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Firewire LFT Evo Surfboard 5ft 6 FCS II - White

Firewire LFT Evo Surfboard 5ft 6 FCS II - White
Firewire LFT Evo Surfboard 5ft 6 FCS II - White Firewire LFT Evo Surfboard 5ft 6 FCS II - White

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37 Customer Reviews - Read Them (37)

5 out of 5 stars

It flows from rail to rail like its levitating, works amazingly in a great range of waves. Without doubt the fastest board we have ever surfed.

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  • Name The Firewire LFT Evo surfboard 5' 6"
  • Ability Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume 32.2 litres
  • Conditions Anything from knee to overhead waves
  • Construction EPS Interior Foam/Composite Deck Skin/LFT Composite Springer HD/Fibreglass and Epoxy Resin
  • Dimensions 5ft 6 x 19.75 x 2.562
  • Fin system FCS II Five Fin
  • Fins Not included

Product Details

The Firewire LFT Evo surfboard. The latest board from Tomo pushes surfboard design again. Having it under your arm puts a huge smile on your face, the anticipation of surfing it is almost too much! We had a chance to have a quick surf on a 5' 5" and although smaller than you'd choose here's what happened: even at this small length it paddled really easily, even in choppy conditions the nose didn't catch. The sheer width of the thing meant it paddled in nice and easy and felt fast, popping up the board feels super stable but very lively. It flows from rail to rail so easily its unreal, Tomo says it feels like its levitating, he's not wrong! Its super smooth and turns easily, an instant smile guaranteed. The smoothy curvy outline really works, it still feels like it'll hold in bigger stuff but for anything knee to head its going to be the surfboard of choice. The deep channels give it its drive, presumably what Tomo refers to as the 'double inside single concave into split quad concave planing hull' means the channels. Even Slater said it felt faster than a standard board after that short interlude at the Gold Coast comp.

Board size is tricky, no hard and fast rule here, use your usual volume as a guide and ride it as short as you dare. Tomo boards work really well in LFT tech, heres the info the new Linear Flex Technology (LFT) replaces the Rapidfire internal carbon rods with an 18mm wide composite Springer HD Suspension System that runs from nose to tail and includes a top-deck sheet to improve compression resistance. This high density insert creates additional strength through the centre with increased flex through the tail. The EPS top sheet buffer above the HD Springer allows for some compression but without the raised ridge and cracking that can occur with traditional wooden stringer surfboards. LFT delivers plenty of 'TWANG' in and out of your turns and creates the fast-twitch flex response that gives the surfer the feedback and return desired. LFT at last brings the perfect blend of a brand-new traditional PU 'board feel' with the added durability of modern sandwich construction.

Boardshop is stoked to be a key partner for Firewire surfboards across Europe and beyond, we've been with them since the very start. Firewire surfboards are more durable than other surfboard manufacturing processes, and for 90% of surfers they will improve your surfing. Firewire is pushing the limits of applying new technology and innovation to surfboard design and always has an eye on the environmental impact of what they do, they truly are different to the other board companies out there. Firewire have come a long way since the early boards and the range of shapes and tech just gets better and better. A big chunk of the boards in the range are perfectly suited to the waves that 90% of us surf on a regular basis so if you haven't already give them a try. The staff here have surfed pretty much every board in the Firewire range at some time or another and we speak to surfers from all over the world and get their feedback on how the boards perform in all sorts of conditions so we're well placed to talk about all aspects of Firewire surfboards.

We're happy to consider trading in your old board against a new Firewire, so If you have any questions about this we'd be delighted to answer them and advise on any potential board choices or enquiries you might have, just drop us an email to info@boardshop.co.uk or call us on 0044 (0) 1243 674250.

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Overall Customer Rating

37 Customer Reviews - Read Them (37)

5 out of 5 stars

Buy this board
So, I have just returned from my first surf on my brand spanking new Evo at my local break, Manorbier in Pembrokeshire. I have surfed that spot probably 1000 times in the last 30 years, and even though today was a bit storm-swelly mushy onshore, it was probably the best surf I’ve ever had there. Why? The evo.

