Boardshop's Top 10 Surfboards of the year 

Not of huge importance to you, I'm sure but thought we’d share the top 10 selling surfboards of the year so far. There are a couple of surprises in there but it’s always good to know you're on the right board. If you’re not on a board that’s on the list don’t worry, you are a true individual pursuing your own path!

This list doesn’t pick out different techs such as the Lost Carbon Wrap which has been super popular but looking ahead it's all about epoxy and the twinny! Winter swells on the way soon surely so have a look at the boards listed and don’t forget about all the other Boardshop exclusives (below)


Firewire Greedy Beaver Surfboard

Your no.1 choice, the Firewire Greedy Beaver surfboard. Looks like a longboard, has all the benefits that a longboard brings but it’s a shortboard in spirit. It’s got the wave catching ability and the glide of a log but has the manoeuvrability you associate with a shortboard.

You can put it on a rail and surf it off the tail and it comes to life like you can't believe, tight turns and pocket surfing are a reality on a board which looks like a longboard surfboard. All this is possible through the thinned out dropped rails and the single to double concave.

The reduced volume in the rail allows you to start your turns more easily on the Greedy Beaver than you'd expect and the single to double concave gives the board lift which maintains the speed through fatter or flatter sections of the wave. This Firewire is guaranteed fun in waves from knee to head high for all levels of surfer.

Sizing is straight forward, if you're nearer to the beginner end of the scale, if you're coming off a minimal then go bigger. If you're 70kgs and a progressing beginner it’s the 6 2 or 6 4 or bigger, if you’re a decent intermediate it’s the 5 10 or 6 0 and if you're a ripper go as short as you like.


Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard

The Lost Puddle Jumper surfboard by Matt Biolos is your No.2 board of the year. The latest and greatest (Matt's words not mine) addition to the Domesticated Series. Based on the basic outline of the Bottom Feeder, but with reversed bottom and rocker curves.

The Puddle Jumper, unlike the previous Domestic boards the RV and Bottom Feeder, features a concave bottom that transitions into Vee out through the tail. The wide template makes wave catching simple and maintain down-the-line glide and stability.

The introduction of the concave increases lift and along with the pronounced rail curve lends itself to top-to-bottom, rail-to-rail surfing.The relatively straight rail line and Vee in the tail keep the board moving forward and able to hold in when executing hard carving manoeuvres. 

"This is the best small wave short board I have ever ridden. I have never made a claim like that about any board before" Matt Biolos. The various incarnations of this board have been great, the RP (round pin tail) version gives a bit more better wave performance and look out for the Lost Puddle Fish surfboard coming very soon.

The other massive bonus with the Puddle Jumper family of boards is that they are all available in the eps epoxy carbon wrap construction which as Matt himself says is ‘faster, stronger, lighter it's the future of surfboard design without a doubt


3. Channel Islands Sampler

Channel Islands Sampler Surfboard

Thanks Channel Islands surfboards, it's been a while but this is a board to get excited about, its perfect for 90% of surfers out there and is good to go in the majority of waves we actually surf in.

The Al Merrick Sampler surfboard has its roots in the Dumpster Diver flat, and has a flat entry and centre rocker, and ample curve out the tail, this means you've got a board that you can actually turn, sit in the pocket and enjoy. The generous single concave runs the whole length of the board, with a slight double within the single between the fins.

There's a little vee to provide kick off the tail. The full outline in the front half of the board, with an exaggerated and slightly forward of normal Merrick hip, and a wide old-school squash tail gives the surface area to cruise over poorer sections whilst keeping the speed up so you can still hit the lip. The Sampler is suitable for every level of

The Sampler is suitable for every level of surfer who has to go and surf less than perfect conditions on a regular basis! It sits between your groveller and your shortboard and for lots of surfers will act as a one board quiver. Surf it 2 inches shorter and a thicker than your short board.

It'll go in knee to head high conditions in mush but if the odd decent set comes through The Sampler has the attributes to get then most of it. Designed with Dane Reynolds collaborating it’s a true everyman board and fills a gap in the Channel Islands armoury. Rock solid production and top quality materials keep this board at the top of the pecking order in its category.


4. Firewire Evo

Firewire Evo Surfboard

The Firewire Evo surfboard by Tomo pushes surfboard design again. Having it under your arm puts a huge smile on your face, the anticipation of surfing it is almost too much! The sheer width of the thing makes it paddle in nice and easy and boy is it fast, popping up the board feels super stable but very lively.

It flows from rail to rail so easily its unreal, Tomo says it feels like its levitating, he's not wrong! It's super smooth and turns easily, an instant smile guaranteed. The smooth curvy outline really works, it still feels like it'll hold in bigger stuff but for anything knee to head it's going to be the board of choice.

