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What our Customers Say

Philip Rafferty - Firewire Helium Chumlee Surfboard 5ft 9 FCS II - White + DaKine Superlite Surfboard Tail Pad - Gunmetal + FCS Freedom Surfboard Leash 6ft - Orange


I'm having the best surfs on the Chumlee you helped me with, lots of comments on the speed and how well it moves. I'm singing its praises along with your service. I'll be back for more.


Richard Pearse - Bradley Mr Bean Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - White + FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri Fins Large - Blue + Channel Islands Dane Reynolds Flat 2 Piece Surfboard Tail Pad - White


This is my second board from Boardshop and once again the service has been excellent. The board has arrived and now all I need is salt water and waves.


Thomas Grant - Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - White + Boardshop Hybrid Surfboard Bag 5mm 6ft - Grey + FCS II Performer Neo Glass Quad Rear Fins Medium - Neon Blue + FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri Fins Large - Blue + DaKine John John Florence Pro Comp Surfboard Leash 6ft 0 - Black/Blue


You’ll be glad to know the board arrived this morning and all is in working order! I’m super excited to get it out on the water at the earliest opportunity! Thanks so much to you and your team for getting me sorted out with this. A particular shout out to Matt, who was awesome! Thanks team!


Clive Hayes - Slater Designs Helium Gamma Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - White


I recently purchased a new 6’0 Gamma Helium from Roger at Boardshop for my son’s 20th birthday (well he did contribute some). Unbelievably he completely snapped it in half two weeks later on only his third surf in mediocre chest high onshore UK mush! 

Of course this is not normal. We sent it back in two pieces to Roger who was most helpful. He explained that they would work with Firewire and look for any manufacturing default and if there was I would be reimbursed accordingly. He also went on to state that any sale of a new board comes with a caveat in the small print that surfing is an extreme sport. The boards are not totally indestructible and there was a danger that there was no default so it came down to sheer bad luck. Hard to swallow for the latest Slater Designs board at near £700! 

Unbelievably it turned out that they could not find any fault with the broken board. So now I was £700 out of pocket!

However, as co business owner of Boardshop and most sympathetic surfer, Roger explained that this did not sit well with him and Firewire. Off his own back, he gave up his own Firewire credit of a board for the year so my son could have a new replacement Gamma and in LFT, it turned out for the better.

Throughout this I have to say Roger has been most helpful, sympathetic, supportive, friendly and went way above the normal call of business duty to ensure my son got his board and we weren’t out of pocket for which we are extremely grateful. That is exceptional customer care rarely seen these days.

 As for the board itself. For an all-round high performance board the Gamma LFT is perfect. He absolutely loves it. Paired with Kolohe Andino large fins for his 13 stone frame, it rips. 10 days in the Maldives recently with consistent double overhead surf was proof enough!

 Thanks again Boardshop. I owe you a beer Roger!


Nathalie Krauth - NSP Elements Funboard Surfboard Package 7ft 2 - Sky Blue + DaKine Aero Rack Pads (46cm) - Black + Alder Tie Down 3 Metre Roof Rack Straps (Pair) - Black


Got the board in time for the weekend and went out for two amazing sessions. Even though I'm still a beginner the board was the right choice and I was able to ride some waves and had a lot of fun. Loving the sleek design. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and answering the questions I had.


David Smith - Alder Delta Stringers Soft Surfboard 6ft 0 - Blue Stripe


Thank you for a prompt and efficient service. Everything arrived as promised, well packed and with no damage. Excellent product I will be on the water with my grandson at weekend with. Will definitely return and recommend you to everyone, keep up the sterling service.


Christian Toffanello - California Board Company Longboard Foam Surfboard 9ft 0 package - Wood Grain/Blue


I’ve always found your service top notch, which is why this is the second board I’ve bought from you guys in the last 18 months.


Gary Hewitt - Firewire LFT Moonbeam Surfboard 6ft 10 FCS II - White + FCS II Carver NEO Glass Tri-Quad Fins Large - Neon Green + Channel Islands Jordy Hex Comp Surfboard Leash 6ft - Fluro Green + Ocean & Earth Fish Surfboard Stretch Cover 7ft 0 - Lime


I would like to say that the service I have received so far from Boardshop has been second to none. A big thank you to you all.


Joanne Barstow - Firewire LFT Go Fish Surfboard 5ft 11 FCS II + Global System 10 Hybrid Surfboard Travel Bag 10mm 6ft 0 - Black + FCS II Modern Keel PG Twin Fins X Large - Clear + Channel Islands Hex Cord Standard Surfboard Leash 6ft - Black


I have received the board, bag, fins and leash I ordered for my son and he absolutely loves it! It came well packaged, perfect quality and the courier was lovely. Your staff were so helpful when I rang asking for advice, it was so very easy to buy from you. I have 2 other sons who now want the same board!!! My son is off to Croyde Bay on Saturday to try his board.... Thank you again Ian for all your help and advice in us purchasing the perfect board.