I cannot get over how quick this board was to catch the wave, and accelerate into the first turn. It’s like it has a flux capacitor stored somewhere in the bottom contours. It just lifted off so fast, catching the wave was ridiculously easy. At least three times I thought I’d missed the takeoff but the board refused to give up and just deposited me right back where I needed to be.

The board is super loose, but in no way sketchy or twitchy. It somehow felt both incredibly solid and skatey at the same time. It also handled late drops, it felt so stable - just plonking my front foot down was like hitting the accelerator pedal. It took 15 years off my snaps, put an inch on my biceps, restored my hairline and even made me better looking.

Sections schmections, the board whipped round crumbling mush and put me back in the pocket without me really even trying. It was laughably easy to surf. So I laughed, several times.

I once read an article in Surfer magazine, where the author talked about ‘the legions if the unjazzed’ (non surfers). Honestly, if you’ve not ridden an Evo you are at risk of being unjazzed. I have just been playing jazz flute like Ron Burgundy and this board made me feel so young that I may go and buy some Levi 501s and start listening to Neneh Cherry again.

Sick, sick board.

I’m 44, 5’10", 12st. I have a 5’9" Evo.

Great, fast and maneuverable board
It's the first time that I buy a board online. It's an unconventional shape and I was a little bit skeptical. It's a fantastic board! Easy to paddle, very fast on the wave, and with a great maneuverability. The speed is really impressive on this one. Just love it!
The shopping experience was also one of a kind!. Great team, good advices, responsive… It's now my go to shop!
Best service ever
I usually never buy boards online, but these guys have changed my mind forever. You can really feel that surfing is their passion, the service they provided, made feel completly secure, and shipping to Denmark only took 3 days. GREAT JOB BOARDSHOP.CO.UK.
Evo 5'10
Great and immediate results with this board. So fast and manouverable, a real fun stick in good sized winter surf here on the cotes basques. Amazing service by the boardshop, only took a few days to arrive and I was home from surfing early season cold winter pow in Tignes to powerful glassy offshores within days of each other. Looking forward to a long and productive relationship with this board. Thanks guys!
Great service, great board
Board arrived at my home in only 3 days, in perfect condition. Already tried it and felt amazing, made paddling so much easy and is really fast. Looking forward to catch some nice waves this winter with this EVO.
Perfect for most days in the UK
Been trying to find something to sit between my Baked potato and SCI PHI and the Evo fits perfectly.
My go board between 3-6ft
Spent a while surfing it as a quad and liked it a lot but in my opinion it really needs a thruster setup to get it working top to bottom.
If your surfing dredging barrels all the time the quad it has to be but for most days three fins all the way.
I use the Firewire template fin.
I'm 5'10 75kg and got the 5'4
It has quickly become my favourite board
Good groveller that also goes well in Solid Overhead French barrels...surprisingly!
This is my 2nd EVO. The first I ordered at my typical volume (28-29) but just didn't have the get up and go speed I expected as from previous Tomo's such as the Vanguard. However, recently bought a 5'6 to give it another try. I wanted it as a UK groveller (UK waves need more foam, and so does the added weight of your wet wetsuit). The 5'4 lacked paddle speed for hussling and hassling in the line-up, and really needed an exagerrated "cork effect" style take-off. The 5'6 however just had that added volume to negate the above. Despite the tails width, I felt you could really push it into turns. Much whippier than the Vanguard / Vadar, but still felt solid and lacked the skatiness of the Sci Fi. As long as it's on a rail then it'll hold. Even took it out in the run of solid swell before Ophelia in Lacanau. Heavy, hollow and overhead I thought would be it's nightmare. However it felt fast, responsive but also predicatable even though it was grossly over powered. This and the Omni together is basically your entire travel quiver, done! If these were both in Helium tech as well...wow. They'd be the most complete 2 board travel quiver and the lightest!
Thanks to Ian's advise i choose a 6.0 ( i'm 6'2", 230 pound) it was perfect for me. the board ride very very well in mushy italian wave too. My previous small wave was a lost couch potato. The evo is faster and more manouvrable. Having a little problem with shipping, promptly solved by boardshop's team. Awesome service pre and post sales
Love it
I bought a 5'9 (I'm 6'2 / 90Kgs intermediate), and was slightly apprehensive about getting something so short. Ian gave great advice and I went with his suggestion of the 5'9. Haven't surfed it in decent waves yet but love what I've seen so far. With this volume I think it grovels better than I had expected. In bigger waves it handles late drops and critical take off's easily and flies down the line.
Evo Tomo LFT Futures 5' 8"
.... further to my review of the board, I would like to add that from the outset my communication with Boardshop.co.uk has been first rate. Their customer service is exemplary. The trade-in facility is impressive with co-ordination of delivery of the new board and despatch of my two trade-in boards: this was unusual as I had two Aloha boards to trade-in, but Ian was quick to see how my request could be accommodated. In all respects I would choose to use Boardshop.co.uk again and will recommend it to everyone I know.
Evo Tomo LFT Futures 5' 8"
Buying this board was 'a leap of faith' as the design and dimensions differ significantly from the 6' 4" Tuflite Simon Anderson Molusc I have been using for the last three years. In a fair range of conditions, and set up as a quad, this board is a delight already. It is really responsive and fast, enabling me to engage with a wider range of waves than ever before. At 65 and 11 stone the advice I received from Boardshop.co.uk from Ian and Dave about which size board might suit me best was ideal. The first couple of sessions were great fun and thereafter my understanding of how the board performs grew quickly. I have always thought the Simon Anderson board was excellent, but this one is even better suited to me and how I want to surf.
Great Service
Really happy with the product
Evo. Awesome
Well im a big ass chunky guy.
Bought this. But normally ride much bigger boards....NOW THEN....I HEARD A BIT ABOUT DECK DENTING ETC...BUT IVE JUST DONE 2 WEEKS IN SRI LANKA SURFING IN NOWT BUT SHORTS 15.5 DTONE HEAVY ON MY KNEES. ETC JUST GOT BACK TO UK...NOT A SINGLE PRESSURE BUMP....It rode great...easy take offs...solid in the turns...full rail turns. Really responsive. No hype just really recomend. Id happily buy another.im happy with the build quality. Boom
Great Customer Service
Haven't had the board out on the water yet, but Ian was great with offering me genuine advice and sorting out a board bag in time before my holiday. Would happily recommend and can't wait to try out the board!
Board arrived in perfect order so thanks to your warehouse and despatch team
Hi Ian

