Boardshop's Top 10 Surfboards of the year 

2019 is underway and it’s looking rather good on the surfboard front! Not sure we’ve ever had access to such an amazing range of surfboards from the established old guard and some new up and comers.

Now is a good time to look back at 2018 and work out the top 10 sellers and try to figure out why they sold so well.

Unlike some online mags you might read this is a real list compiled from our own sales, it’s not done to keep our suppliers happy... we are of course open to bribes though!

Luckily for us we get sent demo boards to surf and drool over before they get released, this experience combined with the feedback we get from customers home and abroad allows us to build up a comprehensive picture of how each board works, what conditions suit it best and what kind of surfer it’s going to work for.

The board range covers everything from grovelers to mid lengths to high performance shortboards, there is something for everyone at every level whether you are on a tight budget or you’ve just won the lottery we can help!

Check the list below maybe it will highlight and pin point the perfect board for all your surfing needs, plus remember we offer 0% finance, our unique online trade in programme as well as custom options for lots of boards and don’t forget the world’s first and only RIDE OUT guarantee.


10. Bradley Mr Bean

Bradley Mr Bean Surfboard

The Bradley Mr Bean was the result of the first time we properly got together with a shaper to create a board – it worked! We aimed for a board like a Firewire Greedy Beaver but with a better blend of paddling and performance.

It's designed to be a perfect first shorter board if coming down from something bigger that would help you progress or for a more experienced surfer a great board for average days.

The performance is like a groveler but the added length to volume ratio really helps with paddling and wave count whilst the rocker line still allows it to actually be surfed.



Form ADPT Surfboard

Another colab with UK shaper Luke Hart this time together with Alan Stokes. This unique design scared the life out of us to start with, who grafts two FCS II fin boxes together for fun??

The answer these boys, the result a Fish and a shortboard all in one, this is one very ADPTable board. Forgive the pun but the board really is like buying one and getting another one free.

If you’ve watched Stokesy surfing the FORM APDT you’ll have seen it goes in thigh to solid overhead waves and really can be your one board quiver. 

Ride it with 2 big front fins and a small trailer for maximum drive, speed and performance we reckon, in this set up it irons out any chop and flies into turns. One of the funnest boards of 2018 we’re tweaking it a little for 2019 to add even more performance.


8. Channel Island Rocket Wide

Channel Islands Rocket Wide Surfboard

Just when it looked like CI would drop off the radar for us they release this board and the new Spinetek construction, the combo of the two is about as much fun as you can have on a surfboard especially in European waves.

The Al Merrick brand has always been known for high performance shortboards and in truth has matched other shapers in terms of mid market hybrid type boards.

Not since the Average Joe groveler appeared has this brand bought a proper mass appeal board to the game, in the Rocket Wide they’ve changed all that.

The plaIn shape, rocker line and foam distribution give it that instant reactive speed you need in an all rounder with a slant towards poorer conditions, if it had come out earlier in the year it would have been in our top 3 selling boards of the year I reckon.

Just wish the factory could make them faster.


7. Pyzel Phantom

Pyzel Phantom Surfboard

We might not be able to bust airs like John John, but you can ride Pyzel boards which carry his design DNA.

The Phantom is an archetypal one board quiver, think Lost Short Round with an extra 20% of good wave performance, or more recently the Lost Puddle Jumper HP.

It has all the positive attributes of these boards plus a little sprinkling of magic dust! This year we’ll be bringing  it to you exclusively in the electrolyte epoxy construction which will elevate a brilliant board to another level. Thanks John John.


6. Slater Designs Cymatic

Slater Designs Cymatic Surfboard

When we first saw the Slater Designs Cymatic we were split down the middle. A novelty or can it really do what it says it can? The proof as always is in the surfing!

The Cymatic is the fastest, hardest turning board around in steep waves. It's a dark art getting this kind of board together, but we’re glad Slater is pushing the boundaries all the time.

It’s not going to be for everyone, and it definitely does need a steeper wave, doesn’t have to be that big but it needs to have a bit of push to get the board moving.

It feels whippy compared to other boards and is one of those boards that really benefits from this style of epoxy construction, a perfect board for good days at home or travel to more exotic locations.


5. Lost Psycho Killer Carbon Wrap

Lost Psycho Killer Carbon Wrap Surfboard

The Lost Psycho Killer Carbon Wrap was a slow burner which is now on fire. Everyone is loving the speed of this board in all conditions as well as its wave catching ability.