Nathan Harvey - Alder Delta Hybrid Fish Soft Surboard 5ft 6 - White/Blue


I just wanted to say thank you to Steve. There were some issues with my order and he advised me immediatley, gave me options and then went out of his way to source a board. Fair play this was outstanding customer service and I will be using Boardshop for all my future purchases!


Ger Kelliher - Catch Surf Odysea Log Soft Surfboard 6ft 0 - Azur Blue


Thanks for the follow up and great service. Looking forward to getting the board.


Luke Norman - Torq Mini Long Surfboard Package 8ft 0 - Blue/White/Pinline


Thanks for making it simple and easy and for the class service.


Alex Beare - Firewire LFT SKX Surfboard 5ft 10 FCS II - White + Channel Islands Conner Coffin Flat Surfboard Tail Pad - Grey


Thank you for the ease of everything dealing with you guys and the amazing service you provide. I’m a very happy customer, thanks again Alex Beare.


Mika Johansson - Alder Comp Fish Foam Kids Surfboard Package 5ft 6 - Sky Blue + O'Neill Girls Reactor II 3/2mm Wetsuit 2018 - Black/Berry + O'Neill Toddler Reactor 2mm Wetsuit 2018 - Berry/Light Aqua/Graph


I want to thank you and your colleagues for a great service! It had been a pleasure to deal with you. Everything has gone very well and I have got all my questions answered.


Vincenzo Musi - Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver Surfboard 6ft 4 FCS II - Natural Wood x 2 + Global System 10 Hybrid Surfboard Bag 10mm 6ft 6 - Black x 2 + FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri Fins Medium - Neon Blue x 2


Everything arrived perfectly. Great service. Thank you very much for your availability… 5 Stars!


Chris Garside - Bic Mini Mal Surfboard 7ft 9 Package - Tangerine


Matt is doing you proud - great service and showing all of the qualities listed below about building a strong relationship with your customers at Boardshop. Off to Cornwall Saturday to make have a go on the new board - really looking forward to it.


Fitz Fitzgerald - California Board Company Mini Mal Foam Surfboard 8ft 0 - Wood Grain/Blue + Alder Surfboard Stretch Cover Mal 8ft 0 - Blue


Very happy with the overall experience. I’m well chuffed with my purchase and customer services from your crew. Big shout to Matt for dealing with me and helping me feel at ease as a novice surfer. I will definately return in the future!!!


Richie Gomm - Lib Tech X Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard 6ft 1 - White


Just wanted to say a quick thank you for helping me choose my Puddle Jumper. Took it out Friday and Saturday and it was loads of fun in small slightly messy waves. Paddles like a dream and catches everything. Even when the wave is over it still wants to keep driving forward on the mush. Rides like a skateboard on the face; love it and glad I listened to your advice.


Louise Oliver - Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - Natural Wood + Channel Islands Parker Coffin Surfboard Tail Pad - Black + FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri Fins Medium - Neon Blue + O'Neill Wetsuits Ladies Skins Short Sleeve Crew Rash Vest - Mint/White/Mint


Wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help in getting my new surfboard to me and for all the help and advice your team gave. Your customer service is truly exceptional.


Enrique Santos - Pukas 69er Step Down Surfboard 6ft 3 FCS II - Mint + Slater Designs x Revolwe Regular Surfboard Leash 6ft 0 - Black + FCS II Tab Infill Kit - Grey


The board arrived in perfect shape, thanks a lot! I will definitely recommend your website to my friends for future surf related purchases.


Simon Butt - Cortez Funboard Surfboard Package 7ft 6 - Hot Orange


Just wanted to say well done. You’ve got a great team working with you. I was really impressed with the comms I received. Your sales team were brilliant and a real help in my decision making and final purchases. I will definitely be coming back to you guys in the future when I learn how to really surf.


Guy Fisher - Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver Surfboard 6ft 8 FCS II - Natural Wood


You guys are excellent. I got lots of advice from Nick and David, and they answered my questions immediately. Everything also arrived very quickly.


Philippe Koch - Firewire Timbertek ADDvance Surfboard 6ft 8 FCS II - Natural Wood + Slater Designs 3-Piece Arch Surfboard Tail Pad - Black + Global System 10 Hybrid Surfboard Bag 10mm 6ft 10 - Black + FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri-Quad Fins Medium - Blue x 2 + Slater Designs x Revolwe Regular Surfboard Leash 7ft 0 - Black x 2


I am extremely happy with our relationship since your team answered my queries as quickly as possible, with concrete answers. The board and related stuff have been delivered to my house yesterday. I found your website extremely useful and am very happy with the  advice received and wish you the best for the future.


Lee Bremner - Trade In - Firewire Almond Butter 5ft 10 FCS II


The Almond Butter has arrived in mint condition with no issues whatsoever. Once again Boardshop has been a joy to do business with.


Liam Gibson - Slater Designs Helium Gamma surfboard 5ft 9 FCS II - White


Just want to say the 5ft 9 Gamma has been spot on, hides that volume really well. Really appreciate your help.


Eliot Quevedo - Softech Bomber soft surfboard 5ft 10 FCS II - Grey/Acid


I just received the board and it looks great, can’t wait to get in the water! Very fast delivery and great customer service.


