. Love it, buy it! Don't think about it any longer!
The people at boardshop will give you great advice on the dimensions.

As a reference a short Bio:
Age: 25, ~85kg, Fitness: Good Average (1-2x 8km Jog/Week, ~2x Bodyweight Workout / Week), Occupation: Physicist, I sit a lot in front of my desk. Surfing abilities: tbh poor average - but ok average for being landlocked (CH), Surf 2-3 times for 10-14days / year.
Absolutely great advice from boardshop suggested to go 6' 2 or lower if i wanted to duck dive it. Went for the 6ft model im a average intermediate surfer surfing southwales (wales) beaches... After 3 sessions in 1-2ft... 5-6 mush and 3-4 strong offshore. I must say the board preformed everytime got me on the wave and got me in the sections i needed to be really impressed so far can't wait to take it out on a clean day. Definitely go smaller than you normally ride... Ive been using 6'6 until now and haven't struggled at all adapting... Great paddler.... Lots of volume under the chest and looks amazing.
Boardshop the best !!!
Non ho ancora potuto provare il Greddy Beaver 6,4 che ho comprato da Boardshop ma lo farò presto , intanto volevo complimentarmi con lo Staff di Boardshop soprattutto con Ian che alle mie mail per richiedere consigli su che surfboard comprare ha risposto sempre velocemente e gentilmente !!! Ho comprato surfboard pinne e sacca per trasporto e tutto è arrivato velocemente e tutto perfetto imballaggio eccellente !!! grazie Ian e a tutto lo Staff comprerò sicuramente altra attrezzatura da Voi ... the best !!
Amazing board, and amazing customer service!
After riding a 9.1 performance longboard for over 10 years, I wanted a change and was looking for something that had enough float to get up on the standard British wave and wasn't a mini-mal. Enter the Greedy Beaver. Took this board out in probably the worst conditions, on-shore, blown-out slop, and it still caught and I was riding pretty much every wave I went for! Couple that with stunning looks, and fantastic feel - this board really can't disappoint.
Boardshop couldn't have been more helpful, offering real advice about the board and potential alternatives to consider. When it came to collecting the board, the guys couldn't have been more helpful. It's rare that you get this level of friendly and knowledgeable customer service these days. I would highly recommend them!
Grate Board
Surfed the Greedy Beaver for the first time yesterday, even tho the conditions weren't that good I do see myself progressing on this board.
I'm riding the 6.4 paddles and turns effortless looking forward to trying it in some good stuff very soon.
Thanks all at the Boardshop dealt with Ian for most of it so thanks for everything Ian.
Nice board buddie
Great board. Traded in a js hippee 6’2” as a bit to old and fat for it. Wish i had done it earlier.
The board gets you in like a longboard but feels more stable but just as snappy as a short board. I went for a 6’0 and was very surprised at how responsive it is. Get a size you want as you will learn it and love it.
Fast delivery, board well protected - color unexpected...
I ordered the board on a Friday at lunch time, it was delivered the following Wednesday evening (to the Netherlands). DHL gave me the option of choosing how and when i would like the delivery (nice). Superb protection by wrapping in cardboard and use of the boardbag I had ordered as well.
I did not have a chance to try the board out yet, but I like it still...
Surprising, but not necessarily negative, is the following though: The FW logo, all printed text as well as the fin boxes and leash plug are brown. I am used to black writing, a logo that looks like it is burned into the wood and black-grey fin boxes and leash plug (that is how the board is shown online, that is how other FW boards look, that is what i expected). I like the brown as well, it goes well with the TT looks. However, i kind if wish i had been told what to expect or maybe even given the choice...
Still worth 5 stars to me.
After a couple of years of riding rental board I have finally decided to take the plunge and get my first board - I can only say I wish I had done so earlier! This board is simply insane! Paddles like a breeze and catches waves like a machnine (not just any machine, mind you, we are talking a born hunter-killer like T-1000 in Terminator 2).
If there were six stars in the rating system to give I would have happily given seven.
The same goes for the Boardshop’s staff - I got a lot of valuable, personalized advice before purchase, and shipping and handling was done immaculately! The board arrived safe and sound straight to my BnB in Spain.
Couldn’t recommend the Boardshop or the Greedy Beaver more!
Love this board
