This is the comprehensive list of what we feel at Boardshop are the Top 10 Surfboard Leashes for 2018.

Leashes have an underrated importance in surfing for the rider and the safety of everyone else in the water.

We have all seen the surfing who thinks he is super cool to try and surf with no leash, then he wipes out and you watch his board come flying into the shallows, or hopefully, flying onto rocks. Leashes are important for the rider, this is your connection to what is a floatation aid, secondly, you can ride and fall off the wave and you don’t have to constantly chase your board back and forth. The Leash is also what keeps your board safe from crashing into people, other boards and rocks to.

No one would want to be the surfer whose board hit a kid because they didn’t have a leash on.

What else is vital, is the performance of a leash. If your leash tangles, or the cuff spins, you will spend your time trying to get out of knots and miss all the waves. Along with this if you leash isn’t strong it will snap when you wipe out and then your board is loose, and anything can happen.

When you are choosing a Leash, for sizing we would advise, start at 6ft, and then as your surfboard gets longer than 6ft 4, switch to 7ft and then when that board is above 7ft 4, go to 8ft and onward in that fashion.


FCS Freedom surfboard leash

FCS Freedom Surfboard Leash

This leash will make you question yourself, Why? Well because you think what more can a leash do other than be comfortable and not get into tangles. This leash shows you what more a leash can do. The Freedom leash makes it feel like you aren’t wearing a leash at all.

This leash stays tangle free, the technology given to the leash makes the cuff super lightweight and comfortable. Also, the leash has features to stop the cuff from rotating around your ankle.

The drag of this leash is minimal due to how FCS have managed to make the leg rope thin but super strong, and it even has the easy quick release tab to make taking your leash off easier than normal.

A lot of people have been questioning what a leash can do and why is this leash so special, I was one of these people, but trust me, try this leash and it will make your mind up for you.


Slater Designs x Revolwe Regular surfboard leash

Slater Designs X Revolwe Surfboard Leash

The surfboard leash designed and produced by the Slater Designs and Revolwe team is the most “Eco Friendly” leash you will find, other then recycling old rope, which is not recommended!

This Eco-Friendly approach hasn’t got in the way performance and this leash is carrying all the features and benefits of anyof the other high quality of any leash on the market.

The Slater Designs X Revolwe leash is constructed using a polyester yarn that Revolwe manufacturer from unwanted plastic bottles, and the technology has made this into a super strong cord for the leash. They have combined this with the 50mm Yulex® Cuff, which is a rubber that is natural and sourced from sustainably sourced trees, supported by the Forest Stewardship Council, and is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

They have also ensured the leash has free and easy rotating swivels that are stainless steel, an easy find and pull tab to help take the leash off and a rail saver is also included, and this can be detached and replaced.

The two teams have combined and produced a product that does everything a high-quality surfboard leash needs to do, but while doing so, they are helping surfers look after the planet!


FCS Comp surfboard leash

FCS Comp Surfboard Leashes

From the FCS Essential Series, the FCS Comp leash gives the user the highest level of excellence in a leash that has been ridden and tested by the best surfers in the world in the most demanding conditions.

The ankle strap on this FCS leash has been perforated and made insanely lightweight, and the leash has been given marine grade swivels that are made from stainless steel. Along with this FCS have added a key pocket and the leash itself is an extremely strong polyurethane cord.

If you are looking for the quintessential surfboard leash, that has the highest standard of features, design and performance, then the FCS Comp leash is hard to beat.


DaKine John John Florence Kainui surfboard leash

DaKine John John Florence Kainui Surfboard Leash

Developing and designing a leash with the best surfer in the world has really paid off for DaKine with their JJF Kainui surfboard leash.

JJF set out to make a leash with DaKine that holds up the even his needs, and the JJF Kainui leash does just that. The leash is super comfortable due to the ankle cuff having padding and being made from neoprene and the cuff has a quick release pull. The leash is insanely tough and can withstand a pounding, as you come to expect when the development has taken place on the North Shore.

We have surfed this leash here at Boardshop and we love the leash. It barely tangled, was very lightweight and gave very little drag at all.

The John John leash comes in three vibrant colours and is up there with the best leashes available, with great quality, durability and comfort. You can’t go wrong when you are surfing this leash.