It goes rail to rail really well which is great for generating speed in slacker waves and releases into turns so smoothly, it’s really fun to surf for surfers of a wide range of abilities.

Carbon Wrap is better than ever, light, fast to surf and keeps that magic flex indefinitely, epoxy is the future whether any of us like it or not.

 The way Biolos balances out the rail line, fin position and overall rocker means you never get a board that feels heavy in the rail or bogs down, this board is so reliable, a board you can depend on.


4. Pyzel Gremlin

Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard

Only released in the middle of this year and look where the Gremlin is one the list. Its become one of our best sellers for very good reason.

Yes it’s a groveler along the lines of other stand out boards like the Lost Puddle Jumper, but it has so much more good wave performance than any other groveler we’ve had the pleasure of surfing. Pyzel has really made a board which is out there on its own.

The fact that John John rides it too is a bonus! If you are only surfing waves up to thigh high and don’t fancy a longboard then this isn’t the board for you, stick to a flatter wider template like the CI Average Joe but if in reality you never surf anything over head high then this board will make you very happy.


3. FORM Flow Stik

Form Flow Stik Surfboard

Really, that ugly duckling of a surfboard? Well yes, its brilliant fun to surf and has got many, many surfers smiling again and catching waves in packed line ups without sacrificing too much performance.

Everyone here owns one of these boards in sizes going from 6ft 0 all the way up 7ft 6. Get real and inject the fun back into your surfing, if you want more performance go short, if you want a cruisey mid length that’s covered too.

Available in standard PU and also EPS epoxy right now but we have a new tech coming for this year from FORM Surfboards which is epoxy based but harder wearing without sacrificing any performance.

They key to the Flow Stik's all round appeal and success is the combo of nose rocker and increased surface area, the shaper Luke Hart with input for Alan Stokes has got the balance just right to maximum paddle power with losing turning ability. 

 Stokesy rides this board in big conditions also as a step up, he adds channels and a 2 + 1 set up, you can customise the board is any way don’t forget. This high performance version will be in stock in early 2019 also.


2. Firewire Helium Evo

Firewire Helium Evo Surfboard

Here it is again, the game changer. After a few years of immense popularity it comes out in this new improved construction which will blow your mind.

Light, ridiculously tough and fast to surf, the Firewire helium build is the best epoxy out there for now. If you want speed, fun and the ability to elevate your surfing to another level you know what to do.

A lots been written and said about the Evo, 99% positive and it’s pretty much accurate. Ride it as short as dare and do not be scared of dropping 4-6 inches from what you ride currently, it will improve your surfing, make you more productive at work, a better parent and lover, and better looking. Fact.


1. Mark Phipps One Bad Egg

Mark Phipps One Bad Egg Surfboard

What a year for this board! We’d dismissed this as a mini mal for years then Phipps sent us a couple of One Bad Egg's to try.

The rest is history, it’s our best selling and most loved board of 2018 and we really can’t see the popularity declining any time soon.

The key to this boards popularity is easily summed up, it paddles like a longboard, it surfs like a big shortboard or a mid length depending how you size it and it’ll go in knee high or way overhead.

Ian has 2 of them, Roger has 3 and amongst the other boys here there are 6 more being ridden whenever possible.

Get one! Some boards have easily identifiable features that clearly show you how it works and why it does what is does, the Mark Phipps OBE doesn’t have any stand out design feature but it just works.

Ride it with a 6 or 7” centre fin and medium outers from a thrusters set for maximum drive and fun.


Predictions for 2019

So there it was, our list of the year’s top selling boards, with a couple of surprises for sure and some omissions that will raise some eyebrows.

Just for a bit of fun here’s a list of what we predict will be the best sellers in 2019, some names of boards you won’t recognise because they are not out yet! In no particular order:

Firewire Machado Seaside

Channel Islands Ultra Joe

Lost El Patron

Firewire Helium Evo of course

Phipps One Bad Egg again

Lost Retro Ripper

A new FORM model unnamed as yet

Pyzel Gremlin in epoxy

Channel Islands Fred Rubble 2 in Spinetek

Lost Smooth Operator mid length


We have 200-300 boards in stock at any one time so if you can please do feel free to come and visit our showroom in East Wittering, we’re open Monday to Friday and open by appointment at weekends.

Here at Boardshop we all surf, and we all surf different styles of boards, like you we are on the eternal quest to find the perfect board, we are still looking...


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