The deep channels give it its drive, presumably what Tomo refers to as the 'double inside single concave into split quad concave planing hull' means the channels. Evan Slater said it felt faster than a standard board after that short interlude at the Gold Coast comp. Board sizing? No hard and fast rule here, use your usual volume as a guide and ride the Firewire Evo as short as you dare. 


5. Slater Designs Omni

Slater Designs Omni Surfboard

The Slater Designs Omni surfboard is a product of the dream collaboration between Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson and KS. The Omni carries Tomo's basic dims mixed with Kelly's more tucked-in tail and tuned to his eye.

The Omni looks like THE board to go for from the Slater Designs stable. If you're looking for an every-day sled that'll perform at your local break, as well as on your travels, in almost any conditions you're likely to encounter at home and overseas. Lots of our loyal customers have an Evo and an Omni in their quiver, except for total rubbish you are covered for pretty much everything you’re ever likely to come across!


6. Pukas 69er Step Down 

Pukas 69er Step Down Surfboard

The Pukas 69er Step Down, what a beauty of a board! We all know how well the original Pukas 69er went in good waves. Pukas have kept the same original shape, added some volume, widened the tail and turned the board into a small to average wave killing machine!

It paddles and catches waves like a dream, turns quick and keeps speed over flatter sections. I would call this board a mix of a groveller and a high performance short board. It goes in anything from knee to head high surf and is considered a "One Board Quiver" board.


7. Channel Islands Average Joe 

Channel Islands Average Joe Surfboard

Finally, a board that was made for us average surfers, that will take our surfing to the next level. A super fun, high volume, low rocker shortboard designed for top to bottom small wave surfing. The Average Joes hip and pulled in tail counters the wider nose and allows you to turn in the pocket and put the board where you want.

The board is very forgiving and you really have to try hard to fall off when surfing it. It has quick acceleration out of turns and a almost skateboarding like feel to it. Paddles and catches waves easily and is a great option as a first shortboard for the average surfer. The board is generally ridden about 3-4 inches shorter than your actual height dues to the high volume of the board.

For those surfers that may be slightly out of shape, haven't surfed in a while or just want a forgiving fun shortboard that will take your surfing to the next level....Look no further, the Channel Islands Average Joe is the board for you.

Don't forget you can also order a customised version of this board and all the Channel Islands, Lost, Pukas, Chilli and Bradley boards on the list choosing your exact dims and fin system, check out our customizer service at Boardshop right now. All you need to do is pump in the details and pay a £100 deposit with the balance due when we ship your board, average build time is 6-8 weeks (longer for eps etc).

8. Lost Baby Buggy

Lost Baby Buggy Surfboard

The evolution of the Lost "Buggy" series continues with the introduction of the Baby Buggy, Taj's now go-to board when the pressures of competing take a back seat and he's looking for a little more fun on average days at home.

For the competent surfer in the UK and northern Europe, the Baby Buggy would realistically make the ideal performance shortboard with a little-added volume to counteract the additional weight of a wetsuit etc. The Baby Buggy is the perfect blend of domestication with some built in High Performance.

Taj rides his 3" shorter and with a bit more volume than his regular shortboard, but an average surfer can be more generous and go with added volume and maybe only 1 - 2 inches shorter than his typical high performance shortboard.

Taj rides his 3" shorter and with a bit more volume than his regular shortboard, but an average surfer can be more generous and go with added volume and maybe only 1 - 2 inches shorter than his typical high performance shortboard. Good days at home, the Maldives, Europe this Lost board is your all-rounder of choice.  


9. Firewire LFT Midas

Firewire LFT Midas Surfboard

Who doesn't want to surf like the "Style Master" Rob Machado? This high performance semi shortboard/semi hybrid has a flat rocker and straight rail line for speed and hold in hollow conditions.

The tail which runs from a wing on the hip of the board into a swallow tail creates for quick, tight and controlled surfing in the pocket, while the rails offer smooth rail to rail transitions. The Midas is generally a board that prefers waist to head high conditions but nevertheless goes really well in smaller surf too.

Machado came up with "board eat board" bottom contours which is a single deep concave that runs out into a V in the tail which will give you a load of bite performing turns. You can really shred on this board and put it where you want.

The Firewire Midas will go in most conditions but would thrive in clean, point type waves. When the surf is small, change up the fins and surf it as a twin fin or when its bigger shred it on a thruster set up, there are really no boundaries to what this board can do.


10. HaydenShapes Hypto-Krypto

HaydenShapes Hypto-Krypto Surfboard

The Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto has rapidly gained a reputation for its versatility in a vast range of conditions, and its adaptability to fit a wide spectrum of riders, from weekend warrior right up to salty, seasoned traveller. We here at Boardshop speak to a huge amount of surfers, and it has been surprising just how many surfers either already have a Hypto Krypto or are planning on adding one to their quiver.

With this info, we thought we'd better find out what all the fuss was about, and judging by how it still sells so do you lot!