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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee With this Surfboard - Don’t like it? swap it

Slater Designs Sci-Fi surfboard 6ft 2 Futures - White

30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
Slater Designs
Slater Designs Sci-Fi surfboard 6ft 2 Futures - White
Slater Designs Sci-Fi surfboard 6ft 2 Futures - White Slater Designs Sci-Fi surfboard 6ft 2 Futures - White

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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
Slater Designs
19 Customer Reviews - Read Them (19)

5 out of 5 stars

The Slater Designs Sci-Fi is designed to perform in anything from waist to just over head high.

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  • Name The Slater Designs Sci-Fi surfboard 6ft 2
  • Ability Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume 37.5 litres
  • Conditions Anything from waist to overhead waves
  • Construction EPS Interior Foam/Composite Deck Skin/LFT Composite Springer HD/Fibreglass and Epoxy Resin
  • Dimensions 6ft 2 x 20.5 x 2.812
  • Fin System Futures Five Fin
  • Fins Included No

Product Details

The Slater Designs Sci-Fi surfboard in Firewire's LFT construction (with a twist!).

The entire surf community has been counting down to the official launch of the Slater Designs surfboards.

The first board in the line-up is the Sci-Fi, shaped by Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson and produced using Firewire's LFT (Linear Flex Technology) with the addition of a carbon fibre strip down the centre of the board for added strength and flex.

The Sci-Fi is designed to perform in anything from waist to just over head high waves, but like some of the other Tomo shapes will probably be comfortably surfed in bigger and better waves than it was originally intended.

The overall look is pretty space-age with a flat low entry rocker and a wide bat-tail to help carry speed and prevent bogging down through the flats and fat sections of the wave. Paddling is the key to catching weaker waves, and the flatter rocker will assist in that department.

Kelly says; “The Sci-Fi is a board that has an inverted round tail curve. If you take those lines, cut and invert them, they form this bat tail of sorts. It's a throwback to a board I had as a kid in that way. This tail has tons of area and a relatively flat rocker that helps with lift and planing. The tail and bottom curves give a nice lift and bite but also allow a very manoeuvrable board with good control. I like the quad version for such a large area but the Thruster has a great feel here also. Maybe I'll try it as a twin fin. Any other reasons you picked this board? When Tomo and I started surfing his boards together, this one really stuck out to me and so we tuned it in for what seemed unique and performed well. It looks like a novelty idea but once you ride a wave it's clear it's anything but that”.

The Sci-Fi is the shortboard Kelly road on the now famous unveiling of his wave-pool, yes it's a perfect wave but you can definitely see the potential.

Firewire's Linear Flex Technology (LFT) has proven itself over the last couple of years to be the go-to construction for the perfect blend of durability and flex. LFT features an 18mm wide composite Springer HD Suspension System that runs the length of the board (in effect a space age stringer) and is overlaid with a top-deck sheet to improve the boards resistance to 'ridging' often seen on traditional PU boards with a wooden stringer. LFT produces a feel somewhat akin to a brand-new PU board, but with a huge hike in durability, this will last for the lifespan of the board! Enjoy the lively sensation of a brand new board with the added durability of modern sandwich construction.

Why not trade in your old or unwanted board against a new Slater Designs? Fire us an email with some good quality photos of your board and an honest and detailed appraisal outlining any dings, damage and repairs and we'll get back to you with a provisional valuation ASAP. Any questions you have about Slater Designs surfboards or any other surfing related subject, just email info@boardshop.co.uk or give us a ring on 0044 (0) 1243 674250 we love talking surfing!

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Overall Customer Rating

19 Customer Reviews - Read Them (19)

5 out of 5 stars

Amazing surfboard and service
This is my second SCI FI surfboard and is my favourite surfboard ever after 20 years of surfing ! I'm 5ft 10 and 82 kg and I ride a 5ft 9. It paddles like a dream and goes in 1-6ft waves like no other. Rode it in solid double overhead waves and went better than my 6ft 0 PU board. These boards are so lively and fast, it makes your surfing feel new again. Highly recommended it. Also a 10/10 to Boardshop for their service, products and overall shopping experience.
Confident and inspiring!
I finally got a chance to try the board in head high clean waves. It was one of the best surfs I've ever had! The sc fi just makes surfing fun and fast! If you get a chance get one!
Sexy Beast - Believe the hype
My boyfriend hired the Kelly Slater Design Sci-fi Surfboard when he went away on holiday and absolutely fell in love with it instantaneously. Once arriving on his holiday, he could not stop talking about the board and sent me many pictures of it.
I did a little research on the board as a Christmas idea and I must admit, for someone that doesn’t surf; I could see the attraction. I went onto the board shop website and I found the exact same board that my boyfriend could not stop admiring.

