Lib Tech Surfboards

Lib Tech x Lost Surfboards

Lib Tech have ventured into the surf world after making their mark in the world of Skiing and Snowboarding. The leaders in innovation and technology have collaborated with Lost Surfboards and the legendary shaper Matt Biolos, to give the already amazing Lost surfboards the most advanced board technology to date.

The dream of any surfer in the world is to have a quality performance surfboard that carries all the features and benefits of a PU surfboard but to have a construction that makes the board extremely strong and durable with no compromise to performance or style. The Lib Tech construction on the surfboards not only looks insanely good but it actually works.

The construction that Lib Tech have come up with has been designed to be the toughest surfboard construction on the planet. Lib Tech has used 31 never used before components, along with their vast experience in the board riding world to create these robust surfboards, while maintaining a focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Within the “ECO ISO Construction” Lib Tech have paid incredible attention to every little detail and haven’t left a stone unturned. From using a Nitrogen Cell Foam, to a crazy strong Bio-Matrix resin, every aspect has been thought through. The Lib Tech boards use a unique Woven Basalt Fibre, that resists heel dents and pressure dings.

The Hex pattern on each board is provided by a Hexzylon Fibre Foam Skin, this again is very strong and adds more toughness to the board. Even features such as the lightest and strongest fin boxes that can take Future Fins, FCS and FCS II fins and the leash plug are changing the game for surfboard constructions across the globe.

Taking all this into consideration, the question would be, firstly, “Why buy and choose to ride a Lib Tech Board?”

Simply put, you won’t find a more durable performance surfboard on the market. The Lib Tech surfboards can take all the, day to day causes of PU board damages and thanks to the ECO ISO construction the Lib Tech boards wont even have a mark on them.

Tying this in with the fact that the Lib Tech team collaborated with Matt “Mayhem” Biolos and Lost surfboards, taking a selection of the best-selling shapes in the Lost range and combining the Lib Tech magic with these.

You can travel with the surfboards and have confidence that the can stand up to being dropped inside a board bag by the wonderful airline staff that always handle our boards with such care!

The Lib Tech surfboards appeal to almost anyone looking to surf. You can purchase this board for a grom and know that without giving the board 100% care, it won’t come back with chunks out of it, the seasoned surfer can purchase this board knowing it can take the heel damaged caused when stomping airs and popping up.

Even the Kooks can surf this board and ride into anyone or anything and they will still have a board fully intact! As you can see, we have had a demo board in and you are able to stand on the board and it just takes the punishment in its stride and continues to look as good as new.

Lib Tech themselves have even driven a car over the surfboard and you wouldn’t be able to tell anything had happened to the board at all.

Lib Tech x Lost Surfer standing on surfboard


Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Fish

Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard

The Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard was enrolled into the Mayhem family of Puddle boards when the only waves they had on offer for a long period where small weaker waves.

The Puddle Fish groveler surfboard has been given all the small wave power and features from its brother board, the Puddle Jumper, but has been also treated to ability to gain speed insanely fast and manoeuvrability where this board can be thrown about in the waves with ease.

Clearly, and obvious in name and look, the Puddle Fish, this board has an Inverted Fish tail, which has been squared off and given extra width, along with this the board has a deep channel positioned inside the boards double concave vee, this all adds up to this board being able to fly down the line, gain speed with minimal effort and let you perform on the wave while going super-fast.

The Puddle Fish is all about going as fast as possible in the weaker, smaller waves, and the wide point of the board being moved further forward compared to the Puddle Jumper, and the rail line being straighter keeps adding the attributes given to this board to create speed, helping the board get through weaker sections of waves and giving the rider fun like they wouldn’t have had before.

The board gives you the pace and ride of an old school retro fish design but with the ability to be ridden like a performance board, where the rider and release the tail out the back and turn this board sharply.

Combining this all with the Lib Tech construction gives you a small wave surfboard that can be surfed for years and years and be kept in great condition, while the surfer rides the board faster than any other and can perform all the turns and carves that they wish.

The Lib Tech X Lost Puddle Fish surfboard can be ridden by a wide range of surfer. If you are an learner who has mastered your first hard top board and want to progress and take the step onto a fun summer small wave board you will be able to surf this board and the board will last you for years and take you through the levels of surfing.

On the flip side, if you are a seasoned surfer looking for a board to give you speed and flow, but you don’t want the large heavy mini mal or long board, this board is perfect.


