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Firewire Addvance

Firewire Addvance
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5 out of 5 stars

The Firewire Addvance has proven to be a magic board for a very broad selection of surfers. With the front end and volume of a Mini Mal and the pulled in tail of a performance Fish, the Addvance catches waves with ease and once you’re up and riding can change direction like a shortboard. ADDvance your surfing!

Stock dimensions

6’6” x 21 1/2” x 3” - 48L
6’8” x 22” x 3 1/16” - 53.6L
6’10” x 22 5/8” x 3 1/16” - 56.9L
7’0” x 22 3/4” x 3 1/16” - 59.7L
7’2” x 23” x 3 1/8” - 61.9L
7’6” x 23 1/2” x 31/4” - 69.6L

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From the shaper

The Firewire Addvance is the love child of Taj Burrows father Vance and long time Firewire collaborator Nev Hyman. Never before has a surfboard packed quite as much volume into what is a pretty modern shape. With a Five Fin configuration the Addvance has endless possibilities and is guaranteed to inject some serious fun back into your surfing.

Nev Hyman

LFT Addvance Review

Timbertek Addvance Review

what we like

I grabbed a 6ft 8 Addvance from the Firewire demo fleet and headed west for the weekend. On arrival it was obvious that Tragic Mislead had inexplicably over estimated the forecast 4 to 5ft swell! Still, I bit the bullet and paddled out on the Addvance in two foot of glass.

Surprising performance

Once I’d got used to the buoyancy I started to have some fun. I caught almost everything I paddled for and managed to out paddle most of the longboarders on the peak. Any reservations I had about the board were completely unfounded. In fact I had one of those magic summer sessions that I won’t forget in a hurry.

Who’s the Addvance for?

The Addvance is a very adaptable surfboard. The larger sizes appeal to the bigger guy who needs some extra volume or the longboarder looking for a more manoeuvrable board in better conditions.

The smaller sizes are a great option for the smaller rider looking for a first “shortboard”, and a brilliant option for the adept surfer who wants to have fun in smaller waves.

Choosing your construction

The Firewire Addvance Surfboard is available in either LFT or TimberTek construction, both of which are more durable than standard PU (fibreglass). For the average surfer this is often an aesthetic decision with only minute differences in performance detectable by experienced surfers only.

what we like

Insider Info

Don’t be afraid of the volume

At Boardshop we try and surf every board possible, and may have normally over looked the Addvance due to its length and volume. Granted it is by no means a high performance board for going vertical in pristine 6ft waves. We have loads of more suitable surfboards in stock for that. But were all amazed by the performance and hold in this board. Yes it has extreme floatation and wave catching ability. But with your back foot over the fins the mini swallow tail comes into its own, allowing really quick turns, and hold in waves that you would not normally consider with a board of this volume. Sometimes the ultra short grovel board just does not catch enough waves, open your mind and give the Addvance a go, you may well be blown away!

We’re here to help

Boardshop is a relatively small business boasting portfolio of THE best and most popular surfboard brands available. Buying a first surfboard or the latest performance shortboard can be a little daunting and we like nothing more than simplifying these decisions for you. We’ll make sure that you end up with a suitable board for your size, ability, budget and conditions. We love what we do and love to talk surfing.

Ride Out guarantee

We can’t think of anything worse than one of our customers buying a new surfboard and not being completely stoked with it. To this end we have taken the game changing decision to offer a 30 Day Ride Out Guarantee! What this means for you, our valued customer, is that you can buy with total confidence knowing that if you’re not completely in love with your new board we’ll happily take it back within the 30 days and exchange it for another...no worries! (as long as you haven’t trashed it!)

