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Wetsuit Recycling Programme

Wetsuit Recycling Programme

Exciting times here at We are partnering with Circular Flow, the leaders in recycling Neoprene, in an attempt to make it easier than ever to recycle your old wetsuit.

Unlike other stores, you do not need to buy anything from us to use this service. You can send back your old suit to us and we will recycle this for you. See the “Get Involved” section for the details on how to get your wetsuit back to us.

You may ask who Circular Flow are. In short, they are a company who are pushing the envelope on ensure Neoprene is not as harmful as it is right now. The reason they started is out of a need to find a solution to stop such outrageous levels of neoprene waste.

Wetsuits and other neoprene products can be categorised as a silent killer when talking about the growing issue with pollution and landfill. The water sports world is on a steady growth curve and the want for these neoprene items is growing but before Circular Flow, there was no real easy method for the recycling of the neoprene.

It is estimated that over a million wetsuits go into landfill every year, and with the nature of neoprene it is a very specialized process to recycle this. If we can attempted to reduce this number by even the smallest of margins, this will go to protecting our playground.

 Get Involved:

We want to keep this as easy and simple for you all as we can. It really is easy. Whether its been purchased from or not, you can return your old wetsuit to us and we will then work with Circular Flow to recycle your old unwanted neoprene into new and useful products.

The process:

Email us at advising you wish to recycle your wetsuit.

On this email we will need your full name, phone number and the make of the wetsuit.

After sending the email, if you package up your old wetsuit.

Send this back to us, or drop it off. Our address is:

Unit M3

Hilton Park

Church Farm Lane

East Wittering

West Sussex

PO20 8RL



Once this lands back here, we will process the wetsuit and email you advising this has been received.

The suit will then be sent off to Circular Flow and its new life will begin.

1. Is this just for the UK? – No not at all, we want to help everyone recycle their wetsuits. If you can get your suit back to us, we will recycle it with Circular Flow.

2. Is it just wetsuits or wetsuit accessories too? – Right now, it is only wetsuits, due to other materials used on accessories.

3. How do I package my wetsuit for recycling? – You can send the old wetsuit back to us, as long as its dry and clean. Package this using any materials you like, we will recycle the packaging here and the wetsuit will be sent off for recycling.

4. Do I need to clean my wetsuit before sending it to you? – Yes! If a suit comes back wet or dirty, or both, it will not be able to go for recycling so will have to discarded of by Boardshop.

5. Can I drop my wetsuit off? Of course, you can either post your wetsuit back to us or if you are local please drop this into to us. We will be here for wetsuit drop off Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

6. What happens to my wetsuit once you receive it? – In simple terms, this will be shipped off, and then recycled into various other neoprene-based products. These other products are recyclable up to another 7 times too!

7. Why are you offering this service? – The planet is a surfer’s playground and there are a lot of aspects in surfing that are not great for the environment. Anything we as surfers can do to help has to be done. That is why we are offering this as a service regardless of, if you have purchased from us or not.


For More Information on Circular Flow and their process, head to their website