Pavel Cajzl - Firewire Helium Stubby Bastard Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - White + FCS II Reactor PC Carbon Trin Fin Large - Charcoal


I really do appreciate the service and like very much your approach (thats how the world should be). Thanks again.


Kenneth Marklund - Slater Designs Helium Gamma Surfboard (High Performance Dims) 5ft 11 FCS II - White


Board arrived today, absolutely stoked. Great service and super fast delivery.


Ryan Pacheco - Lost Bean Bag Surfboard 5ft 10 FCS II - Yellow + Futures Lost Seaworthy Quad Controller Four Fin Set Large - Red/Black + DaKine Kainui Surfboard Leash 7ft - Black


Clive and David were both extremely helpful and efficient. By far the easiest and quickest purchase I have made online so thank you.


Thijs Brandsma - Firewire Helium Dominator Surfboard 5ft 10 FCS II - White + FCS II Carver GF Tri Fins Medium - Grey


Very happy with the quick handling and shipping, also the time taken to give advice about the choosing of a board is very much appreciated. Great personal and professional service. Looking forward to receiving and surfing this new board.


Ian Bardsley - Bic DURA-TEC Mini Nose Rider Surfboard Package 7ft 6 - Green


My new Bic Mini Nose Rider has arrived. All looks good. I just need to find a good day to go and try it. Many thanks for your efficient service. By the way, I found your YouTube board reviews very useful.


Richard Wake - Firewire Timbertek ADDvance Surfboard 7ft 6 FCS II - Natural Wood + Boardshop Mini Mal Surfboard Bag 5mm 7ft 6 - Grey + FCS II Carver GF Tri Fins Large - Grey


It was superb service from your team. Thanks again for all the help.


Graham Butcher - Bic Ace-Tec Noserider Longboard Surfboard 9ft 4 - Red + Boardshop Longboard Surfboard Bag 5mm 10ft - Grey + DaKine Longboard Calf Surfboard Leash 10ft - Sulphur


I’ve been surfing for about 25 years. During my early surf days I used to surf the Witterings, Norfolk, Joss bay, Kimmeridge, Bournemouth pier and sometimes Brighton. I ride a range of boards from 5’6” mini sims up to a 20 + year old Custard point 9’4” longboard. The recently ordered Bic is about the closest thing I could find compared to the Custard point and thanks to your 0% finance it has made the purchase less painful on the old wallet. The Bic is to be used on those crowded days when you can’t be to precious about your stick. Thanks for providing a top service.


Hannah Harvey - Cortez Funboard Surfboard package 7ft 6 - Teal


Had my board today. Just wanted to say I’m super stoked with it. Thanks for your amazing customer support!


Thomas Krajacic - Firewire Helium Dominator Surfboard 5ft 11 FCS II - White


The board arrived today in perfect condition (you packed it REALLY well). Thanks for the impeccable service!


Christian Haag - Firewire Helium Spitfire Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - White + Ocean & Earth One XT Premium Surfboard Leash 6ft - Black + Global System 10 Hybrid Surfboard Travel Bag 10mm 6ft 0 - Black + DaKine Launch Surfboard Tail Pad - Black


Great service. No wonder all my friends from Luzern Region in Switzerland are now riding your boards now as well!! Keep the good work up, and hope you have enough time for surfing; Aloha!


Rhys Wilton - NSP Elements Fish Surfboard 7ft 4 Package - Blue


I received my board this morning. I am very happy with it and would like to thank all at Boardshop for a great service. I received some great advice about selecting the right board for me from Nick Donaghy, this was really helpful. The board arrived in perfect condition and the quality of the Boardshop board bag looks excellent too. Also the price is such good value for the package I received. I will certainly use you for future purchases and will recommend you friends. I cant wait to get in the water and get some waves on it. 


Stuart Connell - Global System 10 Longboard 10mm surfboard bag 9ft 6 - Black + Mrs Palmers Tropical Water Surf Wax


Swift delivery on the product, good service so far mate! Off to Fuerteventura for a week tomorrow with the family, hopefully I’ll get some surf in!


Steffan Jones - Torq Mod Fun Surfboard Package 7ft 6 - Blue/Pinline + Animal Pheonix Chest Zip 5/4/3mm Wetsuit 2018 - Dark Green Olive - X Large + Rip Curl Flash Bomb Round Toe 7mm Wetsuit Boots - Black -UK 10 + Rip Curl Flash Bomb 5 Finger 5/3mm Wetsuit Gloves - Black - Large + O'Neill UltraSeal 3mm Wetsuit Hood - Black - X Large


I will recommend yourselves to everyone and anyone! Your service was brilliant your cooperation was amazing all round quality service and couldn't of asked for better mate! Big up yourselves at Boardshop!


Lisa Marshall - Global System 10 Hybrid 10mm Surfboard Bag 5ft 10 - Black


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the really fast dispatch of my order. Fantastic service and will certainly recommend you.


Tim Machon - Gorilla X FCS II Eat Sleep Wave Tri-Quad Fins Medium - Multi Colour


I have always found your service and customer service impeccable. Thanks for the great service.