Insider Info
Excellent board
Board arrived promptly, well packaged with no damage. The board itself is beautiful with its wooden grain - almost a shame to wax it! Luckily, there was a couple of foot of surf, so I took it straight out for a test drive at Saunton. The board paddles really easily into waves and is fast down the line. It’s really responsive and turns rail to rail with ease making cutbacks smooth and flowing. I’m going to enjoy the winter here in North Devon on this beauty!
Perfect board when sizing down!
This board is perfect when coming down from longboards, so easy-paddeling but still a good surfer can surf this like a performance board.
Frankly, this board is a work of art, and every bit as stunning , when I managed to get it out of the excellent packaging, as I expected. Even the receptionists at work, made positive comments. Sadly, I haven’t rgot it into the water yet, but can’t wait to too so.
Waiting a week for the surf to pick up was torture! I booked this week off work to get a few good sessions in and luckily it's 3-4 ft clean!
This board is the nuts! Literally caught every wave I went for, it paddles great and surfs even better. A slight adjustment of my footing meant I could go from long drawn out turns to quick snappy turns.
To top it off, this board is a work of art!
Great Board, Great Customer Service
I'd been speaking to the guys at Boardshop about 18 months ago about buying my 1st board. They were super helpful, offering detailed advice and budget options. After months of deliberation I finally opted for the Addvance and it's everything I was after. A little harder to paddle than a Mal but made for catching waves and way more responsive once you're up riding. Just waiting for more swell so I can get back in the water!
So Easy to paddle
I bought this board back in May and wanted to give it a good try before writing this review. I was a little unsure at first especially as I have been riding a longboard for years. Being of mature years I thought I would maybe struggle with this shorter board but after riding it in different conditions mostly smallish stuff though, I must say that Ian got it spot on. With it being so easy to paddle my wave count has gone up, catching almost every wave I have gone for and I'm actually getting to my feet a lot quicker too! Thanks also to Boardshop for getting it delivered to me super quick and in perfect condition before I went off to Cornwall. Excellent service, friendly and good sound advice. Thank you Ian and all at Boardshop.
advance your surfing for real!
I am surfing this beauty over a year now in different conditions from very small mediterranean waves to proper overhead atlantic waves and it feels just great. Coming from a Minimal I really advanced my surfing a lot during the last year, I improved my position on the board, the positioning and timing while catching waves and most of all my surfing technique, I am even doing little cutbacks now. This board is pure fun! But don‘t go too big as it is a massive board.
The board is an absolute beauty and cannot wait to get out on it asap!
Good Evening all, Just an email to say thank you for all your help setting up the finance for my board, the service I have received from you guys has been first class! The board is an absolute beauty and cannot wait to get out on it asap! (wave permitted of course).
Thanks again
i dont have this board
but i was looking at bye the bord and the boys really helped online by showing me all help i needed and if i quote right bord for u they are so helpful and funny thanks a lot board shop it really mean a lot
Buy a 7ft 2 advance and progress your surfing
Haven't surfed for 30 years and when I did it was only a couple times a year i.e. novice surfer. Now at 56 I wanted to get back into surfing. Went down to the Board Shop as I liked the Firewire Advance and had a chat with the guys who were extremely helpful, of what would be suitable for my experience or lack of experience 7ft 2 they said would be fine. Brought the board and headed straight down to the sea Wittering. 2ft waves stood up on second attempt. Board paddles easily and straight would definitely recommend this board for someone who wants a smaller board other than 8 or 9ft to start on that's got moderate balance and medium fitness like me.
Perfect +++
Très bon contact, livraison rapide et planche bien protégée. C'est parfait, merci.
Does exactly as it says!
I was advised to go for this board after discussing what I was after. A cracking board that you won't be dissapointed about buying. Easy to paddle and catches even the smallest of waves.Deliverd the next day before 8am so I didn't have to have a day off work. Thanks again guys!!
Thanks for good service
Well happy with this board and sent back the average joe which I wasn't keen on 'got a full refund from theses boys and great service and advice
Addvance 6'10"
I grew up surfing a 6'2" twin fin. As I got older I moved up to a 6'10" thruster, then in my late forties a 8'2" mini mal, which was great for catching waves but did not turn as well as the shorter boards. I am now 55 and 2 weeks ago bought a 6'10" Addvance from Boardshop. I needed the board shipped to Dublin within 5 days. Boardshop got it to me in 4 days with online tracking all the way. Great service! Took the board away for a week to the west of Ireland. Waves were 2-5 foot all week with light off shore winds. The Addvance was GREAT! As the ads say, it turns like a short board and catches waves like a mini mal. It definitely has put more fun back into my surfing. And I feel the 6'10" is the perfect size for me at my age, weight (82kg) and fitness level (avg - above avg) and should work well, in to my 60's.
Addvice - talk with the guys at boardshop, they seem happy to chat away about surfing and will match you up to the correct size board.
The delivery was fast as promised. The board was safely packed and it has arrived without any scratch. The Boardshop team was excellent, they helped me out while choosing the right board size! I recommend to buy from this site. 100% Satisfied
firewire addvance
Great service from Boardshop and a quality board in the Addvance from Firewire perfect next step after my 8 mal .
Thanks for all the advice and a great service from your delivery team
Just a quick note to let you know I acted on your advice and purchased an Addvance from yourself.

Thanks for all the advice and a great service from your delivery team. I was very impressed that they change my deliver option at the 11th hour and refunded me the difference.

Well done all round. Thank you.
Excellent board. Catches every wave and paddles brilliantly. Great progression
Excellent board. Catches every wave and paddles brilliantly. Great progression from a mini mal. Can't reccomend it enough.
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