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This is Boardshop

So this is it, the all new Boardshop website, thanks for dropping in. We’ve spent a huge amount of time trying to get the new site right, and how we would want it to be if we were customers... we hope you like what you see. It’s still the same team of dedicated surfers, skaters and snowboarders doing what we’ve been doing for the last decade but with a website that offers more info, more choice and more interaction than ever before.  

Boardshop was founded by Ian and Roger over 10 years ago with the aim of providing the best products and the best service for everyone who surfs, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned traveller. Everyone at Boardshop surfs and snowboards to varying levels and we ride what we sell so if you need any help making sure you get the gear that’s right for you just drop us a line. 

Boardshop has evolved  over the years to become more than just a shop, offering more and more groundbreaking services, board customiser, trade in program, 0% finance, and Ride out Guarantee , we offer the complete service for every surfer. We specialise in surfboards, wetsuits and surf hardware from all the leading brands, Channel Islands, Firewire, Lost, Pukas, O’Neill, Xcel, Rip Curl, Billabong, FCS, Futures, Ocean & Earth and more, you will definitely find what you’re looking for at Boardshop.

We’re based in the village on East Wittering on the South coast of England, it’s not the best surf spot on earth but we get in whenever there’s a waves. Visit our surfboard and wetsuit showroom or drop us an email, don’t worry we like talking about surfboards, it’s our job! You can buy boards online from all over the place nowadays but shopping with Boardshop is different, we all surf so we know what you need, we send surfboards all over the world every day so we know how to get your new surfboard to you in one piece and if there are any issues we’re here to sort them out straight away. 

Dont just take our word for it, check out some of our customer reviews and decide for yourself!

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Meet the Boardshop team

Our team is made up of people who surf, ride and skate, it’s our passion and we love it.

Ian Madden

Ian Madden (Big E)

Co owner and very average surfer! Likes sunny offshore waves and heads abroad at least 4 times a year to try and find some. Second best surfer in his family after his 7 year old son. Keen interest in Portsmouth FC (well the glory year anyway). Been in the industry for 20 years has surfed and snowboarded most places. He’s the debonair bloke in all the videos, sorry ladies married with 2 kids so out of bounds, you could drop him an email though...

Roger Moon

Roger Moon (Scrawn)

Techy genius which meant not much luck with the ladies and so a devotion to various sports. A big fan of wild swimming, cycling, my little Pony and most of all surfing, will go out in absolutely anything to put one of his 25 boards through its paces. Just discovered skiing too so hardly any time for working nowadays. Co owner and going bald.

Clive Milverton

Clive Milverton (Lofty)

The outdoors man, whether its surfing, fishing, biking, rambling or hiding in bushes Clive prefers fresh air and adventure (sometimes fully clothed sometimes not!). A big fan of boards with round noses whatever the size, your go to man for no nonsense advice. Responsible for translating manufacturer's and shapers garbled meanderings into some sort of useful text to point you in the right direction on choosing a board, wetty or whatever.


Tom Blackford

Tom Blackford (Chef)

Chef makes sure you get your surfboard intact, looks after all the logistics to make sure board delivery runs smoothly. Quirky character who has a large collection of second hand boards (never buys new) and dresses from charity shops. Long serving and highly valued staff member who you wouldn’t want to bump into in a dark alley at night.  

David Price

David Price (Dangerous Dave)

Customer service supremo who can solve any problem presented to him, don’t be surprised if you hear death metal playing in the background if you speak to him, he loves all that stuff. Solid performer but prone to accidents, and probably the worst driver in the world.

Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes (Squeak)

Matt is the most recent addition to the Boardshop dream team. A test tube baby he is the longest and lightest employee we’ve ever had coming in at 6’ 4 and 60 kgs. He is the ultimate grom who is super stoked with everything to do with surfing and despite only being 9 years old his knowledge on boards and everything else surfing is incredible. He has managed to surf pretty much every board we do in record time.

Adam Feast

Adam Feast (The General)

Adam is our graphics supremo, he decides what the website looks like. Since retiring as the ‘General’ of one of the biggest football firms in the UK he has settled into a life of gym, longboards, hula hoops and apples