Billabong was founded in 1973 on Australia’s Gold Coast, and the iconic surf company has come a long way from its humble beginning making board shorts for local surf shops.

Billabong’s current wetsuit range is made from the highest quality neoprene available, super-soft, stretchy and durable these wetsuits are designed to keep you surfing longer and harder in unrivalled comfort.

For 2018/2019 Billabong are one of the wetsuit manufacturers you need to consider when you are deciding on your next wetsuit.

Leading the way in revolutionary features and designs, when you purchase a Billabong wetsuit you know you will be getting a high quality, long lasting wetsuit that actually performs.

I have broken down the great assets of each wetsuit in the Billabong range to help you make sure when you purchase your next wetsuit that it is perfect for you.

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Furnace Absolute Comp / Absolute Comp

Billabong Furnace Absolute Comp / Absolute Comp Wetsuit

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When looking at the Absolute Comp range, whether it’s the 5/4mm Furnace or the 3/2mm Absolute Comp, what you find is a wetsuit that is jam packed with innovative features, making this wetsuit very hard to beat when you are looking for quality at the best price.

Comparing this suit to the Ripcurl Flashbomb, or the O’Neill Psycho Tech, the Billabong Furnace Absolute Comp is a serious contender for “the” wetsuit to be wearing this winter.

Billabong have made this suit more flexible then before, warmer than ever and faster drying while maintaining an ECO-friendly view, as the neoprene comes from upcycled car tyres.

Thanks to the technology in the suit, Billabong offer us a wetsuit that will ensure we are surfing longer in the winter, they give us a thick wetsuit that has been designed to offer very little resistance when paddling, helping us paddle into and catch more waves.

The 3/2mm Absolute Comp has all these same features and benefits just with a reduced thickness and slightly less fleeced lining throughout the suit for added comfort in the warmer waters.

Easily a front runner in the best suit available today, the Billabong Furnace Absolute Comp surfs even better than it looks and comes at a very good price point for a wetsuit with such outstanding excellence.

Having seen Jack Freestone and Italo Ferreira surf the Absolute Comp and the Furnace Absolute competition during the European Leg of the World Surf League tour, you can have no doubt on the performance and ability in this wetsuit.

I will be surfing this suit this winter for certain.


Furnace Revolution

Billabong Furnace Revolution Wetsuit

If you are looking for a wetsuit for the colder waters that has flexibility, durability and most importantly warmth, then STOP your search!

In the Billabong Furnace Revolution wetsuit you get a fleece lined, super stretchy, functional winter wetsuit that allows you to surf for as long as you like while staying warm but still allowing you to surf with freedom.

The superlight foam used to construct these genius wetsuits allows 280% stretch from the resting position of the wetsuit, so you will not find a suit more flexible than this.

Available in 5/4mm the Revolution wetsuit is a winter wetsuit that will allow you to spend heaps of time in the ocean, even when the mercury has dropped, and you wont feel like you are surfing with any resistance on your paddle or pop.

Another string in the bow of the Billabong Revolution wetsuit is how quick this is to dry.

The fleece lining absorbs less water and release’s any water it does take on quicker, to create a wetsuit that dry’s insanely fast.

A real “Revolution” for a wetsuit that is worth every single penny!


Furnace Absolute X

Billabong Furnace Absolute X Wetsuit

Engineered for warmth. The Billabong Furnace Absolute X wetsuit makes light work of even the coldest surfing conditions.

Billabong have given the Absolute X all the features of the incredible Furnace Absolute Comp and then added the external welded seams to ensure this wetsuit lets in as little water as possible to keep you toasty in the line-up.

The Furnace Absolute X comes in a 5/4mm wetsuit with integrated hood so you wont have the fear of forgetting your hood and not being able to surf.

Nothing is worse that turning up to a pumping line up when its freezing and you have no hood!

Billabong have placed the seams and panels on the Furnace Absolute X with incredible precision to maximise performance.

This suit may not offer complete resistance free surfing but it will be the suit that keeps you warmer than any other wetsuit available and for the price this wetsuit is, it becomes an easy choice when you are choosing a suit for the winter this year.


Furnace Carbon X

Billabong Furnace Carbon X Wetsuit

Last year’s pound for pound winter wetsuit champion, the Billabong Furnace Carbon X is still a major player in the world of cold water wetsuits.

Fitted with hood, this 5/4mm wetsuit will get you through even the darkest, coldest winter swell.

Billabong pushed the innovation when coming up with the Furnace Carbon X wetsuit to give us the best cold-water wetsuit money can buy.

The lining in the Furnace Carbon X uses Japanese Kiwami Carbon Fibre lining, which provides incredible insulation as well as drying in no time at all.

