There are so many new surfboards coming this year from every board builder out there, some more exciting than others but any new surfboard is always exciting. Heavy hitter Matt Biolos at Lost surfboards has a whole array of new boards either on the way or in the pipeline in PU and increasingly EPS Epoxy construction. Firewire have new Tomo designs coming as well as a couple of Rob Machado boards and lots more. Slater has another potential smash hit on his hands judging by what we’ve seen so far. Pukas is on form with tweaks and new constructions of some old favourites and with new shapes and concepts from Axel, Taz and the gang. What about Channel Islands? The Al Merrick is proudly pushed on in their new Flex Bar tech. If you want more details, read on....


Lost Surfboards

The Lost Puddle Fish represent a brilliant extension to the Puddle Jumper family with a bit of RNF thrown in for good measure. The Puddle Jumper has been the biggest story in surfboards for Boardshop this year perfectly catering for the majority of surfers in the majority of conditions we get to surf in. The V3 Stealth is a step on from the Rocket, more performance without sacrificing practicality and usability. The Quiver Killer EDD again adds a wider audience to what is already a brilliant board. A Mason Ho pro board that most of us could actually surf? Yes it's the Voodoo Child.

(from left to right) Puddle Fish, Voodoo Child, V3 Stealth. Quiver Killer EDD 

Construction is where Lost Mayhem surfboards really excel right now, Carbon Wrap has been a massive success because it works, Biolos says its faster, stronger, and lighter and it genuinely is. This Carbon Wrap build is available in pretty much every shape in the Lost range. The Black Dart tech will be one of the most keenly anticipated board techs of the year, it’ll be available in the Bean Bag, Short Round, Quiver Killer, Puddle Jumper RP and V3  Rocket. This tech is massive across the globe and this will be the first chance to get on one and shred! 

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The Lost Quiver Killer Black Dart (technology). 

Mason Ho surfing the Voodoo Child.

Carbon Wrap production process. 

Firewire surfboards

Don’t know where to start with this, so much new stuff on the way! Let’s start with tech, there is a new tech on the way, first going to be available in the Dominator and Spitfire models. It’s a derivative of the well established FST tech but promises to be lighter and yet tougher, can’t wait for that, it’s going to be available in more and more of the range as we go through the year.

Rob Machado catching waves. 

New models, well timings are a bit vague but as you might well have seen on Instagram etc there are some absolute bangers on the way!

Machado has 2 new models, an update on the Almond Butter that we think will be called the xxxxxx Butter (can’t divulge yet!) and also a twinny, both look brilliant and will probably be in the LFT tech. Tomo has 2 new models on the horizon as well, a twinny and a first more traditional performance shortboard as ridden by Stuey Kennedy at various times last year, in the new tech we think.

There is also going to be a traditional keel fin fish design, a new Pyzel model and a groveler update which will sit in the Potato family, this board, in particular, looks amazing for UK waves and UK surfers.

Timbertek Evo here February at last!

Rob Machado in the shaping room


Slater Designs surfboards

One new model coming and lots of you will have seen Slater surf it at Trestles on the tour last season. The Slater Designs Gamma surfboard is still being finalised but, expect it later this year, (probably in LFT to start with but maybe the new tech too later on). A round tail shortboard by the looks of it, but you never know might change by the time it gets to us! June we reckon for the first sight of this new board.

Kelly Slater shredding the Gamma at Trestles  

Watch our review of the Gamma.

Pukas surfboards    

The Basque country boys have a few tricks up their sleeve for 2017 for sure. They’ve been heavily involved with Twiggy Baker and the big wave tour with team riders appearing at Nazare amongst other places. There is the Plan B twinny from Axel which is a bit different from the proliferation of twinnys coming on the market, it's a round tail, we expect first deliveries on this in early March.

Pukas Plan B 

There will be an El Loco update and also a new shape called Heavens Door, no details available yet.

Tech wise we’ll be seeing a lot more epoxy coming through in the likes of the Pukas 69er and 69er pro, and we have a Boardshop only Resin Cake planned for around Easter time, hard to improve on the existing Resin Cake but we had to give it a go!

Channel Islands Al Merrick Surfboards

Last but never least, CI have the new Flex Bar tech arriving with us in March/April, it will initially we available in the SamplerBlack and White and Rocket 9. These boards are hand made in the States so no custom orders available, unfortunately. Early reports suggest the flex pattern works really well in terms of optimising drive and control so making these boards more responsive than ever. These are great models anyway, and in this tech should be even better!   

There is also the Bonzer Shelter and Biscuit Bonzer on the way, inspired by the legendary Campbell Bros bonzers these look amazing, who’d have thought we’d be going back to glass-on fins! No doubt new models will appear through the year! 

Channel Islands Flexbar Technology 

Britt Merrick in the Flex-Bar shaping room 

There’s the roundup, premium boards that work, sure you’ll agree. The amount of R & D that goes into developing these boards is incredible. Hours of surfing under the feet of the planet's best surfers to make sure the balance is right, increasingly the boards are then tweaked to make sure they work for the likes of you and us. Prices? They’re going up just like everything else in life I’m afraid. Once we’re out of the Brexit mess and everything calms down, and the £ gets back to where it should be against the € and the US $ we should have a period of stability. Fingers crossed but not holding our collective breath.         

Don’t forget all the good stuff we do to make your surfing as stress-free and affordable as possible, 0% finance, trade-ins, custom orders and our Ride out guarantee.  #Ridewithus