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Torq Surfboards offer one of the most diverse range of boards we have ever found. At boardshop we live to surf and that means surfing in the widest range of conditions, testing as many boards as we can get our hands on. It really is a hard job, but someone has to do it. After hours of testing, and tons of fun, we are convinced that the 4 main Torq surfboard models are suitable for all surfers with a wide range of abilities.

Seriously Good Boards at a Seriously Good Price

These boards represent amazing value for money. Taking Torq’s unique mix of advanced materials and advanced epoxy construction techniques, you'll get a strong, highly durable board that will handle anything. Ensuring that fun and enjoyment are always top of the list when you head out onto the waves.

A Fresh Range of New Styles

Representing a major step forward in Epoxy surfboard technology, Torq brings a great range of fresh new boards to Boardshop.co.uk that are perfect for a range of surfers; from kids looking for a proper performance board to intermediate adults with Torq Longboards, Torq mini mal surfboards and Torq starter shortboards, as well as many more.

So what makes up a Torq Surfboard?

Well, a lightweight EPS foam core is combined with an Epoxy resin, Biaxial fibreglass cloth, and a unique Shield Skin coating to give you a board with the best ding protection imaginable. Our favourite has to be the groundbreaking Torq soft / hard range. All the performance offered by a traditional epoxy surfboard with a unique soft deck. Great for that first surf experience or fun for all the family. Still not convinced? Check out our full range of over 300 surfboards, here at Boardshop.co.uk