In this day and age of social media overload we all need to take time and kick back a bit so we’ve put together a little report on what’s been going on here at Boardshop this month.

It’s been a bumpy month of highs and lows starting off with Instagram deciding to take down our instagram account without any notice, if anyone has tried to have a human conversation with this lot you’ll have found out its impossible, not even sure there are any actual people working there!

We kicked up another insta account with a new name so if you’ve got a spare minute follow us please, our new name is boardshopcouk.

On a lighter note we’ve had Mark Phipps and Christiaan Bradley over for a few days talking surfboards, eating fish and chips and drinking beer – more below.

We’ve seen the Firewire and Slater ranges for next year (quite exciting) we’ve had a winter release of new Lost models and have just seen the new stuff for 2019 (exciting).

We’ve placed our first orders for the Pukas x Eye Symmetry boards, they look amazing, totally amazing in fact, there are a lot of very desirable boards coming next year.


Shaping legends drop in

Euroglass Surfboards

We hooked up with the Euroglass factory in France a couple of years ago to start sell Christiaan Bradleys eponymous surfboard brand – Bradley surfboards.

He and Darren his helper soon pointed us towards Phippsy, all round nice guy and legend and his trademark model the One Bad Egg (OBE). The rest is history!

The first thing you pick up on with these boys is their incredible depth of knowledge regarding all things surfboard related – they are passionate yes but are also bursting with new ideas and concepts, it’s up to us to bring them back down to earth a bit and focus on things normal people can actually surf.

After back to back fish and chips for lunch and dinner we talked new boards, here’s the lowdown, from Mark Phipps there will be a shorter take on the OBE, OBE's in an epoxy build and his step up option the Hartzer.

Bradley on the other hand wouldn’t tell us what he’s got in mind but he promised it’ll be good! Our turn to visit those both in La France next...


Pukas x Eye Symmetry

Pukas Eye Symmetry Surfboards Line Up

We’d been aware of Eye Symmetry’s work for a while, Max Stewart started the brand on Sydney’s Northern beaches having worked alongside various high profile shapers – he struck out on his own to do his own thing, the results are good.

At first glimpse you may think this stuff is hipster nonsense but look a little deeper and you’ll see 100% conviction from somebody who loves and believes in what he does.

The finish and quality of these boards is as good as anything we’ve ever seen. We’ll be running 3 models from early 2019 and we are already taking orders on the Wombi Fish, The Dako Roo and The Bud.

These three boards are part of a new exclusive colab with Pukas, one of our favourite surf co’s.

The key thing about these boards design apart is the PE construction, PU blanks with an epoxy lamination, possible the best of both worlds... more to come when we get the first batch of boards.

Pukas Eye Symmetry Surfboards


New Lost models for winter 2018

Lost Surfboards New Surfboards

Four new models from surfboard shaping’s equivalent to Keith Richards, and they’re all good!

The El Patron (styled for the man himself), the Retro Ripper, The Sabo Taj and the Retro Gun. We also have an exclusive model coming called the Smooth Operator.

The El Patron sold out in one day, this either means we have a lot of portly middle aged customers or everyone has been paying attention to Biolos’s social media feed and seen just what an awesome board this is for the right surfer in the right conditions.

The Sabo Taj pretty much speaks for itself and the Retro Ripper is pretty much sold out now too.

The Lost Surfboards range for 2019 looks sick according to someone who works here and is under 30 I thought it looked very surfable with a big nod to boards from the back catalogue that we know work well.

What Mayhem AKA Biolos does best is come up with functional designs which can be tweaked and tinkered with and always improved, roll on 2019.


What the hell do we know?

The title to this bit made you read further but this is about what we’ve been surfing.

Relatively new boy Matt, who is young and tall with auburn hair, has been surfing boards like the end of the world is nigh!

He’s surfed a new Lib Tech model out next year called the Funnelator, review coming soon.

He’s also surfing his Pyzel quiver mostly the Gremlin this month in all conditions from thigh to a little overhead here on the South Coast and also down in the west country.

Talking Lib Tech we’ve also tried out the Pick Up Stick, a lot of fun in weaker poorly lined up waves and its indestructible!

Roger and I have been surfing a new tech from Luke Hart who makes our FORM surfboards, its epoxy, light but incredibly strong (think Firewire Helium but tougher!) and most importantly surfs well.

We have a FORM High Line, and a couple of Flow Stiks, a 6’ 2 and 6’ 4. This is the future without a doubt, we’re calling this tech TST but we might change our mind, first stock of this stuff will be arriving in mid to late February next year.

The Chef who runs the warehouse has been charging on his Firewire longboard, he’s favouring the Wingnut 9 0 Noserider right now for its all round performance, he's also been going old skool and surfing an oversized Pukas Resin Cake – strange chap!


New boards

Takayama Surfboards

Just taken in our first lot of Takayamas, the In the Pink, Scorpion etc can’t believe how popular these boards are, and I have to say the Surftech construction seems to have come along way from the old days of bouncing off the chop the whole time.

We are also eagerly awaiting out first hit of epoxy Pyzel John John models.


Custom of the month

Mark Phipps One Bad Egg Custom Of The Month

This past month we have had a tonne of beautiful custom boards in, funky colours and designs have been super popular and looking so good.

Our pick of the bunch for the past month was a custom Mark Phipps One Bad Egg which had a matte resin tint finish in a deep red wine Bordeaux colour.

Phippsy finishes his boards as well as anyone in the world and this board was no different. The colour choice is a classic that gives this board that timeless feel.


Black Friday

Black Friday Sale

So can it really be that time of year again already??

We’ve lined up a brilliant selection of boards, wetsuits and surf essentials to tempt you into parting with your hard earned cash, or of course you can send a link of something you really need to your better half, so they can get their Christmas shopping programme up and running and you don’t end up with more socks.

Thanks for reading, until next month’s update get some for us.