Lost Surfboards 2018

Almost every year you can count on Matt “Mayhem” Biolos to create new boards that tie in and compliment his every growing family of high quality surfboards, and 2018 is no different.

Mayhem has added, the Crowd Killer, Puddle Jumper HP, Uber Driver and Psycho Killer so far this year and below we have broken down these boards and outlined what we feel makes these boards instant favourites.

Lost surfboards are one of the best-selling brands we have at Boardshop and the continuing growth and development on the boards they release help them continue to be considered one of the very best board manufacturers on the planet.

At Boardshop we have the custom board builder which allows you to create your next Lost Surfboard exactly how you would like it.

Lost Surfboards 2018 Line Up


Crowd Killer

Lost Crowd Killer Surfboard

Lost didn’t want to leave much to the imagination when naming the Crowd Killer Step Down, and the name gives away what was going through the thoughts of Matt when creating this surfboard.

The Crowd Killer has been heralded as a hyper fun board, that can paddle very fast, catch wave after wave and while doing this, the performance aspect of the board remains and isn’t affected.

Mayhem based the shape and rocker of the Crowd Killer on one of the leading selling Lost Surfboard’s, the Quiver Killer Surfboard, and Mr Biolos extended the length to ensure that this board appeals to almost everyone.

By allowing the Crowd Killer a slightly wider nose, with a “flip tip” that acts as a “Pearl preventer”, this mid-length performance surfboard becomes user friendly when taking off on waves while maintaining speed and paddle power thanks to the flat profile.

The Crowd Killer has been treated to a bump-swallow tail, making the board really agile and reactive in fun waves, and also helping the board hold its line in more challenging conditions. The tail has been given lift to keep the board lose and when the waves allow, the tail will have you feeling you can wrap carves into the critical sections.

Another great feature that Matt has given the Crowd Killer, is the new “hidden volume”. The surfboard has a two-stage deck-line, meaning the foam has been centred around the boards stringer and filters out to the rails, this helps the board carry bags of volume, but doesn’t give you chunky rails like most of the surfboards this length.

A growing trend that is coming through the surf world has been that more and more people are choosing to ride a mid-length board. This would have been unheard of 10 years ago, but now shortboarders and longboarders alike are resigning themselves to the fact that mid length boards are now being made to perform like both shortboards and longboards, jammed into one, and the Crowd Killer is leading the charge in this field.

At Boardshop, Ian is one of these converts, he was riding all sorts of shortboards and grovelers in the UK and across Europe, and then he switched up to a Mark Phipps One Bad Egg at 6ft 10 and was converted. Now he has surfed the Crowd Killer too and is still amped on the Mid-Length surfboard’s that the surf industry now has to offer.

If you are a experience longboard that wants to downsize, whether this is due to not wanting to haul around a 9ft plus board, than the Crowd Killer step down would fit your needs perfectly.

On the flip side of that, like Ian, if you are surfing the shorter boards and you are getting annoyed at having people paddling past you and catching waves earlier than you, jump on a mid-length surfboard, like the Crowd Killer.

With the Fish surfboard tail and enjoy the ease you have paddling and surfing this board, and don’t be to surprised when you still get a performance feel from this surfboard.

The Crowd Killer comes with a 5-fin set up, allowing you to set this board up and a standard thruster or a quad. We have ridden the board with the Futures F8 Alpha Fins in Large, this 5 fin set has given us the choice when the surf is clean and chest high, that you can ride a thruster which gives you control and consistency, but because the board has the 5 fin boxes and we have the 5 fin set, we have been able to change this up.

In smaller waves, we set this board up as a quad to give us more speed and drive, and funnily enough this set up will suit when the waves get stronger and bigger, giving you two fins in the wave face for control.

This is truly a wave catching machine, that will have you catching more waves than ever and having more fun than ever.


Puddle Jumper HP

Lost Puddle Jumper HP Surfboard

The latest addition to Lost’s “Puddle” family is the Lost Puddle Jumper HP, and this looks like another board that is full of entertainment. What Mayhem has done here, is create a high-performance version of the original Puddle Jumper surfboard.

