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Firewire Dominator

Firewire Dominator
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4.95 out of 5 stars

The Firewire Dominator Surfboard from the UK’s favourite online surf shop. It’s been there right from the start and if it wasn’t the first, it was, and still is one of the very best performance hybrids available. Never underestimate the Dominator, it can do pretty much anything within reason. Hooks you up on mushy days and is more than comfortable when it gets a little bigger.

Stock dimensions

5'2" x 19" x 2 1/8" - 23.3L
5'4" x 19 1/4" x 2 1/4" - 25.7L
5’6” x 19 3/4” x 2 5/16” - 28.3L
5’7” x 19 13/16” x 2 3/8” - 29.4L
5’8” x 20” x 2 3/8” - 31L
5’9” x 20 1/8” x 2 7/16” - 32.4L
5’10” x 20 1/4” x 2 1/2” - 33.5L
5’11” x 20 5/16” x 2 1/2” - 34L
6’0” x 20 1/2” x 2 1/2” - 34.8L
6’1” x 20 5/8” x 2 9/16” - 36.1L
6’2” x 20 3/4” x 2 5/8” - 38L
6’4” x 21” x 2 3/4 - 41.5L
6’6” x 21 1/4” x 2 7/8” - 45L
6’8” x 21 3/4” x 3” - 50L
6’10” x 22” x 3 1/4" - 55L

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From the shaper

The Dominator boasts a voluptuous curvy outline with a pretty thick foil running tip to tail. The wide point was shifted back to reduce the nose width allowing it to negotiate those top turns without getting hung-up and still maintain its speed. Five fin boxes come as standard allowing experimentation with quad and thruster setups. Available in Future Shapes and the beautiful Timbertek Technology.

Dan Mann

Our Review

Timmy Reyes talks Dominator

what we like

From day one it was apparent that the Firewire Dominator was the board many of us had been waiting for.


The vast majority of us aren’t embarrassed by head-high glass on tap, and have to make do with less than cover-shot conditions. Work, kids and family commitments are rarely beneficial to your surfing skills so we need to make the most of every wave we can sneak.

Not everyone wants to concede and go down the fun-board or Mal route, but many of us need a little help if we want to surf a shortboard in average waves. The Dominators generous proportions allow it to negotiate the flat spots and mushy sections without getting bogged down and will go vertical under the right feet.

Sizing The Dominator

For the more experienced rider the Dominator can be ridden pretty short (3 -4” shorter than your regular shortboard) making it a great option for weaker waves and winter when 5mm of neoprene is necessary.

Size the board up a little and it becomes a more inclusive craft. Older guys, the less experienced or the family man with limited water-time love its comfortable outline and its user friendly traits in the conditions most of us encounter on a regular basis. A board that is as relevant now as it was when it first arrived in the Boardshop warehouse some 10 years ago....fact.

what we like

why you should own a dominator

Staff owned Dominators

Two members of staff have a Firewire Dominator in their possession and have done for quite a time. One of the directors has a Timbertek 5ft 8. He is 5ft 10, weighs in at about 11 stone wet through and still raves about the Dominator’s ability in a wide range of conditions.

One of the lads who used to model for us was pretty new to surfing but determined not to ride anything but a shortboard as soon as he’d nailed the basics. At 5ft 7 and 10.5 stone he grabbed a 6ft 2 and headed for Australia. Two years later he is living within spitting distance of Byron, surfing better than most of us and still riding his Dominator.

Trade in your old board against a new Firewire

Boardshop runs a really simple Trade-In program, giving you the opportunity to offset your old surfboard against a brand-new Firewire.

Once you’ve decided what board you want to purchase, just send us an email with some good quality photos of your trade-in board along with a brief description outlining any damage or repairs. We’ll get back to you ASAP with an amount we’re prepared to give you for your board. We think we’re pretty fair with our valuations, whilst we don’t aim to make a profit from your board we certainly don’t want to make a loss. Check the Trade-In page for full details at Boardshop.co.uk