Board arrived in perfect order so thanks to your warehouse and despatch team. I'm sure it will be perfect when I get it wet. Will let you know in due course.

Thanks once again for the excellent service and advice

Board arrived in perfect order so thanks to your warehouse and despatch team
Hi Ian

Board arrived in perfect order so thanks to your warehouse and despatch team. I'm sure it will be perfect when I get it wet. Will let you know in due course.

Thanks once again for the excellent service and advice

I'm in love
I always wrote these boards off as a bit of a gimmick, then I had a go on a friends and bought one the next day.
I've ridden it about a dozen times now and am yet to find any negatives.
It absolutely flies in typical weak British surf, though it does take a bit of getting used to when it's overhead.
Probably the most fun board I've ever owned.
Next board will be another Tomo
Hands down the best board I've ridden.

Tomo boards have been on my radar for a few years, finally bit the bullet.. wish I had done so sooner. It is incredible.

I'm 6 foot, 82KG, average surfer, normally ride a 6'4", went on the cautious side length wise and got the 5'8". In hindsight I should have gone shorter.

Have taken the board out for a fews sessions at points and reefs and have to say no other board is as much fun or does so much for my surfing.

If I had to there's only two things I could say that aren't good, but aren't bad either.

Duck diving:
If you're coming from a standard short board you may notice it's a bit different to duck dive. The wider nose doesn't dive as easily .. just takes a bit of getting used to, by the second session I wasn't noticing it.

Strong cross shores:
Surfed twice in strong cross shores (20-25 miles per hour) and the wind can catch the nose a bit when rotating through turns. Not really a problem, but if you're used to short boards you may notice it on very windy days.

Alright, the good stuff..