Matt has refined the original, and the Puddle Jumper HP has a more pulled in nose, it is a slimmer board, and the tail has been narrowed to tune this board into the machine that it is.

As soon as you pick this board up and tuck it under your arm, the balance and weight feel immaculate. You instantly want to surf this board and can taste the stoke this board will create.

What helps the Puddle Jumper HP surf like a more standard shortboard is that the board has been given a refined outline, making this board an option to surf every day. All surfers will enjoy the fun and playful nature of this board, especially when they are combined with the ability of performing quick and fast turns and carves.

The design of the Puddle Jumper HP helps hide the substantial volume that this surfboard has. As and when you choose to push on the back foot, the board flies and you will have no trouble at all getting this board up into the lip and vertical.

The Puddle Jumper HP is a performance board, which can be surfed aggressive like a standard shortboard, but due to the flat rocker and central concave section, which is generous, the board still remains an extremely good in smaller waves and has fun and energy in waist to chest high beach breaks that are found all over Europe and further afield.

The Puddle Jumper HP is a high performance shortboard that progressive surfers, who want a board that they can feel comfortable on, but put through its paces, in waves that are waist to head high, but it can also be surfed by the older surfer who is looking for a board that will send excitement rushing through their body when they are up and riding, but allowing them to have a good amount of paddle power and stability when popping up.

When I have been lucky enough to get out in chest high clean surf on the Puddle Jumper HP, I have taken this out set up with the FCS II FT Filipe Toledo PC Medium Tri Fin Set from the Athlete Series, I ride medium fins because of my weight and the style of surfing I like to attempt in the chest to head high waves, and the thruster set up gives me confidence that the board will stay true and hold.

FCS combined two of their best-selling templates and constructed the new fins in the ultra-light 3D foam core, by doing this the FCSII’s give a huge amount of drive and speed but help riders maintain control in critical manoeuvres.

Riders of all sizes and shapes can easily consider this Lost surfboard, the volume allows the board to paddle extremely well and the board just reacts to how its being surfed, if you want to cruise and have an easy ride, you can do so, and if you want to engage that back foot and make radical manoeuvres with speed this again is the board to choose.


Psycho Killer

Lost Psycho Killer Surfboard

Biolos’ Psycho Killer performance hybrid surfboard, gives the Lost surfboard family a go to board that can be considered for a multitude of wave conditions, whether this is small weaker conditions or steep hollower waves, the board is very capable of being put through its paces and carrying out snappy turns and deep rail carves.

If you are looking for a new board this summer, the Psycho Killer may be the new must have. Being a touchmore forgiving, than Quiver Killer, the Psycho Killer takes all of the Quiver Killers best aspects, giving the board the ability to catch waves with ease, allowing the board to adapt to a huge range of wave types and being a board that can be picked up and ridden by a wide range of surfing abilities, whether this is your first shortboard, or if you are a skilled shortboard advocate. The Psycho Killer is a step down from the ever-popular Quiver Killer.

Two other features that Matt Biolos has incorporated into the Psycho Killer, which is found in the new boards for 2018, are the double bump-swallow tail, and the “hidden volume” that the two-stage deck line gives the board. This tail feature helps the tail have more pop in the weaker surf but adds an element of hold and control in the more sizeable waves.

While the “hidden volume” helps pack heaps of volume in this board, providing the rider with a surfboard that can paddle with speed and power, and help the Psycho Killer drive through the slower, weaker sections of the wave. This style of deck, guarantees the rails to keep a performance aspect to maintain smooth and clean surfing, going from rail to rail and still being a kind-hearted, forgiving board.

With the Psycho Killer you get a very sensitive feel with drive and lift though the tail, this is produced by the double concave which is deep and exits through the tail rocker, pushing water between the fins.

Putting all of this together, you get a shortboard that can be ridden in multiple wave conditions by a broad range of riders, with varying abilities. The Psycho Killer comes alive in hollow, sizeable surf, holding its own on these walls, while also having all the capabilities to carry out high performance manoeuvres on the weaker waves. If you are looking for a one board quiver, look no further.

At Boardshop, we love to take advantage of having these boards come into us and we all love to surf them, we have set up and demo board for the waves in the UK which are usually waist to chest high at best. We have the Psycho Killer with a quad fin set up, giving the board even more speed and you can really drive out from your bottom turn and set yourself up to attack the wave down the line.

