Boom! A new edition to the frankly amazing Puddle family from Lost surfboards, we give you the Lost Puddle Fish surfboard fresh in from Matt Biolos’ Mayhem surfboard operation. 

The Lost Puddle Jumper and Puddle Jumper RP (that’s rounded pintail –RP) surfboards came into being in early 2016 and have taken the surf world by storm. These boards are the fastest selling boards we have ever had at Boardshop and we have really struggled to keep up with demand since that time. The introduction of the Puddle Fish surfboard is going to make our life harder still, this board is an absolute winner.

The first surf in weak south coast waves showed just what this board can do, great paddling, gets into the wave really fast and has insane acceleration once up and riding. It's got all the bonuses of a Fish style board with none of the drawbacks.

Let's see what Lost surfboards supremo Biolos has done to create this board. The latest inductee to the "Mayhem toy box" it was born out of frustration arising from an extended period of flatness and small waves, the Puddle Fish has all the small wave catching nous of its predecessor the Puddle Jumper but with an injection of blistering speed and chuckability.

The obvious tweak to the original PJ board is the tail shape, an inverted swallow tail set into a widened and squared off tail, it has a pronounced channel sitting inside the double concave. This is mainly responsible for delivering the extra speed and improved release into turns. Other changes to the original PJ include the wide point pushed a fraction further forward and the straightened rail line between the foot placements, both of which assist the board with more down-the-line speed and its ability to negotiate flat sections and mush. The depth of the concave under the front foot has also been reduced to give more down the line drive and speed.  Just look at those channels, magnificent!

The concept behind the board was to create a board with the dialled in speed of a fish but without the sometimes limiting ability to snap turns in average surf, and stay in the pocket and critical part of the wave. The aim was to get rid of that feeling of drifting through turns that you can get with a heavy railed twinny or keel fish.

The PF is going to appeal to a wide range of surfers, decent shortboarders looking for a summer toy will relish the speed and performance. Intermediate or first-time shortboarders will love the stability and wave catching characteristics and how the board can take you by surprise with little blasts of acceleration. We think this board will actually be more effective than the original PJ in dealing with flat faced waves where there is no real shoulder or pocket, but the rail to rail surfing required on a board like this doesn’t suit everyone so both this board and the original will continue to thrive.

The Puddle Fish is set to be a huge hit this coming Spring/Summer season with its optimum conditions being from 2 to 4 foot, either beach breaks, points or the mellower reefs. Five fin boxes give you the option of quad or thruster set-up, and I guess you could experiment with larger front fins and a small trailer for an even looser, retro fish feel?

A set of FCS Neo Glass Performers in thrusters or quad set up will work or as thrusters. 

If you are more adventurous try the Biolos designed split keel quad set up

Boardshop will be stocking the Puddle Fish in the "Bro Dims" but you can choose the "Pro Dims" should you wish via our Custom Board Builder

Custom order, use are 0% finance buying option, trade in an old board against a new Puddle Fish and buy safe in the knowledge that you are covered by our 30 day ride out guarantee.

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