Bic Surfboards

Bic Surfboards

Providing outstanding surfboards that perform in a wide range of conditions for a broad spectrum of surfers. With twenty years’ experience as the world market leader for windsurf, Bic Sport has diversified into the boardsports industry and is now excelling in making surfboards. Bic is renowned for its unique shaping process; arguably the most innovative since the foam board revolution of the 1960s.

The talented individuals that make up the Bic Shaping Team are diverse in their creative direction but unite in their shared passion of surfing. Boards are available in a choice of technologies, including Dura-Tec and Ace Tec.

Versatility of Our Range

The Dura-Tec construction technique provides a strong, easy yet durable board at a great price. The Ace-Tec range uses an Epoxy Composite that creates a board that is almost identical in stiffness and weight as polyester yet 30% more durable. These boards are shaped to suit both intermediate and experienced riders.

At Boardshop we live and breathe surfing, and between us, we’ve pretty much ridden and tested our entire range. We only sell what we believe in and what draws us most to Bic’s surf offering is its versatility. Another brand to consider if you are looking for something that performs well for a range of conditions is our range of Torq Boards.

With our collection of over 300 surfboards and styles, you’re sure to find a board to suit. We also offer free next-day delivery on all our boards, along with a unique 30-day ride out guarantee so you can try it out in the waves. We’re always happy to hear from you if you have any questions, so feel free to get in touch.

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