Boardshop's Top 10 Surfboards of the year 

2018 is well underway and it’s looking rather good on the surfboard front! Not sure we’ve ever had access to such an amazing range of surfboards from the established old guard and some new up and comers.

Luckily for us we get sent demo boards to surf and drool over before they get released, this experience combined with the feedback we get from customers home and abroad allows us to build up a comprehensive picture of how each board works, what conditions suit it best and what kind of surfer it’s going to work for.

The board range covers everything from grovelers to mid lengths to high performance shortboards, there is something for everyone at every level whether you are on a tight budget or you’ve just won the lottery we can help!

Have a read through and hopefully this information will highlight and pin point the perfect board for all your surfing needs, remember we offer 0% finance, our unique online trade in programme as well as custom options for lots of boards.


Firewire Helium Evo

Firewire Helium Evo

Anyone who has ever spoken or emailed us lot will know we love the Evo. It’s gone through different techs, LFT and Timbertek and now Helium, this is in our opinion the best Firewire tech yet. Helium is lighter and more durable, and most importantly faster to surf. A great board has got even better.

The Helium Evo paddles like a much bigger board, its weird, i paddle round on my 5’ 7 and it feels so much bigger. It goes in pretty much everything from mushy knee- high slop to solid over head, we have customers who surf the Evo in every conceivable location from big heavy South Pacific barrels to beach breaks in Sweden.

The high volume packed into the Helium Evo makes it forgiving to surf, but at the same time the Mono Planing Hull (MPH) design allows tight turns in the pocket whilst always maintaining the boards insane speed. The rail line allows you to surf the board rail to rail, allowing for big open face carving turns when the wave allows it.

Firewire have taken a fantastic board and made it even better with the Helium technology. It is that much fun and will make you feel like you are surfing a lot better than you actually are. The Firewire Helium Evo will make your life better!


Bradley Mr Bean

Bradley Mr Bean

Finally, a board that allows you get more waves than a longboarder, but also has the manoeuvrability of a shortboard. The Bradley Mr Bean is a wave catching machine. We have developed this board over 6 months Christian Bradley of Bradley Surfboards, the aim was to make a board that would go in all conditions and be very user-friendly to surf.

Whether you are stepping down from a Mini-Mal/Longboard or just looking for a utility board that will get you into waves easier and be loads of fun, the Bradley Mr Bean is the winning choice.

The Mr Bean has a load of volume under the chest and a big sweet spot through the middle of the board, which allows you to catch waves easily, turn quick and be very responsive. The Mr Bean has incredible speed and drive, which allows you to get around even the most un-makeable sections.

The rail line is very forgiving and allows you to surf the board top to bottom, allowing for beautiful speed lines. Ian has been surfing the 6 0 Mr Bean at 38 or so litres (normally surfs 32-34 litres) and is loving, unless conditions are primo it’s just so much fun it’s hard not to grab it every time.

That bit of extra volume far from being a bad thing is a real positive, he can still duck dive the board fine but benefits from all that extra paddle power and flow. Considering a Firewire Greedy Beaver or other mid range board, well think again!

If you are on the hunt for a great all-rounder that goes in most conditions and is loads of fun, the Bradley Mr Bean should be your board of choice. It is definitely what I will be surfing this Summer and maybe Winter too.


Lost Psycho Killer

Lost Psycho Killer

Ever since the early Lost What's Really Going On surf movies came out all those years ago we have been a massive fans of what Matt Biolos is doing at Lost surfboards. The newest addition to the Lost board range is the Psycho Killer and it does not fail to impress. Based on the highly successful Quiver Killer template, Matt Biolos has redefined and tweaked the shape, to come up with the Psycho Killer.

The Psycho Killer is a very versatile board that goes in most conditions. We have surfed it in knee high slop and it flew over the flatter sections. In bigger surf, it handles perfectly. Coming off the bottom of the wave, the Psycho killer has a lot of hold but off the top it is really easy to release the tail for a more performance style of surfing.

The volume under the chest of the board allows for easier paddling and wave catching ability, but the refined rails keeps the boards turning sharp and progressive. Think Machado’s Midas but with improved paddling and a more forgiving ride.