Kristof Elsen - Firewire Helium Dominator Surfboard 5ft 11 FCS II - White


Just wanted to tell you that I received my board well and that I found the service/communication of Boardshop really good, fast, correct,.... We have also been in the surf industry for a long time and we know what a nice feeling is to get good feedback. So keep up the good work!


Paul Wahba - Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver Surfboard 6ft 4 FCS II - Natural Wood


Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the excellent delivery of my Greedy Beaver! I must admit it looks a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but reckon it will hit the spot! As before you have given excellent advice and provided a brilliant service. Thank you yet again and I look forward to the next board purchase.


Ryan Fallaize - Custom Board Builder - Quiver Killer E.D.D Carbon Wrap Surfboard 5ft 8 FCS II


I’ve taken the board out a couple times now and it’s great. Thanks to yourself, Roger and the team for your service… I will certainly recommend Boardshop to friends and fellow surfers.


Samantha Bennett - Slater Designs Sci-Fi Surfboard 6ft 1 FCS II - White


My boyfriend hired the Kelly Slater Design Sci-fi Surfboard when he went away on holiday and absolutely fell in love with it instantaneously. Once arriving on his holiday, he could not stop talking about the board and sent me many pictures of it. 

I did a little research on the board as a Christmas idea and I must admit, for someone that doesn’t surf; I could see the attraction. I went onto the Boardshop website and I found the exact same board that my boyfriend could not stop admiring.

In the end I couldn’t help myself and so I decided to surprise him with the one gift, which I knew would go down a treat; the board. How great a girlfriend am I?

As stated previously, I am not a surfer myself and so I had no prior knowledge of any surfboards. However, it is quite evident that this board is top of the range, both in customer service of the purchase and the product itself. Rodger and Ian both offered a very professional service to help me buy the perfect gift for my boyfriend, which has also allowed me to gain a greater understanding on surfboards.

Furthermore, the website is really user friendly and I was appreciative of how much detail was given for all products, especially for someone who is clueless in this industry. I would just like to thank Rodger and Ian once again for selling me an amazing product with great customer service.

The board is now identified as ‘Gal’ aka Wonder woman) and now sleeps in the bed next to him. I have been pushed to sleep on the floor (the only downside). I think it’s obvious that my gift was very successful with the boyfriend this Christmas and so I know I’ll be returning!

Thank you Boardshop for making my boyfriend’s dreams come true. I cannot wait to see my boyfriend test her out on the water – I’m sure I’ll be making an even better review. Great service, very helpful and fast response!

********** FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS **********


Seb Horner - Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver Surfboard 6ft 6 FCS II - Natural Wood


I spoke to you on the phone about the Greedy Beaver, Seaxe it Submoon as a small wave board. Got some great advice and opted for the Greedy Beaver. Thanks for the great help as usual. Keep up the great you tube videos as well. Really useful. 


Alastair Kinroy - California Board Company Classic 108 Package Surfboard 9ft - Brown Grain + O'Neill Epic 5/4mm Wetsuit 2018 - Black/Black/Black + Alder Stealth 2mm Wetsuit Hood - Black + Alder Plasma FastDry Lined Mitt 4.5mm Wetsuit Gloves - Black + Alder Edge 5mm Wetsuit Boots - Black + Ocean & Earth Rap Rax Soft Rack For Cars Without Roof Gutters - Black


I’ve already had great advice and help from your staff, particularly Clive. I’m a total beginner, and I will be pleased to come back to you for advice from time to time, if I may. But not too often!


Brad Mark Burton - Firewire FST Vanguard Surfboard 5ft 7 FCS II - White


You guys have always been fantastic and very helpful. A pleasure to do business with. Your business model is very good.


Tomas La Carrubba  - Torq Tec Summer 5 Surfboard 6ft 0 - White + Ocean & Earth Bolt Surfboard Tail Pad - Black


I received the surfboard yesterday. Everything is perfect, the delivery was perfectly on time, a simply wonderful service. I'll introduce your company to all my friends! Now I also am a happy surfer like you guys!


John Torstensson  - ABC Wild Cat Surfboard Package 6ft 1 - White


Just want to say thank you to everyone at Boardshop.co.uk. My ABC Wild Cat arrived in a cold and dark Stockholm today. Everything was good and in one piece without any pressure dings or dents. If the forecast is correct there will be a lot of waves coming our way. Hitting my local spot on Friday and Saturday. Once again thanks for your advice to all my questions regarding boards and fins. Will for sure recommend you to my friends.


Mike Welsh  - Firewire Timbertek Dominator Surfboard 6ft 10 FCS II - Natural Wood + FCS II Carver Neo Glass Tri Fins Large - Neon Green + Ocean & Earth Basic Fish Cover 5mm Surfboard Bag 7ft 0 - Silver


My new board arrived today. I love it. It will be getting its first outing next Friday at Surf Snowdonia. Once again thank you for the brilliant service. I couldn't recommend Boardshop enough. I will be back for my next one soon.


