As I write this from Boardshop HQ I look around and I’m here on my own!

Everyone is either surfing here at the Witterings bathing in an almost tropical 14 degrees centigrade, unheard of at this time of year, however the 6 degree water is a proper reality shock!

We’ll start off this month’s review by having a look at what everyone here has been surfing.

  • Squeak AKA Matt has so far this month surfed his beloved Pyzel Gremlin, a new board from Lib Tech called the Funnelator, a Takayama Scorpion, Form Pro Flow Stik
  • Clive has been on his trusty Form Flow Stik and the first Lost Smooth Operator mid length
  • Roger has the first Form Mode X groveler to surf and has been loving it, and he has been on a Al Merrick Spinetek Rocket Wide
  • Ian has surfed the OBE as usual and also the Lost Rad Ripper demo and the Firewire Seaside
  • Chef cannot be lured off his Firewire Wingnut longboard and large array of used boards he picks up on ebay for less than £50

Exciting new boards and other stuff

Sharp Eye Surfboards

The Sharpe Eye Modern 2.0 in Fusion E2 epoxy, what a beauty!

Just had the first few of these beauties in, they are going to fly out.

The quality of the finish is staggeringly good, and having just watched the Noel Sallas review can’t wait to surf it, it looks such a good shape for UK waves.

As a spring/summer board it looks hard to beat, it’s not a full on groveler but not a pure hybrid either it kind of sits in between, fro thigh to head high waves look no further.

We’ve been eyeing Sharpe Eye boards for a while but couldn’t get too excited about another PU brand which overlapped with the others we already sell but this new EPS epoxy construction takes the boards to another level.

Its light, tough and judging by the reviews online fast, drivey and very responsive to surf.

More stock arrives in March and we might well presell them such is the demand... don’t miss out on the near perfect summer board.

Sharp Eye Modern 2 Fusion E2 Surfboard


Pyzel Gremlin Electralite – not heard about it yet?

Its Pyzel’s stab at EPS epoxy construction, it’s not dissimilar in principle to the Lost Carbon Wrap or Merrick’s Spinetek but Pyzel does have the advantage of an incredible range of boards to work with.

Keep and eye out for his new model The Pyzel Shadow, we have them on order and it’ll be arriving in the next few weeks.

The Electralite build like the other epoxy types mentioned makes a great board lighter, more responsive and more durable, that cannot be a bad thing surely!

The Gremlin is one of our best selling boards and we’ll be getting the Phantom, Ghost and Shadow in this construction very soon.

We’ve just had a huge delivery of Pyzels and have restocked all the favourites, we’ve also expanded the size range so we’re now going from 5’ 6 to 6’ 6 in most models, you can of course custom order, turn around time is only 3-4 weeks.

Pyzel Gremlin Electralite Epoxy


The new season Softech foamies are just being unpacked as I type.

This area of surfing is massive and it’s only going to keep growing for a while yet.

We’re especially excited about the Mason Ho signature model, a little twin fin coming in 5’ 2 and 5’ 6 but packed with volume and fun.

There’s also the new sally Fitzgibbons model and updated an Eric Geiselman Flash model, when this stuff arrives it makes you feel like Spring is just around the corner.

Don’t forget the Bomber, such a great shape based on the Takayama Scorpion I should think, now available in 6’ 4 for all the bigger surfers out there, or perfect for your kids to learn on.

Softech Mason Ho Twin Surfboard

Indo Board

Indo Board have a new balance board out, the Sea Turtle...we like Turtles and there isn’t a better way to build core surf strength when you can’t actually be in the water.

Indo Board Sea Turtle Balance Trainer

Futures Fins

Futures have some new fins out, most notably the new DHD fin but they have also revamped their system of how to choose your fins.

Futures DHD Fins

The RIDE number program has been around for a while but it’s all about to change. Here's a sneak peak at the new system.

Futures Fins New System

Seaside Delivery Nightmare

The Firewire Seaside has been a ridiculous success and due to global demand the delivery we were expecting in March has been put back until mid May, I guess the Americans have kept them all for themselves.

If you have been lucky enough to get one you’ll know it’s an absolute banger of a surfboard.

Due to being asked about availability of it every half an hour or so we’ve put them back on the site for pre order for May delivery.

If you want to reserve one but not pay full price get in touch and for a refundable £100 deposit we’ll save you the size you’re looking for.


We don’t take on new brands very often because we’re pretty stoked with what we’ve got but when a brand like Pro-Lite comes along its hard to say no.

Their products and heritage is second to none and we’re delighted to be carrying their full range of board bags, tail pads and leashes.

The standout product here has to be The Smuggler board bag, it’s a great bag with a real surprise up its sleeve, the way it works it’s like a kids magic trick, we love it.

The tail pads and leashes are really well priced, look great and get the job done.

Custom Of The Month - FORM FLOW STIK With Fluro Orange Rails And Striped Vee!

Just have a look at how good this board looks!

The custom of the month has to be this FORM Flow Stik with Fluro Orange rails, matching bottom striped vee's and fin plugs.

This bad boy will be lighting up the line up even on a grey February day!

The customer had a set design in his mind, came to us and as we always try to do, we have made dreams become reality!

If you have a dream board you want to create, get in touch with the team here and we can help you create your own master piece!

Go to our custom board builder to start building your dream board today.

Custom FORM Flow Stik Surfboard


28% off Bradley sufboards

The new range of boards from the Euroglass factory lands next month so they need to make room, they’ve hooked us up with three Bradley surfboards models on an incredible deal, as always we’re passing this offer straight on to you.

Check the Killer, Mosselman and Thunderbolt models all with over £10 off the normal price. High quality production boards that really suit our waves.

Ian here had a Thunderbolt for a couple of years and surfed virtually nothing else when it was waist to shoulder high, such a fun board.

Bradley Surfboards Sale


10% off NSP surfboards

Same story really, we need some space and there are new models and colours coming for NSP this year so its deal time.

All you have to do is add the NSP board of your choice to the basket, add address details as usual and then when you get through to the basket during checking out you’ll see ‘DO YOU HAVE A PROMO DISCOUNT CODE’ all you need to do is enter code NSP10 in this field and click update, the 10% discount will be applied to your order.

NSP are right up there in terms of boards for total beginners, or boards to take your next steps on after a foamie.

They are light, stable and forgiving to surf and tough as old boots. If you need help on sizing or anything else just get in touch on

NSP Surfboards Discount Code


Winter wetsuit SALE

It’s that time of year, we need to move on the few remaining winter wetsuits we have left in stock.

There are great deals on wetsuits for men, ladies and kids. We have everything from super warm hooded 6mm suits right through to 4mm high performance lighter weight comp wetsuits.

The discounts run up to 50% off and your unique extended warranty which we offer still applies.

Don’t go anywhere else for your wetsuits, we all use these suits so we know they’re good and if you need any help just let us know.

Wetsuit Warranty Banner


So as we kiss another month goodbye its onwards and upwards, looking forward to March, it marks the end of winter and the beginning of Spring, my personal favourite season of the year.

It’s sunnier but the water is still cold enough to keep the crowds under control and generally we get cleaner surf conditions.

After a poor start to the year surf wise February has rekindled our spirits and we’re sooo looking forward to surfing all the new boards coming our way in the next month or so, we’ll share our findings with you as always.

Hope you’re getting some waves, if we can help you get more, or enjoy your water time more you know where we are.