Incredible. Nothing I've ever ridden comes even close. Nearly every session someone has commented on the speed. I've played with many fin set ups over the years and fast fins usually take away some level of control, like the board becomes a bit jittery under foot as if it can't handle the speed. The Evo is both insanely fast and totally in control at the same time but still reacts to subtle movements when you want it to go somewhere.

Take off:
The drops blew me away. When the board hits the transition it feels as if the entire board is being lifted completely above the water - a rush of speed follows!! Enjoy!

Like a snowboard.. put it wherever you want. Shorter models must be ridiculous. Have not loaded any other board on a bottom turn the way I have this one.

I bought Hayden Shapes Large Futures Quad rear fins to go with this board and used the Roberts Honeycomb Large thrusters I already own as front fins. This combo works well for me.

Only thing I'd suggest is don't be afraid to go short.. if I was buying this model again I would go for the 5'6".

Firewire LFT:
Had never ridden LFT before, feels good, and no pressure dings on the deck so far.

This board is great in both good and average waves. In my experience so far 4 to 5 foot walls bring out the magic - the drops, the loaded bottom turns, the speed and control all come together to deliver the best surfing I've done.

Board bag:
Only mentioning this here so nobody gets caught out. When ordering this board I also ordered the Global System 10mm 5'10" shortboard bag. The 5'8" Evo fits this bag but it is VERY snug, my advice would be to get the 5'12" bag or go for a fish bag as they have a wider nose. I didn't go for a fish bag because I don't like the look of them. It was my first time buying anything Global System, they're good quality and would recommend.

Good folks to deal with, everything was shipped within a day.

Would I recommend this board?
Without hesitation. This is the best board I've ever surfed.
Better FLOW is what you get!
This board is really innovative! Just forget what you knew about surfboard dimensions and give it a try!

First try on chest to head high clean surf in Port Louis Guadeloupe, and I can tell there is no lie about this board... Fast, smooth, stable and reactive, it gives me some more flow!

Just make sure you don't take it too big:
mine is 5'3 (27.4L), it paddles and floats like my 5'10 hellfire (29.4L), catches the waves just as easily, and feels like bigger would'not be better. (I'm 6'1 - 165lbs)
Firewire Evo LFT
Amazing board...fast and loose...fast as in speed generated and ability to control. Loose as in very responsive in any direction change from weight input. Great paddle ability puts you into the wave early and then the feeling is like no other surfboard I've tried. A true magic carpet! Boardshop a big thank-you for your help, advice and excellent service. Now I need an Omni to complete the set!!
Seriously love it - Even in the north sea ;-)
The board is an absolute stunner period.

But before I'll go into more detail I first want to state how great the guys of boardshop have been with their service. Seriously guys, being dutch I'm not really familiair with the British dictionary but I'm pretty sure that if I were to look up 'Service' there would be a picture of Ian giving the thumbs up ;-) Something went wrong with the delivery and the way you solved it was second to none and made me an even bigger fan.

OK, the way the surfs. I live in Holland and surf crappy, wind chop waves (and still love it) but I was really in doubt about buying the evo and even more so because I bought it 5,5 (30,5L) where I normally buy boards around 33 liters. The board feels really stable and easy to paddle even in small waves but what I loved most is the way it surfs. From the moment you get up it feels like the wave your riding stays open longer than on your other boards and has way more canvas to work with. In other words the board is really fast but stable at the same time. For me this translates to the bizar sensation of going really fast but feeling like you've got enough time to choose your next section or turn.