Pierre Bellone  - Firewire Helium Evo Kiteboard 4ft 10 Futures - White + Ocean & Earth Bolt Surfboard Tail Pad - Black


I am really happy with Boardshop being able to send us the Firewire kitesurf boards all the way to Okinawa Japan. The boards have been amazing. The helium Evos have been incredible, super strong, light, with nearly no deck dents after heavy use. Super happy.


Manuel Ruettimann  - Lost Puddle Jumper RP surfboard 5ft 10 FCS II - White + Global System 10 Hybrid Surfboard Travel Bag 10mm 6ft 0 - Black


My board just arrived today. Everthing went well. I can't wait to get my new board into the sea! Thank you for your perfect and quick service!


Joanna Tooth  - Global System 10 Hybrid Surfboard Travel Bag 10mm 6ft 0 - Black


We have used your website several times and recommended you to our friends. We love the simplicity and reasonably priced items you gave as well as they are great quality!


Philip Lempriere  - Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver Surfboard 6ft 10 FCS II - Natural Wood + FCS II Carver Neo Glass Tri Fins Large - Neon Green + Ocean & Earth Sunset Diamond Flex Mould Surfboard Leash 6ft - Black + Global Twenty Four Seven Hybrid Surfboard Bag 5mm 6ft 9 - Grey


The board arrived yesterday and looks fantastic.  It was very well packaged and in perfect condition. Please thank Roger and Steve for their help and advice. 


Caroline Burch  - O'Neill Toddler Reactor Shorty 2mm Wetsuit 2017 - Dusty Blue/Dayglo/Slate


I just wanted to say this is the third wetsuit we've ordered from you for our little boy as he's growing up, and we've always found the products to be great and the service to be fantastic! Keep up the good work!


Martin Wishart - Bic Magnum Surfboard 8ft 4 Package - Blue


The board arrived on time and with no problems. Great advice and service over the phone on which board would best suit my daughter.


Andrew Palfreeman - O'Neill Psycho Tech Split Toe 4/3mm Wetsuit Boots Black + Alder Impact 3mm Fin Sox - Black


I only have good feedback to give you and your team. Despite being online you tend to feel like a "local" surf shop to me due to the great service & always having what I need. Please give all the guys over there a pat on the back from me! 


Nuno Mendes - Firewire Timbertek Evo Surfboard 5ft 8 FCS II - Natural Wood


You guys have great customer service and the reviews you make on the boards and gear are great. Thanks for all the help and looking forward on getting the board.


Steve Tame - FCS II Performer Neo Glass Tri-Quad Fins Medium - Blue + Ocean & Earth One XT Pro Comp Surfboard Leash 6ft - Black + Channel Islands Dane Reynolds Flat 2 Piece Surfboard Tail Pad - Brown


Cheers for your email and help re fins etc. I'll struggle to find anywhere else with such good stock variety, prices and help etc so it's safe to assume my future surf purchases will be from Boardshop. I had good clean waves in South Wales yesterday and the dominator felt really good with the new pad and four fins. 


Joseph Taylor - Custom Board Builder - Channel Islands Average Joe Surfboard 5ft 9 FCS II - White + Channel Islands Conner Coffin Flat Surfboard Tail Pad - Grey + Ocean & Earth One XT Pro Comp Surfboard Leash 6ft - Black + FCS II Carver GF Tri Fins Medium - Grey


Took the new board out yesterday- really pleased with the board, thanks for your recommendations and advice. I'm pleased I went with the 5'9" on your advice, don't think I would have wanted to go any shorter.


Janos Szentes - Custom Board Builder - Chilli Cherry Peppa Surfboard 6ft 4 Five Fin FCS II + Ocean & Earth Barry Basic Fish Surfboard Bag 5mm 6ft 8 Silver + Free Modom Tail Pad


Thank you very much for your great service. I just got my new board and I already love it. If I need anything, I will definitely check Boardshop first!


Kim Zaheer - Chilli Miami Spice Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - White + FCS II DH PG Tri-Quad Fins Large - Black/White + Ocean & Earth One XT Premium Surfboard Leash 7ft - Black


Many thanks for the email, that’s great customer service. The speed of your delivery service (especially through a 3rd party courier) is exceptional. I’m a 44 year old out of shape very average surfer. I found your site extremely easy to navigate and pages were quick to load, so I was able to find what I was looking without any hassle. Looking forward to receiving the new board and testing it out in a few weeks in my very limited visits to the coast!


Howard Rowson - Torq Tec Big Boy 23 6'10" - White + Accessories


I would just like to convey my thanks to you and the Boardshop team for the exemplary service provided. The children love their foamies, wetsuits etc, and cannot wait for a bit of swell to try them out. I ordered the Big Boy 23 6'10" + accessories last week, and all arrived on time and in perfect order. Looking forward to hitting the water again!


Henry Gatehouse - Torq Mod Fish Surfboard Package 6ft 10 - Blue/Pinline


I wanted to say thank you so much for all the help and advice you gave me. You were always very professional and friendly. I've taken the board out a few times now and it is PERFECT! Love at first ride. I will be sure to use you guys again for any of my surfing needs and have been singing your praises to my other surfing friends. 5* from me!


