Wow, what a month we’ve had here at Boardshop! Time has flown, records have been broken and we have had the treat of some solid winter swell to top it all off!

The past month has been a recorded breaker for us here at Boardshop in terms of the number of surfboards leaving our warehouse.

Black Friday lasted a week, and we treated you guys to some insane bargains, it always feels wrong to sell the boards like this but there is so much good stuff coming for 2019 that we had to make some room.

Hats off to our warehouse team, they put in long hours and made sure each individual board was packed really well to avoid any damage. We shipped a lot of boards and had only 2 damaged in transit, less than a 0.5% damage rate.

We would go as far as saying the past 4 weeks have been our busiest ever for boards and wetsuit sales and a heap of accessories too.

On other news this month we’re all stoked with the re-qualification of Leo Fioravanti back to the World Surf League Championship Tour.

Riding his immaculately dialled in quiver from Christiaan Bradley, Leo managed to secure a quarter final spot at the Vans World Cup of Surfing which confirmed his place back in the big league.

Great to have a European on the tour. We can't wait to see the performances he puts in.


Why you should be excited for 2019

Firewire Seaside Futures Fins

So, November was clearly the month to release new boards for 2018, but don’t panic, we have plenty of new boards in the wings that are set to drop early in 2019.

Along with all the new boards released in November, Lost surfboards still has more to offer, with more incredible looking shapes to come in the New Year.

Some tasty looking models that we’re looking forward to tucking under an arm are the Rad Ripper, the Evil Twin and the game changing Smooth Operator. Keep an eye on our social feed and the Boardshop website for when these new models drop!

Channel Islands have released the Neckbeard 2 and the new Fish, which both look amazing and the feedback we are getting is extremely positive.

Another re-release from Channel Islands in the Spring of 2019 is the Fred Rubble 2 the release will coincide with the Quik pro on the Goldie, this is eagerly anticipated, as the Fred Rubble was one of the best-selling and most popular CI models for a long time; I’m hoping to get my hands on a Spine Tek FR2 as soon as I possibly can.

You may not have heard (!!!) but Firewire and Rob Machado have created a new surfboard called the Seaside.


Our pre-sales of this board have been astonishing and we’ve almost sold the first batch 6 weeks before the board is even being released in Europe!

We also have the new FCS II and Futures fins that have been designed specifically for this board to add extra magic to Rob's new stick!

New from FORM... 2019 will see new models dropping; a groveller is on its way, and we are also working on a new construction for the whole FORM range, which is in testing as we speak!

I have seen the working prototype of the groveler and I’m psyched to see how this little beauty works... I want one ASAP, looks like a winner!

There is also a lot of new construction and tech on its way from board makers all over the market.

Pukas are releasing a new construction and we have had our hands on one that looks really good. The Pyzel range will be offered in the Electralite Epoxy construction, which rivals Lost's Carbon Wrap and Channel Islands Spine Tek.


Whats been under our feet

Lost Surfboards Retro Gun

With the winter swell delivering some solid waves to us on the South Coast and the SW corner, we have had a great month of surf.

The team have been surfing old faithful's as well as trialling new boards in new constructions.

We have to start with the "Old Dog" Clive, who for longer than I have been alive (27 Years) has been surfing boards 6ft 8 or bigger, has been surfing the all new Takayama Scorpion 2 in the Tuflite construction.

It seems Clive knows every secret spot in the UK as he hates surfing with company, but he was spotted surfing locally by one of our longest serving customers and ripper himself and this guy can be quoted as to saying "Clive was ripping, really surfing like a grom".

This was his first surf on the Scorpion 2 and he hasn't got off it since. I can confirm he wasn't moving like a grom the following day.

Moving over to Roger, who has been in the waves the past few weeks more than you would think possible, he is putting this down to riding his new boards which he is calling his "go to 1-2 punch", Rog has been shredding and loving his Lost Retro Ripper and Lost Retro Gun.

Using the bigger Retro Gun for the days when there is a howling wind and bigger outside sets, and jumping on the Retro Ripper in anything else.

Pairing these together has him covered for 95% of the waves he has faced, and he certainly is putting in a bunch of time on these boards.

Myself, I’ve had to surgically remove my Pyzel Gremlin from my hands and this is down to being given a very special new board.

When Christiaan Bradley visited last month, he gifted us with a 6ft 2 Bradley Solution that was Jordy Smith's board which he used at WSL competition down in Hossegor.

Bradley Solution Surfboard

The 6ft 2 Solution has perfect volume for me when I’m head to toe in 5mm rubber and battling winter waves in the South and South West.

It’s so fun, really forgiving and turns on a dime! I’m usually not one to go for a High Performance shortboard, but this has changed my mind completely and the board surfs so well!

When the waves have been a touch smaller or mushier I have also been testing out the Channel Islands Rocket Wide in Spine Tek and this board can really whip!

Channel Islands Rocket Wide Surfboard

The board is light, has great flex through turns and comes alive in waves that are less than inspiring.

The Rocket Wide makes surfing the colder, rubbish days heaps more fun, it’s a genius little board and the Spine Tek hype is all true!

Last but not least, Ian has been riding his (yeah you’ve guessed) One Bad Egg, 6ft 6 or 6ft 10 it’s simply one or the other at the moment.

Ian has a great quiver to choose from and before each session, thinks he might try a different board, but he is understandably addicted to the fun and ludicrous wave count he’s scoring on his Phipps stick. We are rapidly running out of superlatives for this board.


Custom of the month

Mark Phipps One Bad Egg Resin Tint Custom Of The Month

The board selected to win the title of "Custom of the Month" could easily have won the best custom we have ever seen here at Boardshop.

We are not surprised that the board is yet again a custom Mark Phipps One Bad Egg, the boys at Euroglass finish their boards to the highest level but this board takes the biscuit.

The claret red resin tint paired with the canary yellow pin line gives a classic timeless look to the board.

The real dilemma our customer has is whether to wax it or constantly polish it like Gollum and his "precious".

Just take a look at the images and try to stop your jaw from hitting the floor too hard!



Christmas At Boardshop

As we close in on the end of an outstanding 2018 (apart from the huge lack of waves during the summer), we look forward to the festive season and the coming new year.

The Boardshop team would like to wish all you guys and girls a very merry Christmas and a prosperous wave filled 2019… don’t forget to share your photos with us, by tagging our Instagram!