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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee With this Surfboard - Don’t like it? swap it

Lost Puddle Jumper RP surfboard Carbon Wrap 5ft 8 Futures - White

30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
Lost Surfboards
Lost Puddle Jumper RP surfboard Carbon Wrap 5ft 8 Futures - White
Lost Puddle Jumper RP surfboard Carbon Wrap 5ft 8 Futures - White Lost Puddle Jumper RP surfboard Carbon Wrap 5ft 8 Futures - White

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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
Lost Surfboards
18 Customer Reviews - Read Them (18)

5 out of 5 stars

"This is the best small wave board I have ever ridden. I have never made a claim like that about any board before" Matt Biolos.

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  • Name The Lost Puddle Jumper Round Tail Carbon Wrap surfboard 5ft 8
  • Ability Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume 33 litres
  • Conditions Anything from knee to over head high waves
  • Construction PU and foam with carbon Wrap
  • Dimensions 5ft 8 x 21 x 2.5
  • Fin system Futures Five Fin
  • Fins Included No

Product Details

The Lost Puddle Jumper Round Pintail surfboard in Carbon Wrap construction. Essentially the same board as the Puddle Jumper that has been such a smash hit this year but with a round tail. Why bother you might think, well the idea is to give the board more top end performance in faster, punchier waves. So many people love this board and want to surf it in everything, the addition of the round tail with a little more rocker makes this possible. You might well choose a board size 1-2" bigger than the squash tail version if you are intending to surf it in bigger waves. The Puddle Jumper RP unlike the previous Domesticated boards like the RV and Bottom Feeder, features a concave bottom that transitions into Vee out through the tail. The wide template makes wave catching simple and maintain down the line glide and stability. The introduction of the concave increases lift and along with the pronounced rail curve lends itself to top-to-bottom, rail-to-rail surfing. The relatively straight rail line and Vee in the tail keep the board moving forward and able to hold in when executing hard carving manoeuvres. " This is the best small wave surfboard I have ever ridden. I have never made a claim like that about any board before" Matt Biolos.

The patented carbon wrap technology is designed to increase drive and allow positive tail flex providing a lively, next level performance based board that will propel your surfing into the next level. It adds speed to the Puddle Jumper without siffening up the performance.

The Carbon Wrap is a performance driven glassing technology that uses a strategically placed carbon and epoxy glassing construction to finish the board. Designed to reduce the weight of the surfboard whilst maintaining strength and the optimum flex. Unlike many carbon epoxy glassing hybrids the Carbon Wrap is designed to prevent stiffness in the flex, in particular the flex through the tail. The patented Carbon Wrap construction eliminates a standard wooden stringer and alters all traditional flex principles. Flaring the carbon out towards the rail utilizes the contortional twist creating optimum flex and drive. It is the unique method of wrapping these carbon bands from the bottom of the board, and around the rail onto the deck that provides the unique load and release.

Don't forget you can also order a customised version of this board choosing your exact dims, fin set up and fin system, check out our customiser service at Boardshop right now. All you need to do is pump in the details and pay a £100 deposit with the balance due when we send you the board, average build time is 6-8 weeks. Also quite a few of the chaps here surf this board, or have surfed it plus we talk to lots of surfers and take on their feedback so we are here to chat about this or any other board, just give us a call on (44) 01243 674250

Boardshop is stoked to be a key partner for Lost surfboards across Europe and beyond. The staff here have surfed pretty much every board in the range at some time or another and we speak to surfers from all over the world and get their feedback on how the boards perform in all sorts of conditions so we're well placed to talk about all aspects of Lost surfboards. We're happy to consider trading in your old board against a new board, so If you have any questions about this we'd be delighted to answer them and advise on any potential board choices or enquiries you might have, just drop us an email to info@boardshop.co.uk or call us on 0044 (0) 1243 674250.