Kester Meaker - Firewire Helium Spitfire Surfboard 6ft 2 FCS II - White


Thanks for the mail, service has been great! My friends buy boards at your company and are very please with the service quality. Good references are important for me, so .....I'll be pleased to spread the word.


Anna Kicinska - Torq Mod Fun Surfboard Package 7ft 6 - Fifty/Fifty


Just wanted to drop a note that the board is here all safe and sound. It has been such a pleasure and I wish all the transactions were like this one. The board was really well packed, protected and all ordered parts attached.


Janis Berzs - Channel Islands Hex Cord Comp Surfboard Leash 6ft - Black + Gorilla Centre Deck Surfboard Traction Pad


Thanks for the checkup, I really appreciate it. I ordered some stuff from you last year, and had no troubles with delivery, and the items were all undamaged and work really well, and I think it'll be the same again now. Just stocking up before going off to Sri Lanka for the winter season and you have probably the best selection and delivery options in europe, so I will return as a customer and continue to do so.


Paul d Albert de Luynes - ABC Big Bird Surfboard Package 6ft 10 - White


Thank you very much for your email and service. Great videos by the way. It really helped me to make the best choice on my board.


Jon Macdonald - Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - White + FCS II Reactor GF Tri Fins Medium - Grey


It has been a pleasure buying from you. I appreciate your advice and will look to you guys for any other surf related purchase.


Kristian Beer - Lost Puddle Jumper RP Surfboard Carbon Wrap 5ft 9 FCS II - White + FCS II Accelerator Thruster GF Medium Tri Fin Set - Grey + Gorilla Mojo Surfboard Tail Pad - 3 Way + Ocean & Earth One XT Pro Comp Surfboard Leash 6ft - Aqua + Ocean & Earth One XT Premium Surfboard Leash 6ft - Yellow


Ordered a board and other accessories Wednesday night and got it all today. Well in time for Indian Ocean travels starting Friday. Board looks awesome. Thanks for taking the time and emailing. You guys rock!!!!


John de Maid - Custom Board Builder- Lost Puddle Jumper RP Carbon Wrap 5ft 10 Five Fin FCS II + Hold Fast Endure T-Shirt Charcoal + Hold Fast Lighthouse T-Shirt - Merlot


No worries and a really nice touch to send your customers a message. I bought a custom board from Boardshop earlier in the year and was really happy with the service. I will definitely shop again and would not hesitate to recommend. 


Mark French - Channel Islands Average Joe Surfboard 5ft 7 FCS II - White + Gorilla Kyuss King Pop Pow Surfboard Tail Pad - Green


Your service is always spot on. I buy with confidence when I buy from Boardshop.


Anthony Johnson - Global System 10 Shortboard 10mm Surfboard Bag 6ft 3 - Black


It's great to see that there are British businesses out there who understand the importance of relationship building and who care about customer service! My order is due to arrive in the next few hours but, thus far, the service I have received from you has been top shelf. I'm London based yet Australian born and am getting back into surfing after 10 years without a wave (having just fallen in love with Cornwall). I will most certainly be coming back to you in the future when I'm in need of more kit.


Luca Spataro - FCS II Performer GF Quad Rear Fins Medium - Grey


I'm really happy with your website, e-store and all the shopping experience. I’m quite a happy surfer from Italy. I run a surf school for kids: homespot.it. We use CBC soft boards and I’ve seen you offer a good price for them. Who knows we may buy something from you for the next season quiver.


Jamie Eborall - Firewire Timbertek Evo Surfboard 6ft 0 FCS II - Natural Wood


As a small business owner myself it's lovely to deal with a company who genuinely are interested in long term relationships and not a quick one off sale like so many seem to be. I have to say If Carlsberg made surf board companies – it would be yours. I love the service – the trade in process – the attitude etc etc etc. Good on ya mate.


Ben Honour - Custom Board Builder - Lost Baby Buggy 5ft 10 Squash Tail Three Fin Futures


Thought you should know my new Lost Baby Buggy is awesome! Surfed it a few times now and the dims you suggested are spot on, so thank you for that.  I will pop a 5 star review on the boardshop Baby Buggy page. Stoked! & Cheers!


Massimo Sartor - Firewire Timbertek ADDvance Surfboard 7ft 6 FCS II - Natural Wood + FCS II Carver Neo Quad Rear Fins Medium - Neon Green


Thank you so much for reaching out to me, I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to receiving my new board and hopefully a few more in the future. Thank you for the great communication and for your help.


Monika Czarnowska - California Board Company Eighty Four Soft Surfboard 7ft - Aqua Grain + California Board Company Sushi Fish Soft Surfboard Package 5ft 8 - Red/White/Blue


Your service, website, information about products, all is absolutely high standard and what is most important IT IS TRUE AND HONEST! I found your video clips very helpful and I am so glad I found you online! My boys 7yrs old and 13yrs old  are over the moon with your boards and they will use it today for the first time! Thank you is not enough! 