Puddle Jumper

Lib Tech x Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard

Mr Biolos himself has claimed, and this isn’t common at all, that the Puddle Jumper is the best small wave board he has ever ridden.

The board has everything that you need for surfing knee to head high waves and excels in the smaller weaker surf. You can surf this board with speed and flare while feeling super stable and your surfing will feel effortless.

The Puddle Jumper is a board that almost anyone can surf, if you are a surfer who has mastered the basics on a foamie or beginner board, or If you are a shredder surfing short performance boards, you will have a place in your quiver for the Puddle Jumper.

The board is instantly comfortable to ride, you can turn the board sharply or if you choose to draw out your lines and carves this board will allow you to do so.

Adding the Lib Tech construction to the board has given a small wave beast an added strength and durability, so when you are turning, and stomping your manoeuvres the deck won’t become peppered with heel dings.

The strength of the board along with its performance makes it a perfect board to have for tackling smaller, weaker conditions.


Short Round

Lib Tech X Lost Short Round Surfboard

Lost Surfboards’ Short Round is the high-performance hybrid surfboard that has come from Matt and the Lost team and has been chosen to undergo the Lib Tech surgery. As always, the thought behind the board and where it fits into a quiver has been well researched.

The Lost Short Round gives you a board that fits perfectly between your high performance shortboard and the easy wave catching hybrid and gives you a board that can perform like a performance board but has all the best qualities of a hybrid.

Features such as the wider nose, and further forward wide point of the board, along with the concave throughout the board gives the board tonnes of speed and power. The high-performance element of the board is within the tail, the flipped-up tail rocker and the squash tail allow the board to perform with a pop and helps makes turns snappy.

The Short Round has so much packed into its moderate look and is certain to make you smile when surfing for days.

Any surfer that is looking for a board in waves from waist to head high and want a board that glides into waves with an effortless nature, but when needed can perform in the critical section of the wave than this board is your choice, and with the added Lib Tech Durability, you won’t have to worry about pressure marks and heel dings in your board for a long time.

You get a light, fast and sharp board that is super versatile and can be surfed in a variety of ways.


Quiver Killer

Lib Tech x Lost Quiver Killer Surfboard

The latest board to be given the Lib Tech face lift, is the super successful Quiver Killer Surfboard. Following the Short Round, the Quiver Killer gives the Lib Tech X Lost Collaboration collection an extremely versatile surfboard that can perform in conditions that are pretty weak but excels in chest to overhead high conditions.

The Quiver Killer surfboard has been designed and built to please the surfer whole loves the hybrid surfboard but want a board with more performance to be able to handle the varying wave types you come across when on your travels.

The volume and surface area that you get with your Quiver Killer are key to performing in the slower, weaker waves and the pulled in tail and the straightened rails help generate and hold down the line speed when the waves start to stand up.

Now the Quiver Killer has been produced with the Lib Tech ECO ISO construction, you have one of the most successful surfboard on the market in a technology that allows the board to take more punishment from the rider and keep that new board feeling for much longer.

The Lib Tech X Lost Quiver Killer can be surfed by a varying range of surfer. If you are learning the ropes and have nailed the learner boards, you can take the quiver killer out and start being able to dial in your surfing on a performance board that is crazy fast and forgiving at the same time.

However if you are an experienced board rider and you are looking for a one board quiver to handle almost any waves that you have thrown at you, then this board is the perfect choice, now with added robustness for when you are travelling to!


The Boardshop seal of approval

If you wrap this all up, what you get, is a great range of surfboards that have been tried and tested by the best in the business, that has been intertwined with the most advanced and successful construction the surf world has seen.

The boards will be super durable, lasting the rider years and years and giving the rider the feeling of a new board for much longer than any other board.

A quote from Matt Biolos himself states; Ever since he discovered the Lib Tech Eco ISO construction he wanted to build surfboards that use this technology.

The strength to weight ratio, eco minded materials and techniques, and the fact that this tech was being built in the USA was incredibly interesting to him and he was super stoked to be able to produce these boards and get them into the market.

We at Boardshop love the Lib Tech surfboards and we continue to ride them in all conditions that we encounter.

You can get your hands on one of these awesome Lib Tech x Lost boards in a wide range of ways at Boadshop. You can trade in up to two old surfboards against your new board, using the trade in scheme we have here at Boardshop, all of this is fully outlined on the website and we do all the work for you!

Also, do not worry or panic if you are short a penny or two, you can take advantage of our fantastic 0% finance option to purchase your new surfboard. Again, this is all outlined on the Boardshop website and is a simple and easy process.