Whether you are travelling and only have space for one board, or you are just looking for an all-round board that can do everything, then the Lost Psycho Killer is the weapon for you!


Lost Uber Driver Carbon Wrap

Lost Uber Driver Carbon Wrap

Another great performance shortboard from the master shaper Matt Biolos at Lost surfboards. The Lost Uber Driver is a fantastic shortboard that goes in most of your everyday conditions once your groveler is out of its depth.

The Uber Driver is relatively flat, with the nose rocker coming in quite late on the board, this allows for maximum speed and performance. The Uber Driver has the standard single to double concave with a bit of vee and lift in the tail, this makes the board easier to turn than you might expect given its flatter profile.

The Carbon Wrap technology has been engineered to be super light, have optimum flex and ultimate performance. Carbon Wrap eliminates the standard wooden middle stringers. It has been replaced by exoskeleton of strategically positioned, carbon fibre bands and EPS Glassing.

This gives the Uber Driver a different flex pattern that has a more alive feel under your feet. The real difference over the PU version of the board is more speed, a snappier feel to all your turns and the knowledge that the board will keep that new board pop for much longer.

The Lost Uber Driver Carbon Wrap will fit in perfectly between your groveler and step up board. It comes alive in waves thigh to head high plus and in surf that offers lots of sections for big performance moves. The Lost Uber Driver will bring out the Pro surfer in anyone.


Mark Phipps One Bad Egg

Mark Phipps One Bad Egg

A performance mid length that we falling hard for! If there was ever a board that you could out paddle any grom or longboarder, the Mark Phipps One Bad Egg is the board that will do it. It is an absolute dream to paddle and catch waves on.

Designed by legendary shaper Mark Phipps, who has been shaping boards for as long as he has been surfing. He has come up with a board that has a traditionally "old school" template but with a very modern tweak to it, allowing for an easy paddling, wave catching machine that is more than capable of been surfed at a high performance level.

The One Bad Egg is a pretty flat with enough nose rocker to stop you from nose-diving; this gives the board loads of speed. I was well surprised at how much drive and hold I had coming off the bottom and it really went fantastic in the bigger surf.

We found the One Bad Egg has great manoeuvrability and you can really lay into some solid turns on it, a performance mid length for sure. Roger has been surfing a 6’ 6, he is getting old and frail and has a dodgy knee so he wanted a board that would give a little more time for his pop up and would accommodate his legendary poo stance – it works!

The 2 + 1 fin setup on the One Bad Egg is also fantastic and adds an extra element. If you feel the board is too loose, move the back fin a little further back you will instantly have a board with way more hold, or forward to make the One Bad Egg even looser.

Roger has been surfing it with a 6” centre fin and the two outer fins from an FCS II neo glass medium thrusters set, it works! The fin options are endless and different options certainly do change the way the board works.

If you looking for a board that paddles easy, goes in everything, has great manoeuvrability and has an "Old School" shape, the Mark Phipps One Bad Egg was made for you.


Lost Crowd Killer

Lost Crowd Killer

There is nothing worse than surfing in a crowded line-up that is filled with groms, SUPs and longboarders that are hogging every wave that comes through, and you don't have enough volume in your shortboard to compete for the waves.

Matt Biolos from Lost has come up with a solution to the problem, with the Lost Crowd Killer. A board with enough volume up front and under the chest to get you in to the waves early and with a pulled in tail, you will keep the performance element of your standard shortboard.

A bit like the Firewire Addvance, but with more performance potential. A worthy alternative to a carpet or shorter mid length in the quest for a higher wave count.

The flatter rocker of the Crowd Killer gives you loads of speed, and you will fly around sections with ease. The doubled hipped swallow tail gives the board incredible hold in bigger surf but also is easy enough to release the fins off the top. The Crowd Killers rail line, allows the board to be surfed in the pocket and for tight rail to rail transitions.

Don't let the crowded line-ups get you down this year, the Lost Crowd Killer is the solution to those oh so annoying wave hogging groms and longboarders.