Oliver Gray - Custom Board Builder - Bradley LG 6ft 5 Rounded Pin Three Fin FCS II


The board has arrived and looks amazing. Thank you so much for the great service. Will definitely go down the custom route with you guys again. Can't wait to get it out in Indo now - just need to find some nice fins and deck pad to finish it off!


Joe Murphy - Cortez Fish Surfboard 6ft 6 - Ocean Blue + Alder Ultra Surf Surfboard Leash 6ft - Blue


Great experience - helpful and friendly. You're clearly onto something!


Massimiliano McGuire - Firewire LFT Baked Potato Surfboard 5ft 9 FCS II - Bamboo + Slater Designs 3-Piece Arch Surfboard Tail Pad - Grey + Channel Islands Hex Cord Standard surfboard leash 6ft - Black


Received my board yesterday. Everything is in perfect condition. Many thanks to you and your staff for your great service.


Chris Rodes - Cortez Funboard Surfboard 7ft 6 - Hot Orange + Global Twenty Four Seven Mini Mal 5mm surfboard bag 7ft 6 - Grey


You guys are killing it at the customer service for sure. Love the youtube videos!


Tanya Wilson - Global System 10 Mini Mal surfboard travel bag 10mm 7ft 6 - Black


I cannot thank you enough for the brilliant service and product. The board bag arrived in perfect time for my husband's birthday - and he is thrilled with it. Thank you once again - we will most definitely be back.


Emily Cluer - Animal Boys Lava Chest Zip 3/2mm Wetsuit 2017 - Bright Green


Really appreciate your email and thank you again for the last order of the surfboard. My son is a mad keen surfer, so I am sure we'll be using boardshop for years to come! My family are also ordering from you. Great service. :-) 


Jack Greenwood - California Board Company Scott Burke Ninety Soft Surfboard 7ft 6 - Blue


Got recommended this site. Heard you're the best place to come. Looking forward to getting the board. Will be coming to you for a 3mm suit soon!


Katie Sutherland - O'Neill Ladies Reactor Shorty 2mm Wetsuit 2017 - Black/Black/Black


Thanks so much... received my wetsuit today and it's perfect and great value. Great service! All the best. Can't wait to get into the water!! Best wishes from Cornwall!!


Louise Bowden - Hold Fast Mini Mal Foam Surfboard 7ft 0 - Red


I recently bought a board from you guys for my son's 9th birthday and I just wanted to say thank you. Every part of the service that you guys have offered has been great. I was kept up to date from the moment you received my order. It was a really nice touch to get an email from you in regards to building relationships, so thought I would reply to communicate how my experience was. I never review anything but feel compelled to this time!! I have just completed my product review online, which again was positive but for me it is the way that you guys have kept in contact throughout my order being processed, delivered to the after care which I wanted to congratulate you on. 

Having three boys, two of whom are just starting out in their surfing journey I am really pleased to have found somewhere I can buy what they need with confidence. We will definitely be buying from you again.


James Anthony - Bradley New Barcelona, FCS II Carver Neo Glass Tri Fins + Channel Islands Dane Reynolds Flat 2 Piece Tail Pad


Board arrived safe and sound. What a beaut she is! Almost too gorgeous to put wax on! Massively different from my 10yr old 6'5 Al merrick, designs look like they have changed a lot over the recent years, it's kind of like a carpet shortboard mix... You can feel the shape on the under side of the board too, the slight bulge down the centre..... Booked a 2hr sesh at surf snowdonia next Friday and heading up there with a mate. It's only 2 hours away, so I can get my fix while this massive high lies over the Atlantic.... No swell / period anywhere on either side of the country at the moment! Massive thanks to you and the other top bloke I spoke to the other day.


Anna Westron - Cortez Funboard Surfboard Package 7ft 6 - Ocean Blue 


Just wanted to say thanks for advice and the help with the board buying, I've just spent 4 days surfing in Cornwall, which was amazing! Totally in love with the board. Thank you ! 


Stefan Kneitinger - Custom Lost Baby Buggy


Big thanks for the new stuff and the amazing surf board. Can’t wait to go to Bali on Tuesday and shred with the new Lost Baby Buggy. Everything was perfect except the delay of shipping but this was probably the mistake of Lost. With the signature of Matt Biolos and a dedication on my name on the board everything was forgotten! ;-)

Thanks guys, keep rockin like you do! All the best!


Mark McKay - Chilli Cherry Peppa surfboard 5ft 10 FCS II - Green


New board arrived when expected (next day) and in immaculate condition. Great service...one happy customer. Always a good stock of boards to pick from. Good to see Chilli boards available...hard to get them in the UK.


Patrick Murphy - Firewire Timbertek Dominator surfboard 6ft 1 Futures - Natural Wood

Thank you Ian and your Boardshop crew. It is my pleasure to do business with you. I am a building contractor so I am used to unforeseen problems. I measure the true value of a company in how they deal with the unexpected problems. You and your team performed very well, and I am a happy customer.


Connan James - Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver 6ft 8 + O&E Aircon Longboard Surfboard Bag

Hi guys, just to let you know that the board turned up at the end of day and is in perfect condition. Thanks very much for wrapping it so well. And thanks for following up DHL with the address issue.
Great service, follow up and follow through from everyone at your end that I've dealt with. By email and over the phone. It's pretty cool for a New Zealander to order an Australian board while in Gijon on a catamaran from the UK and have it turn up in a marina in La Coruna only a few days later. 


