Welcome to Boardshop’s original and unbiased wetsuit review of one of the best ranges out there for performance, technology, comfort, function and value.

With detailed reviews from Ian on each series in the O'Neill wetsuit range and further O’Neill wetsuit size charts to help give you in depth knowledge of each wetsuit available.

O’Neill Wetsuits the story so far

O'Neill Wetsuits Jack O'Neill

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O’Neill  is one of the most established wetsuit brands out there with a history anchored in innovation, functionality and value. Most people know the story of the bearded, one eyed founder Jack O’Neill and the birth of the brand in the chilly waters of Santa Cruz, Northern California.

The success of the brand stems from their pure and true surfing heritage and also their team of top rank riders who continually push the product development and R & D side of things. O’Neill wetsuits have a range of wetsuits that go from UV resistant suits for toddlers all the way through to wetsuits designed for surfing the coldest waters on the planet.

Team riders such as Jordy Smith demand maximum performance and flexibility but also warmth and durability, it’s through these athlete’s relationships that the brand stays at the forefront of design, development and innovation. Leading the line in the Superfreak range is the 5/4mm wetsuit for men and ladies without a hood, this is the best seller season after season. The O’Neill 6/4mm version of this winner comes as a hooded wetsuit.

The range of O’Neill Steamers is growing all the time lead by new versions of the Superfreak in 4/3, as well as new seasonal colours. 

A key factor in deciding to stock this range of wetsuits is because of the brand support, warranty issues are solved immediately and the steady flow of cool and blogs keeps our surfing stoke up there. We know its a cliché but it really is a company founded by surfers and run by surfers for surfers. 

Sizing is always the hardest part of buying a wetsuit so our super detailed size chart in conjunction with O’Neill will help for sure.


O’Neill wetsuits for 2018/19

O'Neill Wetsuits

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Year after year, O’Neill remain at the epicentre of wetsuit development and innovation.

The range of O’Neill wetsuits available ensures you are covered for any conditions possible, whether this is surfing in warm waters where a shorty is all that is needed, to surfing in the deepest, coldest winter conditions where a 6mm wetsuit with integrated hood is the order of the day.

The 2018/2019 season sees the introduction of new designs, features and colours all of which complement the already successful wetsuit line up.

I have broken down the individual features of each wetsuit to help you when you decidewhich wetsuit best suits your needs.


Psycho Tech

O'Neill Wetsuits Psycho Tech

The premium wetsuit in the O’Neill range, the Psycho Tech range boasts market leading performance, technology, comfort and function.

Fusing together O’Neill’s exclusive TechnoButter technology the Psycho Tech comes with TechnoButter Air Firewall to give you the warmest wetsuit in the range.

The TechnoButter 3 neoprene in these suits is unrivalled in the wetsuit world, it is the best neoprene money can buy, if you have the budget it’s thenatural choice.

TechnoButter 3 ensures a supremely flexible wetsuit that gives the least possible resistance when paddling and in general when wearing the Psycho Tech wetsuit.

O’Neill wetsuits have come up with a superb wetsuit that is lighter and warmer than ever before, has more insulation and is faster drying, what’s not to like?

All this packed into one wetsuit ensures that when you choose to purchase an O’Neill Psycho Techwetsuit you will not be disappointed in your choice and you will only question why you didn’t get one sooner!

Available in 6/4mm and 5/4mm the O’Neill Psycho Tech is the wetsuit of choice for performance and function when surfing in the colder waters around the world.

Recently on the cold morning in France Jordy Smith has used the Psycho Tech to keep him toasty while allowing him to surf like he was in boardshorts!



O'Neill Wetsuits Hyperfreak

O’Neill wetsuits Hyperfreak series has been designed and manufactured to give you a wetsuit that matches performance with warmth and comfort.

Utilising the TechnoButter 3 and TB3X technology and materials, the Hyperfreak range is now less prone to taking on and absorbing water which leads to the claim that this wetsuit is 20% lighter than ever before, and we can vouch for this, its super light!

With its new lightweight feel the Hyperfreak wetsuit has increased flexibility in all the right areas and ensures you are surfing with unparalleled comfort and function.

I can assure you, you would have to search for a long time to find a more well-rounded wetsuit at such a great price, it’s a steal!

The Hyperfreak Comp Zip free is the best zip free wetsuit on the market for getting in and out of the suit. A definite match for the Ripcurl E Bomb and the Vissla High Seas zip free wetsuits, the Hyperfreak comp zip free gives you ultimate freedom in a wetsuit.

As the O’Neill Hyperfreak comes as a 5/4 winter suit, 5/4 Comp Zip Free or a 3/2 summer wetsuit, the Hyperfreak is a wetsuit that works year-round.

For the winter days the 5/4 will keep you warm, comfortable and have very little resistance on your paddle, and then when the temperatures warm back up, the 3/2 Hyperfreak gives you all you want for your summer wetsuit.



O'Neill Wetsuits O'Riginal

Developed and designed to replace the incredibly successful Superfreak wetsuit, O’Neill’s O’Riginal series is an up-to-date take on a classic wetsuit that covers all you need from your wetsuit with an uncompromising old school look.

The O’Riginal series of wetsuits has been treated to modern features, such as strategically places seamless zones and a Carbon-Firewall to lock heatand this results in one of the best fitting wetsuits money at this price range.

The O’Riginal is not as performance based as the Hyperfreak but it will ensure you are warmer for a longer time when you are in the ocean.

The 6/5/4mm hooded version is ideal for the winter days in the North of England and the colder parts of the globe.

O’Neill have produced the O’Riginal in almost every wetsuit thickness you can image, we have this ranging from a Hooded 6/5/4mm to a 5/4mm, 4/3mm and a 3/2mm.

You can purchase one of each and have the O’Riginal set to cover you for any conditions and temperatures you come across. This really is a suit for all year round.

Pound for pound, this could be the best wetsuit on the marker at this budget.


Reactor II

O'Neill Reacotr II Wetsuit

The market leading entry level wetsuit that covers all board sports. The O’Neill Reactor II has been updated for 2018 and is one of our best-selling wetsuits.

O’Neill have treated the Reactor II to new colourways which look classy and fresh, along with this, the Reactor II now comes with the pairing of Ultraflex Neoprene, Fluidfoam and a double seal neck which is adjustable to create an even better fit and feel when wearing this wetsuit.

These added features give you a wetsuit that is incredible value for money. The Reactor II is the perfect entry level wetsuit that will ensure you are warm and comfortable while you are enjoying the ocean.

The Reactor II series is also a very durable and it is crazy rare that we have an O’Neill wetsuit come back to us with an issue.

Available in 3/2mm thickness and a shortly 2/2mm, the O’Neill Reactor II is the wetsuit you should be wearing from the end of April to the mid October the UK, or for heading overseas to warmer waters and comes in all sizes to suit men, women and children alike.

Awesome wetsuit, even better price tag!


O’Neill Wetsuits Size Chart  


O'Neill Wetsuits Mens Size Chart

O'Neill Wetsuits Womens Size Chart

O'Neill Wetsuits Kids Size Chart

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