Brexit - We Are Still Shipping To The EU!

Updated: 13th July 2021

Some good Brexit News at last, a trade deal was approved by the UK and European Union on Christmas Eve 2020.

From the 6th Jan 2021 ALL our international couriers have resumed full shipping from the UK to all countries in the EU. This means our customers in the EU can continue to receive the excellent level of customer service and quick delivery that we have been offering for the last 15 years.

We will continue to ship surfboards, wetsuits & surf accessories to our customers in the EU quickly, at a fair price with no or minimal import duties.

You automatically SAVE THE 20% UK VAT.
When you checkout and select a delivery country in the EU the 20% UK VAT is automatically deducted from your order total. No need for VAT refunds this is done automatically. In addition if you create and account during the order process, when you log back in your prices will be shown without UK VAT.

How Will Delivery Work From Boardshop to our EU Customers?
The process of getting your order to you will be as follows: 

  1. We will despatch your order as normal, and complete ALL the required customs forms electronically. You will not have to do anything extra.
  2. You will receive tracking information via e-mail that will allow you to track the order to your door. When your order arrives in the destination country you will have to pay your country specific VAT & any import duty or handling charge. The courier will contact you via text or e-mail with the instructions of how to do this.
  3. The process is very quick and your order will be delivered to you as soon as your country specific VAT is paid.

VAT and Import Duties
Applicable shipping is displayed during checkout. Please note there is no option to pay duties up front. You will have to pay the VAT & any duties directly. The courier delivering your order, or customs from your country, will txt or e-mail you with instructions of how to make the payments. Its really quick and simple.

In most cases the VAT will be roughly equivalent to the UK VAT that we automatically deduct from your order. UK VAT is 20% and most EU countries are between 20% and 23%. If you are unsure of the VAT rate in your country. You can find that here.

Import duties are slightly more complicated and, based on the EU / UK trade deal, are based on the country of origin of the goods you purchase. For good manufactured in the UK or EU such as surfboards from FORM, CI, Lost, Pukas, Mark Phipps etc you will pay no import duty. For goods made outside the EU / UK such as Firewire, Slater Designs etc you may pay an additional 2.7% import duty. 

We have no control over local country specific VAT or import duties. 

For more information on the VAT & import duty you may be liable to pay please contact us on +44 1243-674250 or e-mail, although we have no control over these we will always help.

Advanced Payment Handling Charge (Surfboard Orders)
We are aware that some countries within the EU are charging an advanced payment handling charge on larger freight orders ie. Surfboards. This is due to the courier having to pay the VAT and customs duties in advance. These are paid before they are collected from the recipient. 

Please note this may add an additional Euro handling charge to any surfboard orders.This charge is NOT made by Boardshop it will be included on the VAT & import duty invoice you receive from the courier.

To answer some of the questions. 

Will their be any delivery delays to the EU?
Due to additional requirements by local customs authorities for deliveries to the EU from 1 January 2021, some deliveries may take slightly longer than usual. Your delivery date at checkout and in Your Orders will provide our most accurate delivery date for an order. We will always contact you if we are informed of any order delays.

Is my wetsuit still covered by warranty after Brexit?
Yes all warranties on orders from Boardshop apply world-wide. It does not matter where you live warranties are valid if you live in the UK, EU or outside the EU. As always warranty requests must come through us, but we’ve got your back!

If you have any questions please do contact us on +44 1243-674250 or e-mail