Channel Islands Dane Comp surfboard leash

Channel Islands Dane Comp Surfboard Leash

Channel Islands have called upon Dane Reynolds’ creative nature to help them release a leash that performs to the top levels but also has a cool design feature.

The leash has all the features a top-quality leash needs, comfortable ankle cuff that is padded, a double swivel which is stainless steel and an extremely strong cord constructed from polyurethane.

The Channel Islands Dane Comp surfboard leash has artwork designed and created by Dane himself to add that unique flare to this leash.


Channel Islands Jordy Standard Hex surfboard leash

Channel Islands Jordy Standard Hex Surfboard Leash

South African superstar Jordy Smith came together with the team at Channel Islands to produce a revolutionary surfboard leash that has a hex cord.

The hexagonal cord will stretch less, give you less drag in the water and is proven to kink less to, along with this the leash also has a triple rail saver, a cuff that is gel filled for comfort and has a stainless steel double swivel.

This Jordy Standard Hex surfboard leash is super strong and Jordy himself tested the leash in the heavy waves of SA and around the world. Make sure you purchase a quality leash like this, or risk your leash snapping and watching your board go flying into the rocks!


Ocean & Earth One XT All Round/Comp surfboard leash

Ocean & Earth One XT All Round/Comp Surfboard Leash

The leash is heralded as the world’s strongest leash and that is official!

Ocean & Earth have used the leading innovation and design to create the perfect combination of strength and performance and the result of this is the One-Piece XT surfboard leash.

The XT leash has improved on the original One-Piece leash and now has increased strength, stretch and the leash has no joins which means that it doesn’t have any weak points.

The Ocean & Earth One Piece XT leash has an incredibly strong 6mm urethane cord, with a rail saver that is webbed. The leash also has a padded cuff and swivel points that are stainless steel.

This leash has and will continue to stand up to the heaviest waves and is certified as the strong leash money can buy.


DaKine Super Lite surfboard leash

DaKine Super Lite Surfboard Leash

The Super Lite surfboard leash from DaKine is not like the other leashes on sale. DaKine have produced this leash with a hollow cord, that is still insanely strong but as its is hollow the leash floats, which enables the leash to stay clear from reefs and any other obstacle in the deep blue that a leash can damage itself on.

The swivels are engineered using marine grade stainless steel, and the urethane cord is of the highest calibre. Add this to the padded ankle strap that has been treated to a quick release to make the leash easy to remove.

The leash has been tried and tested in waves of size and can be trusted in any waves up to 8ft high.


Ocean & Earth Comp Diamond Flex Mould Surfboard Leash

Ocean & Earth Comp Diamond Flex Mould Surfboard Leash

Ocean & Earth have produced a fantastic surfboard leash that incorporates a new Diamond Flex mould, which gives the leash more flex at the rider’s ankle and rail saver, this makes you feel more comfortable in this leash and this also helps the leash perform better.

The Ocean & Earth Comp Diamond Flex Mould surfboard leash also has a 6mm cord, made for urethane that gives very little drag through the water and stainless-steel swivels to give world class strength.

This leash comes in a wide range of colours and can be surfed in up to head high waves with great comfort and confidence.


FCS Regular surfboard leash 6ft

FCS Regular Surfboard Leash 6ft

Another offering from the FCS Essential Series is the FCS Regular surfboard leash. This leash comes in a variety of colours and is made using the latest and greatest technology and materials.

This top-quality surf leash is made with marine grade stainless swivels, high class polyurethane cord, a nylon webbing, a lightweight ankle cuff and a key pocket.

The team at FCS have given you all the features that you will ever need in a surf leash and are offering this in a wide range of colours to suit anyone’s needs!



All these leashes are available in varying lengths and can be ridden when surfing as a beginner on your first soft board or longboard, and they can also be surfed by the experienced charger in pumping waves to.

Now we have identified, the importance of a high-quality leash and reviewed the Top 10 leashes for the year, its clear that everyone has a wide range of choice and all the leashes are very good quality.

The technology going into the leashes, to make them lighter, more comfortable, more eco friendly and more reliable is increasing day by day and we feel the leash quality and performance will continue to grow.