The entry system to this wetsuit is water tight and the neoprene is designed to absorb very little water, which keeps the suit lighter and ensures you stay as warm as possible.

If you are surfing in the waters of Northern England, Northern Europe or places of the globe where the temperature rarely reaches double figures, the Billabong Furnace Carbon X has to be on your list of wetsuits to have in your locker. Unrivalled warmth with performance.



Billabong Intruder Wetsuits

The Billabong Intruder wetsuit range is valued personified. Performance, durability and value all combined into a wetsuit range that will cover you in all water conditions.

The Intruder wetsuit comes in a 5/4mm back zip or a 3/2mm back zip wetsuit so you can choose the Intruder 5/4mm for the colder climates and the 3/2mm for the warmer waters you may come across.

Billabong’s Intruder wetsuit is manufactured using an extremely stretchy neoprene and has strategically placed panels in the chest and back that have fantastic heat retaining properties, keeping you out in the surf for longer!

Easy entry and exit of the wetsuit are additional benefits and something that is vital, especially when you are changing in and out of the wetsuit on the colder days.

This is an ideal choice for surfers looking for a summer or winter wetsuit and is very popular with surfers, paddleboarders and other water sports people alike.

The Billabong Intruder is a great comparison to the O’Neill Reactor II wetsuit, extremely good value for money while maintain quality and durability.

The difference being, Billabong offer the Intruder as a 5/4mm and a 3/2mm.

If you are looking for a wetsuit that has more bang for its buck, you’ve found it.


Ladies Furnace Synergy

Billabong Ladies Furnace Synergy Wetsuit

I am not certain how Billabong have managed to produce a wetsuit that works as good as this suit, looks as good and last as long for under £180.00 but they have and it is a mind blowing price tag that has to be taken advantage of.

Fitted with the same super light neoprene as they Absolute Comp, which has stretch capabilities that are beyond reason, the Synergy wetsuit locks in heat and allows very little water into the suit.

Fleece lined with purposely set out panels, this wetsuit offers very little obstruction when you are surfing and also will dry out before you even release, meaning you won’t face the daunting thought of putting on a cold, soaking wet, wetsuit.

As far as Ladies wetsuits go, for price, performance, design and durability, this Billabong Furnace Synergy wetsuit has to be a top contender when deciding what to purchase.

In a comparison with the Ripcurl Ladies Dawn Patrol and the O’Neill Ladies O’Riginal, the Billabong suit may be the best of a very good bunch.

Available as a 5/4mm wetsuit, this is the ideal wetsuit for this winter in the UK and Europe.


Ladies Salty Dayz

Billabong Ladies Salty Dayz Wetsuit

The choice of a high-level wetsuit in the world of woman’s wetsuits isn’t blessed with many great options, but the Billabong Salty Dayz wetsuit certainly fits the bill.

A triumph of design, innovation and function, this wetsuit ticks every box when you are searching for a wetsuit of an elite calibre.

This wetsuit fits so well it like being given a warm hug every time you put it on, along with this you get a wetsuit with flexibility that feels as if you are wearing nothing at all and the quality of materials used guarantee a wetsuit that will stand the test of time.

If you take the O’Neill Ladies Hyperfreak as the wetsuit that sets a bar in performance and function, the Billabong Salty Days range meets these levels set and exceeds the O’Neill wetsuit in some respects.

Billabong are offering the Salty Dayz wetsuit in a 5/4mm and a 3/2mm option, meaning you could potentially buy one of each and be covered year-round in any weather condition you may be faced with.

The premium option of a wetsuit for a woman that boasts ground breaking quality throughout.

A no brainer on what wetsuit you should be wearing and it becomes obvious why this is the wetsuit of choice for pro’s like Laura Enever and Courtney Conlogue.



The Boardshop Round Up

Taking this all into consideration, it is clear, once again Billabong have produced a wetsuit line up that has covered all the bases and ticks the boxes for everyone and anyone wanting a high quality wetsuit that meets any budget demand you may have.

If you are on a budget, the Intruder is one of the best priced wetsuits you could ever use, and if money is not a factor and you want the best quality wetsuit on the market, summer or winter, options like the Absolute Comp or the Furnace Revolution, will give you a wetsuit that is worth every penny you have to pay.

Personally I have been surfing Billabong wetsuits for 18 months now, and I have found these are really as good as it gets.

Last winter I surfed more than ever and that was primarily down to my 5/4mm Billabong Furnace Absolute Comp keeping me warm and drying rapidly.

You should get yourself a Billabong wetsuit and you will not be disappointed.


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