Just wow! Just back from the first ‘real’ outing with my new 6’6” Greedy Beaver. Scored 2-3 ft waves on it and got to see the potential that this board has to offer. Just as the FireWire description states, when your weight is on the front of the board it paddles, catches and rides like a long board. Transfer your weight to the back foot, and it comes to life with tight turns and floaters well within the grasp of even middle aged heavyweights like myself. Love it and can’t wait to get on some long walking waves if they ever show themselves on the Gower. Buy this board!
Always Timbertek, great board!
This board is for all the surfers, searching for an easy paddler with lots of glide and a ton of fun.
85 kgs and surfing it at 6.2 as intermediate surfer for 2 weeks in Arrifana/Algarve. Waves were pretty strong with around 5+ ft for about a week. If there's a channel, that's the go to board!
Had one of the longest rides of my life on this board.
Duckdiving definitely is little trickier due to the volume in the nose.
Something a bit special
Have been surfing a while and wanted a small wave board for those days where my 5’7 baked potato couldn’t get going.
Had my eye on the 6’6 but had worries it may not catch waves or surf as responsively as I liked.
Had four great surfs through March/April in 1-2-3ft clean and this thing glides its so smooth set up as a thruster. But point it at a lip or a section and you’ll make what your aiming to do! Small jab on your back-hand, float the section whatever you want! It really is that good.
Does not feel floaty or too much board. However I specifically got it for these conditions but could see it going well in most conditions. The pulled tail makes for a really stylish carve but never feels lazy especially when you drive hard off the fins.
Bottom line love it!
Your wave counts about to triple!
Watch out for upset long boarders cuz you just out paddled them for that last wave!
Greedy Beaver
Hi guys,
Got the board in perfect conditions. Quick delivery
Was a bit worried when I got the packet from DHL as there was a deep hole in it and the postman didn't want to take any responsability for it. Thankfully the guys at Boardshop had done a great job packing in the board was in perfect conditions !!!
A*** service and knowledge!
Had a good exchange of emails with roger to begin with, making sure that the board was the right one for me and giving honest advice. It never felt like they were just trying to sell me any board, instead they seemed really genuine in finding the right board for me! Also went out of their way when the board was out of stock to get me the board ASAP and before anyone else could snap it up! Will order all my surf gear from these guys from now on. A surf shop run by surfers for surfers and it really makes a difference! Cheers guys.
Nice people
Very good board
Can't wait to try it
Great service from the Boardshop guys. Very carrying, helpful and swift on their response. Regarding the board i did not have the chance to try it out, but arrived quick (3 days to Denamrk) and in perfect condition and very well conditioned.
Great board!
Just surfed the board in autumn in France with powerful waves and it was a dream. 10ft 16seconds: great control also at high speed bottom turns. When the waves got smaller it surfed so smooth and fast through flatter sections. I thought I was 10 kgs lighter.
I am 67kg and my choice was a 6.0. It is the first time I surfed quads. I wished I had this boards already years ago.
Thanks also for the fast delivery.
Best Tobias
Beautiful board, can't wait to try it :)
Sorry haven't had a chance to try it yet :(
* Very happy with effort made with shipping to Switzerland...
(Bullet Proof Packaging :)
Great advice, quick service, awesome board.
Great service from the Boardshop guys. Quick response to questions and sound advice. Board (6'6" Greedy Beaver) arrived quick and in perfect condition. So far the board has lived up to expectations. I wanted a loose a few litres after riding a 6'10" Addvance for a while (I'm 6'4"/100kgs) and this board has really opened things up for me. You can trim it like a longboard in smaller stuff, but step on the tail and it really comes alive on steeper sections. I could have maybe gone smaller, but will probably need to wait for autumn swells to answer that question.
The Greedy Beaver is very greedy indeed....
So just back from a trip on an island in the Atlantic with 5 guys and just as many new surfboards. After 10 years we all decided it was time to invest in new boards. We had with us a 611 Sci Fi, a 5'11 Omni, a 6'4 Greedy Beaver, a 5'10 Almond Butter and a 7'6 Seaxe. We surfed punchy hollow beach breaks, gentle take off beach breaks with fast inside sections, long left pointbreaks with diverse sections and mushy conditions. We passed the boards around so everyone could get a feeling for them despite being of very different heights, weights and athletic fitness.

