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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee With this Surfboard - Don’t like it? swap it

Slater Designs LFT Cymatic surfboard 6ft 2 Futures - White

30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
Slater Designs
Slater Designs LFT Cymatic surfboard 6ft 2 Futures - White
Slater Designs LFT Cymatic surfboard 6ft 2 Futures - White Slater Designs LFT Cymatic surfboard 6ft 2 Futures - White

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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
Slater Designs
4 Customer Reviews - Read Them (4)

5 out of 5 stars

"The minimal amount of board to do the maximum amount of surfing".

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  • Name The Slater Designs LFT Cymatic surfboard 6ft 2
  • Ability Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume 40.2 litres
  • Conditions Anything from thigh high to as big as you dare!
  • Construction EPS Interior Foam/Composite Deck Skin/LFT Composite Springer HD/Fibreglass and Epoxy Resin
  • Dimensions 6ft 0 x 20.875 x 2.875
  • Fin System Futures Five Fin
  • Fins Included No

Product Details

The Slater Designs LFT Cymatic surfboard is going to set a new bench-mark for high-performance shortboards...FACT. There is already unprecedented levels of exited frothing from fans of Tommo and Kelly's previous creations and the Cymatic looks to have taken another huge stride towards the ultimate everyday shortboard for pros and Joes alike.

Kelly told Stab about the Cymatic "The minimal amount of board to do the maximum amount of surfing. We chopped the nose off ahead of the rail line you need and went with a pretty wide bat tail (like the Sci-Fi model). With the added bite of the channels the tail still holds while giving plenty of lift. This edit (check the video below!!) is from one session at Haleiwa in January. I actually took the board there as a joke that day cause it was too big for what I thought it could handle. I got my best rides earlier that session but this edit gives you an idea. This is a four fin 5'3 x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 with 25.5L. I don’t want to ride anything else right now and everyone who rides it wants to take it off my hands.

It's not that difficult to identify the Cymatic's parentage, with obvious elements of the Sci-Fi and Omni models featuring strongly, in fact It really does look like the result of some clandestine liaison of these two models.

All too often these amalgamations look great on paper but usually result in a dysfunctional board that really doesn't know its own raison d'être...not the case here kids; the functionally of the Cymatic looks to be absolutely spot-on and the perfect melding of these two ground-breaking surfboard designs. The brilliant double bat wing tail adds serious grip on the wave face successfully offsetting the extreme lift and speed created by the "Quad Inside Single Concave". The skilful blending of these features along with the reduced swing weight of the Omni’s nose, Tommo has dreamt and created what looks to be a truly magic board that surfs more akin to the Sci-Fi but with a tad more rocker.

According to the Firewire/Slater Designs website the Cymatic is listed with an "Ideal Wave" from 3 to 6ft....but one view of the Haleiwa footage and you'll see the Cymatic's potential in solid conditions....so go as big as you dare.

Firewire's LFT or Linear Flex Technology is an eco friendly construction process that results in a durable board with a unique flex pattern. LFT uses an 18mm wide Composite Springer HD Suspension System that runs from nose to tail (in effect a space age stringer) and is overlaid with a top-deck sheet to improve the boards resistance to 'ridging' often seen on traditional PU boards with a wooden stringer. LFT produces a feel somewhat akin to a brand-new PU surfboard, but with a huge hike in durability, this will last for the lifespan of the board! Enjoy the lively sensation of a brand new board with the added durability of modern sandwich construction.

We're happy to consider trading in your old or unwanted board against a new Slater designs surfboard, so If you have any questions about this we'd be delighted to answer them and advise on any potential board choices or enquiries you might have, just drop us an email to info@boardshop.co.uk or call us on 0044 (0) 1243 674250.

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Overall Customer Rating

4 Customer Reviews - Read Them (4)

5 out of 5 stars

Magic carpet
Pertinent deets:
6'2, 85kg, surfing 25 years. Can pass myself off as 'advanced' some days but in reality i'm pretty average.

Unboxing this board, I was immediately unsure whether I picked the right size. 5'8 coming in at 33L, it definitely did NOT feel like 33L. the rails were so tapered it was hard to gauge the thickness, actually it was hard gauge anything with this board since it practically looks like a spaceship, not a surfboard!

Took it for a spin today at a secret right hander, 3-4ft hollow take off, reforming sections in inside to play with, in short - perfect to test a new board.

Immediate impression was that I had absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of floatation or paddling. i've no idea how it does it.. but it does!

The board is EPIC. I don't think I've connected with a board as well as i have with this one. It feels so free in the tail but yet so connected on rail. Like you can push it hard on rail but wrap it around in the pocket without any restriction whatsoever. Particularly impressive was how it maintained it's speed after speed-sapping turns off the top or cutbacks. I literally did not have to pump the board once.

I've owned quite a few boards and oftentimes there is a trade-off between speed and drive with release, sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of one or the other but with this board it's the perfect marriage of both.

It is definitely a board that sits in the high-performance range, you must have your feet in the sweet spot otherwise the board will not fire. The rails are LOW, which means it is more sensitive. so leaning too hard on the rail will throw you off - but the benefit of this when you get it right is how it flows from rail to rail beautifully.

If you're thinking about purchasing this board, i highly recommend that you do. Through these guys at Boardshop of course.
Best board ever
So good I have two of them. Sold 3 boards since buying one last year. If the waves have any punch to them at all I don’t want to be on anything else.
Highly and hugely recommended!
A few points to help anyone else out who’s looking at getting a Cymatic…

Sizing: I’m about 86kgs and having not surfed for a few years I went for the 5’10” with 36ltrs…my previous board has 34ltrs and just due to nervousness of the length, I wasn’t brave enough to go any smaller…that was a bit of a mistake as the board produces so much lift and speed so easily that you really do need to match littreage with what you normally surf or go a tad smaller and not be afraid of the lack of length! It’s funny, but as soon as you get one under your arm, you totally forget about length! Luckily, Boardshop do their excellent board exchange and I’ll be swapping it out for a 5’8” or 5’9”.

Foot position for turns is pretty crucial. You’ve got to get them back, once in the right place, you’ll just feel the board light up and do things you weren’t expecting to be able to do! That being said, if you’re looking to gun it around a section, super easy pumping being further forward.

Fin set up is really important! Having tried both thruster and quad, I preferred the thruster. I basically had two sets of thruster fins, with a softer and harder set up.
What I found worked best was the harder fronts and softer rear, with these the board really turned on and lit up in both feel and turns. All soft fins and it felt a bit washy, all hards and a tad stiff.
I also had some quad rears and found that it was best with softer fronts, but actually I think I needed softer quad rears to really work. Looking forward to trying it with softer quad rears.
The harder fins in front, with the quad rears in combination with the tail width and lift the board has was just way too stiff for me…

Overall, this board is absolutely amazing and except in extremely large or small waves can be a one board quiver…Highly and hugely recommended!
I have surfed the Omni for two years and loved it. I wasn’t sure the cymatic was for me, having seen the video of Kelly I felt it may be too high performance. I was wrong. It’s forgiving, fast yet so controlled.

It makes you think you can do anything and goes anywhere on a wave, it’s super responsive and you feel you may lose control then it suddenly grips and you’re flying back out of a turn unexpectedly, straight into the next.

It’s got hold when you want it, feeling poised like the Omni but much more playful. I’ve surfed it below waist high and got it going, just takes more effort than my Chumlee but it’s perfectly capable.

I’m not a great surfer but surfing this board makes me feel much better than I am. I use it in any decent UK waves up to head and a half. Even deals with wind and chop well, something the Omni struggled with. Honestly I cannot think of a negative! Get one.

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