Richard Randle-Jones - Science Pipe Stringer 44 inch and Gyroll Coiled Bicep leash

I wanted to wait until I used the board and then reply. Totally happy with the board. I used it at Wollacombe last weekend for two days and it makes quite a difference from old board. Many thanks for your email and offer of support. That's what I call great customer service!


Steve Trevail - O'Neill SuperFreak 3/2mm 

Just received my custom Lost board and accessories all arrived safely, well packed, as ordered and on time. Many thanks for all your assistance.


Andrew Schaeffer - O'Neill SuperFreak 3/2mm 

That's a nice touch and thank you. I actually bought a second hand board a little while ago from you guys as well. You were very helpful then so I thought I'd give you a go with two of my boys new wetsuits. We like O'Neill and are glad you stock them. I'm sure we will be back for boards etc in the future.


Daithi O'Loughlin - Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver + FCS II Carver GF Quad Rear 

Delighted with the service, I run a creative company out of Bristol and Dublin and understand the importance of costumer service. Relationships with our clients are key and extremely important to us too. Great to see there are more people out there that get it. Fair Play and I’ll be singing your praises.


Daniel Howells - Custom Lost V3 Rocket Carbon Wrap 

Board arrived fine yesterday. I have been very impressed with the service provided by yourselves. Always replying to my emails promptly and keeping me informed of my delivery. I would definitely recommend using boardshop to my fellow surfers. Thanks again and I will definitely be using you in the future.

Ilias Jmili - Alder Delta Hybrid Fish Foam Surfboard 6ft 6 Package 

Hi, I just get my board, everything is in the parcel and there is no problem. Just want to say thank you very much for your availability and your kindness ! I’m used to shopping online but you have the best customer service that I’ve known.

Tim Corrie - Channel Islands Sampler Surfboard 5ft 9 + FCS II Performer Tri Fins 

Very happy that I stumbled across your webpage. Although prices are not the cheapest, the convenience far outweighs the former and the site is easy to navigate. As you'd know, surfers are very brand orientated and loyal to what they have grown up with and being in the South of France it's actually quite difficult to get your hands on what you know. I will be sharing your webpage with a few people I know as they are in similar position to myself. Looking forward to putting my new CI to the test in the Mentawis on the 16th!        


Elliott Billington - Firewire Timbertek ADDvance surfboard 6ft 10 FCS + FCS II Performer GF Tri Fins

Thank you for all your help setting up the finance for my board, the service I have received from you guys has been first class! The board is an absolute beauty and cannot wait to get out on it asap! (wave permitted of course).        


Jim Storey - Firewire Timbertek Almond Butter surfboard 6ft 2 Futures + FCS II Carver Fins

Thanks again for all of your help - seriously useful and, without a doubt, you have been (easily) the most informative and responsive of all people I've dealt with whilst seeking out my new board. That is what sets great businesses apart from the rest; it's a fantastically enjoyable experience as a customer.


Connor Richardson  - Firewire FST Spitfire Surfboard 6ft 4 FCS II - White
Went to the showroom to update the quiver, and so glad I did, Fantastic customer service and a real good range of boards. Walked away with the exact board I wanted in the right size, they will go out of there way to make sure your happy with whatever your buying. Cheers guys! Connor


Alex Carolan - Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto FutureFlex Surfboard 6ft 2 FCS II + FCS II Reactor Fins

Brilliant stick! Goes amazing so many conditions, it's not a tiny wave groveller, but it goes in everything else.
Called the fellas at boardshop for some advice on sizing and fin selection and as always there advice was spot on. Love the board and the reactor fins, top job.


Dale Towne - Bic DURA-TEC Shortboard surfboard 6ft 7 Package

Let down by another shop so rang boardshop, solid advice and one happy boy. Thanks


Si Williams - Custom 5ft 10 Lost Bean Bag with blue Futures plugs

Hi Ian

Just a quick message to say thank you to yourself and the team there for the excellent service I've received whilst enquiring and ordering the board. It all arrived in perfect order today and I'm stoked with it as it's an amazing looking board and can't wait to get it in the water. The whole process has been top notch from start to finish and I'll be fully recommending you guys to anyone looking to purchase a board. 

Thanks again and take it easy.



Julian Hamilton - Via Facebook - 5

Had a few boards from the guys at Boardshop, always a great experience, great prices and top service. Ian is very quick to respond to my emails, they are my first choice when updating my quiver!


Jay Temple - Via Facebook - 5

Dealt with these guys for years now and they keep impressing me even when things haven't gone quite right. Highly recommend them


Mike Thomas - Via Facebook - 5

Great prices, quality products and amazing customer service. Highly recommended.

Steve Trevail

I wanted to wait until I used the board and then reply. 

Totally happy with the board. I used it at wollacombe last weekend for two days and it makes quite a difference from old board.

Many thanks for your email and offer of support.

That's what I call great customer service!