All in all. absolutely love it!
Thanks for the advice Ian,had a great session this last weekend on it. The board is a rocket and loads of fun even while getting use to it. Can't wait for this next weekend to rip with it again. Thanks again all!
Best customer service I have ever had and will be buying more stuff from you guys.
I must say you guys have been great! Best customer service I have ever had and will be buying more stuff from you guys.
So thanks again and have an awesome surf. Hopefully get my evo wet this weekend!
Evo magic
Get over the shape ,get over your friends telling you it's a mid life crisis board. And get ready to watch your friends faces when they watch your wave count go through the roof...and then get ready for questions about the speed and change of direction in the pocket...such a good board!
Evo 5'8
Top service, board came down very quick in perfect condition.
Evo surfed it once so far... Does every thing it says on the tin.. Too easy !
Board Nirvana
Board arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the team at Boardshop for the advice on just going with a thruster setup. Have surfed twice on it now and I love it, so much speed and I find the turns are really responsive compared to my last board. This is now my go to board for any conditions, cheers.
Board arrived without a scratch, Ian was spot on with the sizing!
Hi, The boards arrived without a scratch and please tell Ian he was spot on with the Evo sizing, it looks perfect. Cheers Brett
EVO is hands down the future for surfboards
I've ridden every main stream brand board, and this is the only board I've owned which has made me surf better than what I actually am. I would highly recommend you purchase this board as your every day go to board. I have had all my boards from from the guys at boardshop and they offer great value and customer service which is unchallenged by any other companies I've dealt with.
So much fun!
One of the easiest boards I have ever ridden and I've ridden a lot!!catches waves well,so fast and drives round sections and pretty much does what you want.I've ridden it in 2 foot slop and the speed helps with flat sections and solid overhead waves where it handles really well.
I found that my normal volume for a wide short board was spot on.
Boardshop customer care was excellent as I went for a 5'4" at 30 litres and realised it was to big,I hadn't ridden it and called them up,no problem,they swapped it for a 5'3".
Buy your boards from these guys,they know their stuff and after sales is the best.
Fantastic Evo
I was very scared purchasing this board, it's by far the shortest board I've ever paddled and rode, got to grips with it straight away, paddled so fast caught waves with ease, once up I instantly pulled the biggest turns, I've ever done, so forgiving yet so manoeuvrable. For an old intermediate like me there's no better way to progress your surfing
All the speed you can want
At first paddling is feels a little slow but once you get up to a certain speed, even padling it just picks you up , and speed increases dramatically !!
And once up and riding you don't have to think about generating speed . You feel like you have speed to do anything .
Defiantly fastest board ridden in waves with no power but Also it still feels like it can handle bigger and better waves , as still feels high performance.
never going to surf another board probably.
couldn't make up my mind about the evo, i've always been a conventional shortboard kind of surfer but pressure from friends up here finally persuaded me to give it a go. its the best mix of speed, control and fun i've ever come across in a board. Don't think i'll surf it in the big stuff but for everything else its perfect.
lots of speed and Good sensations
First day out with My evo , lots of speed and Good sensations.
I think I need some Time to understand this Board .
Now I want to try it in bigger surf .
I am converted
The EVO is NUTS fastest and weirdest board I have ever surfed. It felt wrong paddling out, like I was on something that broke the nose off in the shorebreak, also weirdly felt small despite volume

First wave was crazy, crap surf but I came off the bottom on my backhand smacked the lip, slid round a bit and literally straightlined dumbfounded!

Bogged a rail on a few turns, put too much into them, mainly I think because I am not used to so much speed – all in all 10 out of 10 though. I am converted
OMG you can't quite believe it does what it does
OMG you can't quite believe it does what it does, looks weird but surfs amazing. Don't think i'll bother with most of my other boards. just got a clean head high secret spot and it absolutely flies, very happy
Rode it shoulder to overhead waves in the Maldives and it lived up to the expectations
You've probably got some reviews on the Evo already but the boards is amazing... Rode it shoulder to overhead waves in the Maldives and it lived up to the expectations! Thanks for all the help and great customer service!
The EVO makes surfing a lot easier and a lot more fun.
The EVO makes surfing a lot easier and a lot more fun. When I first got the board and picked it up there was this instant sense that you have when you pick up a magic board. It's a non traditional shape but not as mind boggling as the other TOMO designs, I'd say much more refined and all round. It's light compared to some of my other boards with similar volume, feels solid and is well made.

In the surf paddling is easy, the wide nose means you have to adapt a bit, duck dives are no problem, the extra bit of nose width doesn't cause problems. You get easy and early into waves. Even steep drops are no problem. The board feels very predictable/stable under your feet and at high speeds its easy to turn in a remarkable tight arc.

I'll have to see how it behaves in a bit more junky surf, for now we've just had clean surf but I reckon it will handle it well. This might just be the one board quiver.

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