In the end I couldn’t help myself and so I decided to surprise him with the one gift, which I knew would go down a treat; the board. How great a girlfriend am I?

As stated previously, I am not a surfer myself and so I had no prior knowledge of any surfboards. However, it is quite evident that this board is top of the range, both in customer service of the purchase and the product itself. Rodger and Ian both offered a very professional service to help me buy the perfect gift for my boyfriend, which has also allowed me to gain a greater understanding on surfboards.

Furthermore, the website is really user friendly and I was appreciative of how much detail was given for all products, especially for someone who is clueless in this industry. I would just like to thank Rodger and Ian once again for selling me an amazing product with great customer service. The board is now identified as ‘Gal’ aka Wonder woman) and now sleeps in the bed next to him. I have been pushed to sleep on the floor (the only downside). I think it’s obvious that my gift was very successful with the boyfriend this Christmas and so I know I’ll be returning!
Thank you to the board shop and for making my boyfriend’s dreams come true. I cannot wait to see my boyfriend test her out on the water – I’m sure I’ll be making an even better review. Great service, very helpful and fast response!

********** FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS **********

Kind Regards and Many Thanks

Amazing service
The boards are always difficult to evaluate because it's very personal. This is my second sci fi because it's definitely one of the best boards i owned.
But was really amazing was the service! I wrote many emails before and always had a very quick reply in the best way possible. That made me confident enough to order such expensive board online. I ordered it on a Friday night and it arrived on a Thursday morning so well packed that I think it would be impossible to have any damage. Flawless! Many thanks
so good I bought a second one!
Rider: 40 years old, 90kg, 6'0 and intermediate level surfing mostly reefs and punchy beach breaks

Board: 6'0 x 20 x 2 11/16 Sci Fi using Large FCS II MF fins

I bought this board on the hype as I was looking for something to give me more pivot in my turns and it definitely delivered in spades. My first surf was on an overhead day with clean open steep faces and the amount of grip in the bottom turn was great but it was when I went to carve long drawn out too turns off close out sections that I noticed the grip on the face was savage and allowed for more force to be placed into turns and to get a lot more lean into the face of the wave in the bottom and more layback in the front hand turns without the board sliding out and leaving me on my backside. The board creates speed very well through the lift supplied and the ability to pivot the board to gain traction in trimming. I found it easy to get into waves as the additional lift in the tail allows it to plane fast into the waves. The deck has zero compression dings after constant riding since November which is great. The Slater Designs tailpad didn't stick to the surface at the very back around the kicker. I ended up buying a second Sci Fi in the 6'1 x 20 1/4 x 2 3/4 for smaller days when I needed more volume but still wanted performance and it had the same problem with the tailpad not sticking but it goes to show that the board was so good I bought it twice!
Servizio perfetto
Surf ordinato lunedì pomeriggio consegnato in Italia venerdì in perfette condizioni.. bravi!!!
Holy $*!#
So just back from a trip on an island in the Atlantic with 5 guys and just as many new surfboards. After 10 years we all decided it was time to invest in new boards. We had with us a 611 Sci Fi, a 5'11 Omni, a 6'4 Greedy Beaver, a 5'10 Almond Butter and a 7'6 Seaxe. We surfed punchy hollow beach breaks, gentle take off beach breaks with fast inside sections, long left pointbreaks with diverse sections and mushy conditions. We passed the boards around so everyone could get a feeling for them despite being of very different heights, weights and athletic fitness.

So the Sci Fi was my big bet, a performance shortboard, shorter than any board I've ever owned but with equivalent volume. Looks like a board for young ultra fit super light Groms... At 83 kg with a 6'1 in hand I started wondering if I was completely off target. This thing takes off on anything, its insane. My best session of the trip was on a nice powerful and hollow beach break with overhead and a half sets with a very fast very radical take off. The Sci Fi is so fast and so nimble it fulfilled all my wishes of what a short board should be. Its like I wasted 10 years of surfing with my 6'6... I was carving backside and it felt like I was on a rail, completed bottom turns practically lying down in front of the wave. I was flying through sections, paddling around the whole line up catching everything in sight and driving guys crazy (it was a first in my surfing career and felt pretty damn good!).