The fins of choice we have decided to compliment with this board are the FCS II Performer Neo Glass Quad Fins in a medium size. As a few of us have been surfing this demo we choose these fins as they an extremely trust worthy and reliable set up which covers a wide range of surfing styles and performance levels.

This is our go to quad set giving us a combination of speed, manoeuvrability and flow between turns.

Lost surfboards, Psycho Killer is what I like to call a magic board. If you are a surfer faced with a local break where the conditions varying between waist high to overhead, and you want to have one board that will take on all the waves, you cannot look past this board.

If you are an upcoming grom or an experienced board rider who looks for a board that can spark to life in any waves, then we are certain this is the board for you. We have surfed it and we all love it, and we are certain you will too.


Uber Driver

Lost Uber Driver Surfboard

Whether you are surfing your home break or on your travels, Lost’s Uber Driver is an amazingly good everyday shortboard that can handle average conditions with ridiculous comfort. Matt “Mayhem” Biolos has managed to blend his surfboard design between a performance shortboard and a modern-day hybrid, giving the board the best of both worlds.

New for 2018 the Pro-Formance Uber Driver has been practically fitted with the back half of the driver boards that current World Surf League tour riders, Kolohe Andino and Griffin Colapinto, have been riding to shred the smaller conditions they have been faced with across the globe.

The Outline, rocker and concaves that the Uber Driver has been treated to act as the boards hard working engine and have been paired with user-friendly features like a lower rocker in the front end and a nose that is wider, taken from Lost Surfboards Rocket family.

Thanks to the Uber Driver being equipped with these more forgiving elements, you get a performance board that can be ridden at a shorter length that your normal high performance shortboard, which provides the surfer lucky enough to ride this board more speed and drive when performing that critical bottom turns, making the rider feel stable and controlled in these manoeuvres.

Surfers of all levels can jump on this shortboard and surf with elements of speed and progression. At Boardshop, the height, weight and style of what we like to ride couldn’t be more diverse, but we have all had the chance to ride the demo Uber Driver, usually in waist to chest high surf, and we all get stoked on this board. You can push the board as hard as you want, and it reacts with comfort and just lets you surf freely.

The Uber Driver surfboard we have been taking out, has a thruster fin set up and we have found that the Futures John John Florence Alpha Series Tri Fins in a medium have complimented the board perfectly. Futures’ have created a fin that is extremely well balanced that allows you to drive off the bottom, and due to the small tip, you can set the fins free with ease.

At Boardshop we are convinced that Matt Biolos has treated the world to a surfboard that surfs like a high-performance surfboard, but while doing so you feel comfortable and quick on the Uber Driver. Its like cheating! This is a hybrid for the rippers of the world and a day to day go to board that can be used for surfers of an intimidate level and up.


The Boardshop Seal of Approval

What Mr Biolos has created with these new releases for 2018, is an unprecedented level of stoke that can be felt by riders of all kinds of boards.

He has created a board that ups the levels of what can be done on a mid-length board in the Crowd Killer. Along with this he has given us a high-performance version of the world-famous Puddle Jumper, that fits into this series of boards seamlessly.

In the Uber Driver, Mayhem has provided us with a board that takes all the best features of the boards ridden by the best surfers in the world on the WSL, but added a forgiving nature so that you don’t have to be able to throw full rotations to jump on it and Lost’s Psycho Killer is simply one of the most versatile boards in the market, that can have also any wave thrown its way and it will perform to the highest level.

Matt, we salute you for these release’s and thank you for the ever-present level of amp you have given us.

You can get your hands on one of these new treasures that Lost have produced in a number of ways as well. At Boardshop we have a custom board builder where you can create your own dream Lost surfboard. Its also great to know, you can trade in up to two old surfboards against your new board, using the trade in scheme we have here at Boardshop, all of this is fully outlined on the website and we do all the work for you!

Also, do not worry or panic if you are short a penny or two, you can take advantage of our fantastic 0% finance option to purchase your new surfboard. Again, this is all outlined on the Boardshop website and is a simple and easy process.