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Vissla Wetsuits the history

Vissla Wetsuits History

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Vissla wetsuits is a relatively new brand in the wetsuit world but its founders were strongly involved in the development of the Billabong wetsuit program so they have heaps of experience!

The brand according to the website represents creative freedom, a forward-thinking philosophy, and a generation of creators and innovators. A bit of marketing fluff for sure but the wetsuits look good, fit well and are proving durable, you’ll see the Vissla brand tag line ‘Creators and Innovators all over the place.

One of the key developments in the wetsuit range is the use of petroleum free neoprene to make wetsuits with less environmental impact. Spearheading this innovation is the Vissla 7 Seas wetsuit range including the Vissla 3/2 wetsuit and the Vissla 4/3 wetsuit.

The range of Vissla Steamers is growing all the time, new colours, different panel layouts which all goes to make for a range that looks good as well as performing well at the very top level.

One of the reasons we decided to stock this range of wetsuits is because of the back up, warranty issues are solved expediently (we’ve only had one so far in over 200 suits sold!) and the steady flow of cool but relevant videos and blogs keeps our surfing stoke up there.

The people building the brand are all surfers and so totally get what we’re looking for in a wetsuit, we want it to be super comfortable, lightweight, quick drying warm stylish and we want it to last 10 years! They might not be able to nail the 10 years bit but they’re pretty much there with the rest of it! 

Please see below for reviews and video’s showing the wetsuits benefits and how they work when being surfed in a multiple of conditions by various surfers.

Sizing is always the trickiest part of buying a wetsuit so we’ve put together a super detailed size chart in conjunction with Vissla. These suits are so stretchy that there is room for variance on the exact measurements, and given that you may not have had one before the sizing is very similar to O’Neill wetsuits!


Vissla Wetsuit Size Chart

Vissla Wetsuits Size Guide

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Vissla Wetsuits For 2019

For the last few years Vissla have been making waves in the wetsuit world by offering some of the best wetsuits, with incredible stretch, freedom and durability.

For 2018 and 2019 Vissla have now got three of the highest quality suits that work year round and give you all you need in a wetsuit and more.

Even the 3/2 suits are lined for warmth and comfort. The thicker 5/3 and 5/4 suits are the warmest suits we have tried for a while now and they give great flexibility to not resist your paddling and surfing when you are in the thicker neoprene.

Whether you choose a summer wetsuit or a fully hooded winter suit, Vissla will have you covered on function and comfort.


Vissla 7 Seas

Vissla 7 Seas Wetsuits

The Vissla 7 Seas would be classed as Vissla’s entry level suit, but do not be fooled by this, the wetsuit is one of the most durable and well fitting suits out of them all.

Surfing all summer in my 3/2 7 Sea Vissla wetsuit has been fantastic. The suit offers zero resistance when paddling and is super stretchy and flexible for when you are popping up and riding the waves.

For cost and quality, it would be hard to look further than a Vissla 7 Sea’s wetsuit to suit all year round. This suit comes in all thicknesses from 3/2, to 4/3, 5/3 and 5/4.


Vissla North Seas

Vissla North Seas Wetsuits

Vissla’s North Seas range are dedicated to the brave cold water surfers. Using the most cutting edge technology and materials, Vissla have produced a series of wetsuits that combat and overcome even the harshest of surfing conditions.

The materials used in all Vissla wetsuits are ECO friendly, but they also help give the world leading suits that will allow you to surf with freedom and unobstructed movement.

The Vissla North Sea’s wetsuit is one of the warmest wetsuits you will ever get your hands on and is incredibly durable and fits fantastically to. For cold water surfing this is the wetsuit you have to own.

Vissla High Seas

Vissla High Seas Wetsuits

The latest wetsuit to be added to the Vissla range, the High Seas is the most performance orientated wetsuit in the Vissla range.

With the most flexible and freeing movement of a wetsuit in the selection, the High Seas Vissla wetsuit uses the latest technology to give you the most comfortable wetsuit that will allow you to paddle and surf with hardly any resistance at all, which allow you to perform at your best for longer.

The new Vissla High Seas has been positioned as a step forward from the Vissla 7 Seas wetsuit, the lightweight and innovative construction gives us the most flexible and elastic suits while remaining as warm as any other wetsuit and maintaining all the original capabilities of keeping water tight, which is always vital.

The all new High Seas wetsuit is the first Vissla suit to come with a zip free option along with a chest zip wetsuit, and is available in 3/2 and 4/3. All the High Seas suits are lined with a fleece lining to ensure your warmth and comfort without compromising on any performance or flexibility.


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