FORM SURFBOARDS – an introduction

Form Surfboards Line Up

Innovative functional shapes, unbeatable quality, a collaboration between pro surfer Alan Stokes, revered shaper Luke Hart and Europe’s top board store Boardshop.

The three parties involved in the birth of FORM surfboards have been working on a range of surfboards to suit a range of surfing abilities from ripper to aspiring beginner, we all feel the resulting models fill a gap in the surfboard market at a great price, and we are super stoked to finally bring them to you.

The FORM surfboard range will grow and grow over the coming years with boards a range of surfers of differing abilities we have tried and tested, nothing will be left to chance. The initial range is available in standard PU construction as well as a light, fast and tough EPS Epoxy option.



The Flow Stik

Form Flow Stik Surfboard

The perfect solution for so many surfers and such a wide range of conditions. Not going to lie, for years we have collectively written off this kind of ‘mid length’ board branding it a mini mal or worse...if only we could turn back time!

The Flow Stik is such a ridiculously fun board to surf that once you do it’s really hard to get off it. We have hardened committed short boarders who have surfed this board and come back to us crying their eyes out because they’ve been missing out for so long, it really is that good.

It works as a small wave board, catching ripples and getting in as early as a plank, but it’s equally at home as a kind of step up in the big stuff. The design stemmed form Stokesy’s need for a board that could deal with big rolling waves where getting in early was paramount – its developed into much more than that now and is destined to be an all time favourite.

You’ll ride it a bit bigger than you usual board, at 75kgs and 6’ 1 Ian here has been surfing the 6’ 4.


The High Line

Form Surfboards High Line

Clean lines, a board to cover a huge range of conditions. A hybrid with a feeling that when you’re surfing it that’s it’s doing all the work for you. You get a really responsive feel considering the volume that’s packed into it to guarantee wave catching and paddle power.

Don’t misunderstand the High Line though, it’s a hybrid that can deal with fast punchy surf as well as anything else out there but will surf at home in 2-3 mush just fine. Looks handsome too.



Form ADPT Surfboard

You pronounce it adapt, are we trying to be too clever here? Too late now. Look at that fin set up, have you seen any shaper do that before? Getting that right so you can surf this beauty as a Twinny or a Thruster sums up what FORM surfboards are all about.

Do you know what, it actually works! We sent 3 lucky customers the ADPT to try for a few weeks and it’s a hit. Main reason is that you’re getting at least 2 boards in 1 if not more and it does actually work really well as both. I’m still scratching my head, but have ordered one obviously!


The Fruit Scoop

Form Fruit Scoop Surfboard

What? A sensible volume and rockered board that would make a great first shortboard for someone jumping of a groveler or hybrid and is an ideal platform for an aspiring aerialist? Is that actually possible? It is, and we have proof with the Fruit Scoop.

A board to travel with if you’re headed somewhere decent but will also work at home when there’s a pit of push in the waves even if its onshore and bit junky. A brilliant blend of performance and practicality, if you want to take your surfing to the next level this is the board to get you there.


The Go To

Form Go To Surfboard

A HPSB, high performance short board to you and me that Mr Stokes has been surfing in comps for years. Fast, responsive and never happier than when hanging around the pocket.

The Go To goes as hard as you push it but it’s not like some ridiculous cocktail stick that won’t paddle unless it’s in perfect Indo, Alan wanted to make sure that any competent intermediate surfer and up could surf this board and get results, he’s succeeded.



Whoever you are and however you surf there is a board in the FORM surfboard range for you here. These surfboard models fit together perfectly to bring you a range of boards that will maximise your surfing stoke.

The combination of Luke Hart’s and Alan Stokes’s knowledge is pretty hard to beat and given the quality of the first batch of boards we’ve had its clear they have absolutely nailed it. There has never been a better time to invest in a new surfboard, the tech is great and FORM is leading the charge.

Boardshop is a fine place to acquire a new board (we would say that) if you know Boardshop you know about the unique stuff we do, if you don’t here’s a quick breakdown of why you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Custom orders – all the FORM models are available to custom build, you can choose specific dims, fin plug colours, artwork, anything is possible.

Trade Ins – we offer the only remote trade in program in the world, no need to leave the sofa! Trade in up to 2 old boards against a new FORM surfboard.

O% finance – ease the pain of a new board, takes 2 minutes to set up.

Ride Out guarantee – never get stuck with the wrong board, if you don’t like it we’ll swap it for another, no need to read that again you got it the first time. Hard to believe but true.

Showroom – we may be an online company but feel free to visit our fully stocked showroom, or pick your board up direct from us in the wave rich paradise that is East Wittering.

Terms and conditions apply to all this stuff but it’s pretty straight forward.