The cons of this board is that it is extremely reactive so doesn't forgive small mistakes and it doesn't like choppy conditions. I hit a couple chops on some waves and literally flew over the handle bars. I don't even dare imagine how this board is going to perform in super glassy offshore conditions.

Ian's advice on size and volume was perfect despite my endless doubts and questions. Service at boardshop is really perfect.
Crazy good! Believe the hype and jump on the band wagon
I knew it was going to be a fun board as everyone I knew who had one raved about them. Wow wow wee wah they are unbelievably fun. It was a last minute purchase for me having broken a board the day before heading to aus. I was lucky enough to take it for its first outing in perfect winkipop and i have never felt a board with so much control and speed. I bored the people I was with senseless for 10 days until a few of them buckled and bought the same... They are loving theirs too...
Perfectly packed, the two boards arrived totally undamaged, and very fast.
I've been surfing for 40yrs and in that time rode just as many boards.This sci-fi is the best board i've ever ridden.It has loads of float,catches waves so easy and turns on a dime.what more does anyone need?The guys at boardshop were really professional and very helpful in finding that magic board...Thanks again guys
Mind Blown
A Magic Carpet ride
Great service,very helpful and fast response! I am very pleased with everything and will be shopping here more in the future ✌
That sci phi is an absolute corker of a board
That sci phi is an absolute corker of a board, took a little bit to get used to not having to paddle like a maniac to catch waves! Surfed a local break the other day with some good wedgy ramps, the extra float and speed, confidently landed a nice front side air re-entry! Lovely mate, thanks loads!

Right on!
Superb Board
Had the Sci Fi out in a range of conditions with a range of different fin set ups. Takes steep drops like a beast - very much what you'd get from a high performance short board (except with a much easier paddle due to surface area under your chest). When the waves got slack it wasn't able to 'do its thing' like a groveler or SUP would but once it got on a decent chest / head high wall , it was easily the highest performing board I've ever stepped on. You can pivot so tightly on this thing it's insane! In terms of fin set up, it was a big mistake going for the quad as it made it too loose, thruster felt the best by a mile (think thats due to the wide surface area in the tail). To sum up - it's a high performance machine that'll go insnae in chest to head n half waves! Get one!!!
Turns on a dime, catches waves easy
The crazy outline of this board is one to get used to but the feel of the board on the water soon makes you forget about the shape and focus more on the performance. The board paddles in easily and then planes across the surface making turns and trimming along the face really easy. Picks up speed from nothing and allows you to make sections. Build quality feels good, just hope I never have to repair it as it looks too damn good from new!
best all round board i've ever had
I totally love the sci-fi - best all round board i've ever had(smaller than normal fins....and slightly more volume than my standard boards...but you don't notice the extra volume strangely....and it takes step drops unlike most all rounders), and probably the first time I would go away with a one board quiver (I won't....but I could!) - needs a deccent wave or at least wave with some push....superb board
That sci fi is so good! First board in a couple years that I've jumped on and feels perfect! So stoked!
That sci fi is so good! First board in a couple years that I've jumped on and feels perfect! So stoked!
Super drivey, loads of grip but loose and really easy to surf! It's so drivey on rail but if you go into the lip it releases and pushes the fins out easily! Such fun 2 surfs yesterday which is rare on a new board Glad I went up the litre as I think the 5'6 would have been too loose and would have sacrificed drive Thanks for sorting it out
great board for better surfers
Had 8 days of testing in good waves (3-12 ft faces, not OZ scale, waist to well Overhead, from glassy to mush) on my 6'0 / 33,x L. I am 6'4, 87 kg, 43 y, solid intermediate, holiday warrior, very fit. Great allround board, goes well in anything from 3-10 ft faces. Paddles and catches well, true to its volume. Lots of drive & control once going, not stiff at all, really fun. Board prefers a bit of wall to really show its magic (a tad less playful in super steep walls). Medium to low rails, foiled out shape, so sensitive but not nervous at all (but not a beginners board!). 20' width in quite a short package - get it as short / small as you dare as the front foot wants to sit a bit before center with the back foot all back. Really love the board at the size I got, has become my go to board in all smaller conditions (2 to 4 ft) and for any high tide walls for its speed.
Only had a couple of surfs but I think the hype might be true!!

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