The Greedy Beaver is absolutely brilliant. I've always loved renting longboards for the smaller days or the slower waves but never wanted to travel with one. I missed so many nice clean but small or mushy sessions because I had the wrong board. The Greedy Beaver is the perfect compromise. It takes off on anything, glidese through the mushy sections and you can actually pump your way through the fast inside sections and attack the lip. It is so easy and fun to ride its ridiculous. I now have a portable longboard and a quiver that enables me to surf everyday whatever the conditions without getting frustrated. My buddies who were surfing their shortboards in these conditions were going crazy while we were catching 200m - 300m waves to the beach.

I could never travel without this board again, it should be a staple to any quiver. One thing we did note is that the new FCS2 system is absolutely brilliant (I couldn't figure out at first why I had no screws in my fin plugs...), just clip in your fins.

Ian's advice on size and volume was perfect despite my endless doubts and questions. Service at boardshop is really perfect. With the Greedy at 6'4 I was a little worried it would be too big but it's so maneuverable I could nearly go longer. With my 83kg had no problem even on waist high mushy waves.
the Long and Short of it
basically does what it says on the tin. First try out in knee to shoulder waves I caught pretty much every wave I went for - way easier to catch waves than my old minimal. Then you stand up and you hoon one way or the other until you dial in the fact that it's a short board and way more reactive. And I managed my first duck dive. Glowing after several celebratory ales. I am 175lbs and 6"2"and on the most excellent advice of Roger went for the 6'6". Service from Boardshop generally outstanding. Thanks guys!
I'm super happy with the greedy beaver!
Hi Ian,

Just wanted to drop you a mail to say I'm super happy with the greedy beaver! I've had it out for a couple of surfs and I can tell it's going to really help me improve my surfing. Your advice on sizing was spot on, thank you for all your help. I was a bit dubious about buying a board online and 'un-seen' but you made the process very smooth and easy. I'll be back again I'm sure!

Happy new year,

thank you for your help and advice
I received the greedy beaver from you guys couple days back, including the future fin recommendation you gave. I just wanted to thank you for your help and advice. In the hands it certainly 'feels' like it's spot on and looks like it will surf great, so very very pleased.
This is it!
This is exactly what I have been looking for for many years. The board paddles well, is stable at take off, lively on the face, glides over flat spots and grovels and trims on barely breaking waves if you need that. It sits well in the water offering a solid platform under your chest when paddling, then under your feet once up and riding, with a superb pin tail / rail/ bottom contours combo that provide fast, smooth and easy rail turns. The tail sinks and holds in in just the right way. Since the tail volume blends so well with the rail etc. it does not keep wanting to pop out or cause a tracking feeling as I have experienced on some similar types of boards. I am riding this as a thruster at the moment which gives me a familiar feel and drive but can try a quad set up or various combinations utilising the five fin slots. Yet to try in overhead more solid waves but have confidence it will work well . I haven't been so excited about a board for a long time and feel this has not only renewed enthusiasm but given me the same feeling of innovation as riding a short board for the first time .
amazing wave catcher
i've purcheased a 6'8 board cause mediterranean wave in italy are most of the time small,and big swell comes fiwe times,and you need a versatile surfboard like this amazing wave catcher machine,i've used on wave from 2ft to 5ft and the aggressive shortboard outline combined whit longboard style give you chance to surf small wave easily from the paddle to the take off,and when waves are big and full of power the pin tail give a great manovrability in quad configuration.one of the best surfboard i've bought (i've one tiber 6ft baked potatoes and it's fun but the line and the concept when you r on the board is veryvery different)greedy is a bomb,a wave rogue,you can steal wave paddleling next to longboarders and attak the wave like a shortboarder!i think i'm in love!
Greedy she is. The usual FW rocker that wants to go, nice and stable underfoot too. Very responsive down the line for a board of this shape - driving for speed was not an issue, I was surprised at how easy it was to go top to bottom . I can't fault it. For capable surfers go for a volume just above your SB, Once you get used to the nose, you forget it's there at all. It has a nice spread on the foam so you don't get that corky feel under the front foot. I'll buy my next one shorter for better waves and keep the 6'0 for summer. Best board I've surfed in a long time.
Fantastic, easy paddling and turns
Stepping down from a 7'2 mini mal to the 6'6 Greedy Beaver has been fantastic. I've only been surfing for about 6 months but so glad I've gone shorter. The Greedy Beaver paddles better than the mal 8 inches longer and turns so easily. Love the rocker in the nose, makes getting into steeper waves easy. When you step on the tail you get a great squirty, fun turn or you can lean on the rail and carve. This weekends' south swell was pretty solid and the board even managed a few cheeky cover ups.
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