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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee With this Surfboard - Don’t like it? swap it

Firewire LFT Baked Potato Surfboard 5ft 9 Futures - White

30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
Firewire LFT Baked Potato Surfboard 5ft 9 Futures - White
Firewire LFT Baked Potato Surfboard 5ft 9 Futures - White Firewire LFT Baked Potato Surfboard 5ft 9 Futures - White



30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
5 Customer Reviews - Read Them (5)

4.6 out of 5 stars

Unbeatable small wave performance, top paddler combined with rail to rail fun.

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  • Name The Firewire LFT Baked Potato surfboard 5ft 9
  • Ability Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume 43.6 litres
  • Conditions Anything from knee to overhead waves
  • Construction EPS Interior Foam/Composite Deck Skin/LFT Composite Springer HD/Fibreglass and Epoxy Resin
  • Dimensions 5ft 9 x 22.375 x 2.75
  • Fin System Futures Five Fin
  • Fins Included No

Product Details

The Firewire LFT Baked Potato surfboard. The Baked Potato has proven to be the most popular of the pure stoke surfboards from Firewire. More capable in better surf than the Sweet Potato, the BP is still lightening fast but with a slightly more forgiving outline. The tucked in nose and a little less volume in the rails makes for a very smooth flowing ride with faster rail-to-rail transitions. The Baked Potato has the same aggressive double concaves and V-spline running down the centre of the board, which allows the board to get up on the rail much faster than the overall design would indicate.
Primarily designed for smaller, weaker conditions, the BP will surprise you by its performance characteristics, and how the fins set further back and closer to the rail than usual, allow the board to hold in larger, steeper waves.
The new Linear Flex Technology (LFT) replaces the Rapidfire internal carbon rods with an 18mm wide composite Springer HD Suspension System that runs from nose to tail and includes a top-deck sheet to improve compression resistance. This high density insert creates additional strength through the centre with increased flex through the tail. The EPS top sheet buffer above the HD Springer allows for some compression but without the raised ridge and cracking that can occur with traditional wooden stringer surfboards. LFT delivers plenty of TWANG in and out of your turns and creates the fast-twitch flex response that gives the surfer the feedback and return desired.
LFT at last brings the perfect blend of a brand-new traditional PU board feel with the added durability of modern sandwich construction.

Boardshop is stoked to be a key partner for Firewire surfboards across Europe and beyond, we have been with them since the very start. Firewire surfboards are more durable than other surfboard manufacturing processes, and for 90% of surfers they will improve your surfing. Firewire is pushing the limits of applying new technology and innovation to surfboard design and always has an eye on the environmental impact of what they do, they truly are different to the other board companies out there. Firewire have come a long way since the early boards and the range of shapes and tech just gets better and better. A big chunk of the boards in the range are perfectly suited to the waves that 90% of us surf on a regular basis so if you haven’t already give them a try. The staff here have surfed pretty much every board in the Firewire range at some time or another and we speak to surfers from all over the world and get their feedback on how the boards perform in all sorts of conditions so we’re well placed to talk about all aspects of Firewire surfboards. We’re happy to consider trading in your old board against a new Firewire, so If you have any questions about this we’d be delighted to answer them and advise on any potential board choices or enquiries you might have, just drop us an email to info@boardshop.co.uk or call us on 0044 (0) 1243 674250.

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Overall Customer Rating

5 Customer Reviews - Read Them (5)

4.6 out of 5 stars

Epic board go short!
I'm currently around 13stone and purchased the 5'1 LFT Baked potato. These boards are so corky I wouldn't want to go any bigger.
It's amazing defiantly my go to board for any day sub 3ft (chest high) maybe up to 4ft if it's fat.
Couldn't wait to try the board out and surfed it in a huge variety of conditions.
It really excels in small mushy waves and catches the smallest of bumps sending your wave count through the roof.
However the low rocker which makes this board feel so fast over flat sections does make more critical drops a challenge, also the extremely wide tail makes driving hard off the bottom on bigger waves a lil squrley.
But all in all, this makes rubbish waves fun a board that really puts a smile on your face.
I surfed it with a set of Kelly Slater 2.1 quad fins.
Great small-wave board
This is a great (perfect?) board for waves from thigh- to head-high. It picks up speed very quickly, especially if you work the board on the wave, and turns sharply. It's good in both powerful and weak surf, but if the waves are any bigger than head-high they become difficult to catch and a board with more rail line is better. It is important to buy the correct size: as with most Firewires, smaller is better.

I've owned 2 BPs: I started with a 5'7" Timbertek, had it for about 18 months, then traded it in for a 5'5" LFT. I'm 6'0" tall and weigh 80 kilos, and I'm a confident intermediate surfer. The 5'7" caught waves well (like a minimal...), but was way too corky for me: any kind of not-down-the-line turn was a battle, especially in the fast part of the wave. The 5'5" LFT is a complete contrast. It sits in the fast part of the wave easily, turns quickly and aggressively, and generally feels a lot more manoeuvrable – but with no discernible loss of wave-catching ability.

The LFT construction is a real step up from Timbertek, too: I can feel the flex in the board loading and unloading as I surf, like a really lightweight PU construction, but after several months of use the board is still unmarked. My personal ranking of Firewire constructions (I own or have owned each of these): 1st LFT; 2nd FST, which has proved super-tough and somewhere between LFT and Timbertek in feel; 3rd Timbertek, which to me felt like the old Surftech boards underfoot, floaty and stiff.
This is a great surfboard! At 5'5" it is 36L
This is a great surfboard! At 5'5" it is 36L volume but hides it very well. I ride it as a quad set up. An excellent wave catching machine that surfs a dream. Quick rail to rail and the extended short board line means it surfs a lot like a stock thruster when it needs to. Goes well in anything up to head high. Observations - The low rocker can make super steep drops challenging / The wide tail is quite skatey and benefits from a nubster in bigger surf.
Some months ago I bought it and it is the
Some months ago I bought it and it is the perfect board for the mediterranean sea, you will enjoy every wave, it is really fast and fun! incredible floatability. 75Kg bakedpotato 5,5 Quad Kelly 2.1
I ordered this board, fins and a leash from Spain,
I ordered this board, fins and a leash from Spain, everything arrived in perfect condition!Now Im waiting for the waves to enjoy it!

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