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Overall Customer Rating

18 Customer Reviews - Read Them (18)

5 out of 5 stars

Feels like a jet board
I purchased the board 1 ½ month ago. First I was a bit sceptical. Ian recomended a 6’0 with 40L. I’m 178cm and 73kg. That was a lot for me. Every one said that it was huge! But at the end I was the one with a smile on my face. The first wave I took, it felt like I was on a jet board. The board paddles so easy. Wave count goes up! But the best thing is its stability and manoeuvrability. Maybe I fell twice in the last 1 ½ month. When you get on your feed, the board goes down the wave, no matter what conditions. That gives you a lot of confidence for for your surfing. On top it is super easy to turn, really skaty feeling. You wouldnt expect that from a board with so much volume. It made me actually improve my surfing.
I surfed the board in powerful head to overhead waves in Bali and the board performed really great and felt fantastic under my feed. Then I surfed it in north of Spain this summer and the board was just incredible. Catched so many waves, had so much fun. Amazing travel board for me. Thanks Ian for the recommendation. You absolutely hit it! I would go probably for a 5’10 after all but I’m definetely glad that you went for the 6’0 and made sure that I had enough volume (its a bigger problem when you don’t have enough volume).
One negative thing: I bought the PU version and the glassing doesn’t feel so resistant. The board had a lot of dings after quite a short time. Had better glassings with other brands.
Service and shipping was perfect. Would definetely buy at Boardshop Uk again!
Cheers. Alex
Brilliant board
Really happy with this purchase. Bit worried going down from a 7'6 to this but it floats really well. I'm 6 foot and weigh 12 stone so works well for me. Picks up speed fast when you catch the wave and really responsive. Great board and looks nice too.
Perfect board for the Med
Catches everything and lets you perform turns and snappy manoeuvres in mush. It handles also bigger, more powered waves (like 4-5 foot). Best small wave board I have ever ridden (i rode a lot like chumlee, sweet potato, many fishes, and own a FW BakedPotato and a Tomo Evo).

Carbon wrap contributes to the reactive feeling of the board and looks nice. However, durability is to be seen , as bumps have started to appear in the deck's nose are (no direct footsteps there) and the colour seems unstable after 3 days of surfing (board always protected from sunlight and heat except when in the water).

Stoked with how the board rides! I have the feeling it will help a lot to improve my skills.
Will go for a PJHP in winter.