Firewire Moonbeam

Firewire LFT Moonbeam

The King of style Rob Machado is at it again and has come up with what has to be one of the most fun small wave boards ever. The Firewire Moonbeam is designed for ultimate fun in smaller weaker waves. The Moonbeam has incredible speed and flies over the flatter sections of the wave with ease.

The nose shape is similar to that of the Midas, which gives the board more performance than you might expect, tight turns in the pocket is a reality with this board, not quite what you might expect from looking at it.

The Moonbeam like all of Machado’s boards has the legendary "board eat board" bottom contours, which gives the board extra hold and helps to control the board through turns without losing any speed.

The Moonbeam is designed for small waves but could more than hold itself in surf up to about head high. The tail and tail rocker gives the Moonbeam it’s turning ability and allows for quick rail transitions and fast turns.

If you looking for a board that will relish in the weak summer conditions, I would highly recommend giving the Moonbeam a go, I guarantee you won't look back. The Firewire Moonbeam is the speed demon of all surfboards.


Firewire Vacay

Firewire Vacay

The Firewire Vacay has to be one of coolest surfboards around, you can't help but think of the Endless Summer surf film when surfing it, it has that kind of vibe to it. The Vacay relishes weak summer conditions and glides across the waves with smooth rail to rail arches.

However, don't for one second think that the Vacay only goes in smaller surf, it can more than handle itself in bigger surf of up to about head-high.

The Vacay has a very similar shape to that of the Firewire Greedy Beaver, with the obvious difference been the wider squash tail. The wider tail allows for easier paddling and wave catching, it also gives you a bit more of a performance element and you can definitely surf the Vacay tight in the pocket of the wave.

The Firewire Vacay will go great for all levels of surfers, especially for surfers that want to take their surfing to the next level, as it has loads of volume, stability and is very forgiving. If you wanting a board that is loads of fun, smooth and is pure class, the Firewire Vacay is for you.


Slater Cymatic

Slater Cymatic

The latest in the Slater Designs surfboard range is the much talked about Cymatic. We have all seen the video of Kelly Slater going absolutely mental at Haleiwa on it. The Slater Designs Cymatic is a high performance board for sure and is a step on from the ever popular Sci-Fi.

At first glance you would think the Cymatic is just a mix of the Omni and the Sci- Fi but there are quite a few big differences. There is more lift in the tail, which gives the Cymatic a bit more hold and does not have that skateboarding feel to it that the Sci-Fi has. The channels are also a bit deeper which also adds to the boards hold and generates more speed.

The Cymatic has loads of speed and turns from rail to rail very quickly, allowing for tight turns in the pocket and progressive surfing. If you looking for a board that you can push hard through turns and surf at a very high level, the Slater Designs Cymatic will take your surfing to new heights.


Pyzel Phantom

Pyzel Phantom

We had our first surf on the Pyzel Phantom a few weeks ago and all I can say is "WOW", what a fantastic surfboard that goes great in your everyday average conditions. The Phantom is a step down from John John Florence’s current board he is riding - The Ghost. The boards wide point is pushed forward, giving you a load of volume under the chest, which makes paddling and catching waves a breeze. The tail is also a lot wider, allowing the board to release out of turns a bit easier and for more progressive surfing in average conditions.

The Phantom has the same rocker as the Ghost with a bit more single concave to help create speed and flow through turns. The rails are a little bit fuller, which helps with floatation and stability. The Phantom has a load of speed and you will fly over flatter section with ease. When the waves are a little slacker and you and the board need to work harder to build speed and momentum all these little details come together to ensure you get the most out of your session.

If you are after a great all rounder that is super easy to surf, turns quick and is made for good surfing in less than average waves, the Pyzel Phantom will surprise you every time.


So Why These 10?

There are a lot of surfboards out there to choose from and we look at pretty much every brand and shaper before we decide what to stock. Hopefully this little insight helps narrow down the choice a little, as always we are on hand to help with sizing or answer any other questions you may have.

We have 200-300 boards in stock at any one time so if you can please do feel free to come and visit our showroom in East Wittering, we’re open Monday to Friday and open by appointment at weekends.

Here at Boardshop we all surf, and we all surf different styles of boards, like you we are on the eternal quest to find the perfect board, we are still looking...


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