why you should own a dominator
Awesome board - Changed the way I surf
The 6,8 dominator I got is almost a foot shorter than my next board (7,6 fish). Paddles like a mini Mal, but so responsive. Can pump easily on shoulder to head high waves, very quick. Wave count is very high. Been surfing it on good waves, point breaks on west coast of Ireland. The fish, which I took out in well overhead waves recently now seems huge !! Would highly recommend the Dominator. Great service from Boardshop too.
Great Board
Great board - I'm an old bloke who doesn't surf as much any more and this gets me plenty of waves and I can still get it going fast rail to rail which I couldn't do on a minimal. Even at 55 litres I can still duck dive it but then I do weigh 85Kg! Beyond outstanding service from all the staff at Boardshop. Won't buy a board anywhere else - their 30 day ride out scheme is superb, very straight forward and they were true to their word.
Great allrounder, amazing Tech
Great technology. Helium feels great and makes you paddle so much faster.
Apart from that, the Dom is a great allrounder (less performance than the Dominator) and a true hybrid. I'd say its kinda similar to the puddle jumper series, but since its not as wide as the PJ, I'd give it a higher potential of going well in more performance oriented conditions.
If you need a one board quiver from 2-5 ft, this is it!
Perfect single quiver board
I use this as unique quiver board when I need to travel light. Board is tough so I know no surprises will come during the trip and is easy all around, easy paddle, and when size and conditions get tricky, it will respond as it were a smaller board.
perfect order and delivery
Good and professional communication, fast delivery: perfect service!
is the word revolution a naff cliché?
Helium Technology is light, I passed the board to a friend and he was hysterical, no I was hysterical, it weighs next to nothing. Is this the apple moment for firewire? You kind of don't want to admit it because of traditional affiliations but this is a superior product and the choice is compelling. Its light, fast, durable, and most importantly it seems to have a flexible density rather than a rigid hollow ping pong ball echo.
The dominator profile is tried and tested and works as an allrounder for the widest range of surfers in need of a single board. The speed and manoeuvrability immediately helped connect turns and make some harder more vertical approaches to the lip.
Perfect Allounder
I Was lookong for allround board that is perfect for someone who can't surf every day. The Dominato is what I was looking for. I definitely would recommend this board for people who can surf but have some trouble with the paddle power because they don't sirf as much as they would.
Great board
Really happy with this board. Wasn't sure if the 6'4 would be too big for me, but it paddles really well, fast and is very responsive in the turns for my ability. I'm surfing it mainly in the south coast slop but occasionally on better surf up to 6 foot. Thanks for all the advice from the guys at boardshop - highly recommended.
Stunning Board
I didn't expect This board was gonna be so maneuverable and Fast, I just can not believe how good buy this board is!!!!
Very good purchase!!!
I love it guys, 100% recomendable.
Fantastic board
Surfing in Shoreham with usually 2-3ft and mainly wind-waves. My dominator 6'6 is fantastic. A little bit annoyed about the boring design, but once you are in the water you quickly forget the design and will have a great time. Absolutly recommended.
Just got it last friday! Couldn't be happier with the board! Took it out for a surf last sunday and it's awesome. Mushy waves 2ft to 3ft and it awesome. I'm able to catch waves more easy than my fat fish 6'2. I'm ready to get better and this board wil be perfect for the next 10 years ;) Thanks Boardshop for the help and fin choice.
Great all-round shortboard
The Dominator is a great board for a competent surfer. I use mine as a travel board, because it works in everything from thigh-high peelers to overhead waves. I prefer it as a quad, but the tri fin option is good in bigger waves. Mine is FST construction, which has been very solid (though I have an LFT Baked Potato which has a more lively feel).

The only downside is that if the Dominator is good at everything, it's not outstanding at anything. The BP is a better board for small, weak waves, and I have a 6'7" Sam Egan that's better in big surf. But you can't have everything! If you want a one-board quiver, this is it.

Note on size: as with all Firewires, smaller is better. I weigh 80kg and ride a 6'0"/34.9 litres. It's about right for me, a reasonably good surfer (decades of experience, not quite so much ability...); if I had to replace it, though, I'd probably think about the 5'10".
Looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out.
It arrived. Looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out.
Thanks for getting this to me so quickly.
Good board, more buoyancy than I expected. Need to shift
Good board, more buoyancy than I expected. Need to shift from front foot to back foot but that's why I bought it.
Dominator ,well as an older more rounded (heavy) surfer this
Dominator ,well as an older more rounded (heavy) surfer this board flies , used it in small clean waves and head high on shore mush and it is a board for all occasions . Takes years off me and makes you grin from ear to ear . 6ft 10 big board for big boys cheers
As always the Dominator just goes so well in variety
As always the Dominator just goes so well in variety of conditions.Just makes surfing fun,Quad or Thruster ride it how you like,wave count goes up,so performance follows !
608 50 liters second board coming from a 64 liters
608 50 liters second board coming from a 64 liters 8' minimal. Low intermediate 88 kg rider.This board is more than magic. Thanks for the lightning mail support in every step, from getting advice to solve a courier service issue.Can't be happier with the purchase. Everything it's said about the Dominator is true. Awesome construction by Firewire. First ride and ripping.
I bought this board for my wife, it was her
I bought this board for my wife, it was her first firewire surfboard and her exact words were she loved it. The best board she had ever had. Easy to paddle, but also easy to turn and to see a big smile on your wife's face is priceless. It not only looks great, but the timbertek is really light and strong, so I don't have to carry her board each time, whoop whoop. The guys at Boardshop are brilliant, great selection and we even traded her old board in and got a great price on it. Definitely will use them again.
Great board, paddles really well, goes well across the flats
Great board, paddles really well, goes well across the flats like a fish but feels more like a short board when you want it to.
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