Boardshop service is brilliant, as usual.
Excellent board
Bought and tried in a variety of conditions (waist high slop, surf snowdonia, overhead and clean) and this board performs in everything. It paddles easily, catches waves easily and for a high volume board it turns very easily and grips well. It glides over the flat sections with ease and I couldn't recommend it more. I'm 6 foot and a little under 100kgs withe the 6'2" puddle jumper RP and it is perfect for the lower end of the wave spectrum but will handle the waves if it gets bigger.
The lack of second hand versions available on the market shows that people are buying these and not selling them on for a reason!
Love my Puddle Jumper RP!
I live in Manly, Australia but just want to share my love for the Puddle Jumper RP with anyone thinking in getting one!
A bit of context: I'm 1.65cm and between 60/65kg, beginner/intermediate level (an infinite learner...) in my 30s. I surf mainly on the weekends (if I'm lucky might do it on a week day too, but generally just surf on the weekends).
I got a PJ RP 5'6'' (30L) and right after my first session with it I can tell straightaway that this board is absolutely amazing. The waves were so weak and small today that almost everyone in the water were with longboards. I thought I'd better go back home and grab my funboard (a 6'6'' Softech, 50ish L) if I dreamed about catching a wave but I gave it a go and to my surprise I managed to catch all the waves I paddled. Although I have only surfed it once, I found it amazingly responsive, stable and fast! Couldn't believe I could get that speed in such small waves and how responsive it was.
I found it very easy to paddle and duck-dive with it and it's so stable that on my last wave I managed to go down and lie on my board as I was getting to the shore (something I only saw those who had good control of the board to do it :)
Hope whoever is considering buying this board finds it helpful and I can't wait to try it in bigger conditions!
Perfect Board / good service
I'm 183cm / 80kg and in my late 30ties. Bought the RP in 6'2 for lotsa floatation and paddling speed in summer and still being able to take on bigger swell in portugese Autumn. Perfect service and shipping within a few days to germany.
Totally recommended.
5'8 and about 70kg. Bought the board in 5'8 - absolutely fantastic board and help in choosing the right one. Roger and the team listened and were really helpful in fulfilling my board needs. The board itself is great for Welsh waves. Seems to catch everything, absolutely flies on the wave and is really responsive too. Haven't used it in really grovelly conditions yet, but from the way it catches waves I think it'll fly into them too. Cheers guys!
Amazing 5*
Really impressed with this board, I am 95kg (when Im not drinking) and this board still effortlessly glides across the water. It is super easy to paddle and really does work in tiny waves like a super agility longboard. Extremely surprising board would highly recommend this to anyone after a grovler type board or even an introduction to shortboards!
Great board!!!
181 cm 74 kgs... great board for me!!! Quick delivery to sweden!!!! Great help in choosing size!!! Very pleased!!!
It's such a great little board!
I was able to give my PJ RP some real testing (Brittany/Denmark) and I have to say that all the waiting was worth it. It's such a great little board! It took me a bit to get used to it but now I love it even more. Almost a one board quiver, I used it in waves from one foot onshore mush to really decent waves in La Torche and it went great with so many options to trim with the fins/finsize
A keeper for sure
It's a ripper! Just got back from a few days on the Scottish north coast and surfed it in some pretty decent waves. Snagged a few at Thurso this morning.
Took it to Cornwall too where it went well in the onshore junk. It's definitely not an out-and-out groveller but that's no bad thing. A keeper for sure.
Brilliant service and board
The help and service from the board shop was brilliant and friendly with prompt replys to email and super advice. The lost puddle jumper Rp was the board they pointed me towards and it is perfect for my limited skill's and it works in the terrible inconsistent swells of the norfolk coast!!
lost round pin carbon wrap
I have owned the original pj and was a great board, but sold it to get a lib tech then the round pin came out and changed my mind as i really like the feel of a round pin and i haven't been disapointed the surf i've been hasn't been the best but the board went really really well picks up waves early and i defo feel there is something to the carbon wrap tech i would highly recommend getting you're lost board in the tech.
A happy couple!
I recently bought the OG Puddle Jumper for the small days at my local beachie. It totally lives up to the hype- it is a grovel machine. I've never had a board that can generate so much speed. However, much and all as I loved it, ours was a funny relationship. I found it a little flat and although super-manoeuvrable you really need to get that back foot in the right place to get the most from it. But when you do it is absolutely epic! I bought the 5'6 and at 33L it seemed just a bit on the corky side even for a groveller. I'm 5'11/74kg.
So I decided to give the rp version a try. I can't understand why Matt Biolos says essentially it's the same board except we've changed the rocker and slimmed the tail in the last 18" and also the volumes are sized differently. All those changes how could it be the same board? Well, honestly, in a nutshell..it's not. It surfs nothing like its older brother. It isn't in the same league as a groveller nor does it blast out of the gates like the OG with enough speed to make your face melt. It is however, easier to surf, smoother, has better bite in turns, and holds a beautiful line in hollow waves. It's still very fast and for someone like me who is more used to a modern shortboard, it is a better fit. It's kind of like the woman you should marry. If you want a wild crazy chick who will party all night, be awesome in the sack but be gone in the morn with your wallet..get the OG. I wanted that in my 20s (well maybe not the wallet bit!) but now just touching 40 give me fun, reliable, can take anywhere any day! I must be getting old! Buy either you won't regret it!
Enjoy :)
Wonderful board
It is much better than I expected.
Great service from board shop.
Thank you from Portugal
User-friendly, yet sharp and fun, fun, fun!
I've been riding the 5'10" for around 3 months as my only board. I'm 5'11" and around 13.25st and am getting back into my surfing after a pretty long break. First thing is how easy it paddles and catches waves - now I'm fitter and quicker to my feet, I could of easily gone a 5'8" or less, but the volume isn't affecting performance at all. The board is really responsive with tight turns and snaps in the pocket possible, yet it is really stable and fast, so it glides and flows on the fatter stuff. It just does everything. I've surfed it in everything - beachies, reefs and points: short, long, clean, messy, hollow, fat - it's only been out of its league once in well-overhead chop where there it was too high in the water and there was too much planing surface to get it on a rail at speed - but that's more me being stupid for taking it out. If you're intermediate, it'll help you improve; if you're advanced you'll be amazed at it how it can both float AND shred in anything up from knee-high to a couple of feet overhead. And buying from Boardshop was great - board arrived the next morning and was in the salt that afternoon!
Lost Puddle Jumper
Great service from that guys at board shop, had the board custom made and it arrived on time and looks great can't wait to give it a go however am giving it a couple extra weeks cure time just to be safe.
You can do everything super easy
I'm back to Lanza, I surfed Famara onshore, and good small glassy Jameos and San Juan.
My first impression is that he board is incredibily easy to surf. You can do everything super easy: paddle, botoms, top turns an especialy connect sections. I feel a lot lot of volume every time and is a strange feeling but when you are surfing, the board makes you surf better without effort. Is not a femme fatale but a god girl for a long and profitable long term relationship. Good investment after all.
Thanks for the advices, I'm very happy and 100% satisfyed.
Cheers Joan.

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