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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee With this Surfboard - Don’t like it? swap it

Firewire Helium Evo surfboard 6ft 4 FCS II - White

30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
Firewire Helium Evo surfboard 6ft 4 FCS II - White
Firewire Helium Evo surfboard 6ft 4 FCS II - White Firewire Helium Evo surfboard 6ft 4 FCS II - White

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30 Day Ride Out Guarantee
16 Customer Reviews - Read Them (16)

4.81 out of 5 stars

Having it under your arm puts a huge smile on your face, the anticipation of surfing it is almost too much!

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  • Name The Firewire Helium Evo 6' 4"
  • Ability Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume 49.2 litres
  • Conditions Anything from knee to overhead waves
  • Construction Helium Technology EPS Foam/Parabolic Balsa and Paulownia wood rails/High Density Aerospace Composite Deck Skins
  • Dimensions 6ft 4 x 21.75 x 3.125
  • Fin system FCS II Five Fin
  • Fins included No

Product Details

The long awaited Firewire Helium Evo has arrived; the ultimate performance Hybrid treated to what is arguably Firewire's best performing, ultra-lightweight Helium construction.

The latest board from Tomo pushes surfboard design again. Having it under your arm puts a huge smile on your face, the anticipation of surfing it is almost too much! We had a chance to have a quick surf on a 5' 5" and although smaller than you'd choose here's what happened: even at this small length it paddled really easily, even in choppy conditions the nose didn't catch. The sheer width of the thing meant it paddled in nice and easy and felt fast, popping up the board feels super stable but very lively. It flows from rail to rail so easily its unreal, Tomo says it feels like its levitating, he's not wrong! Its super smooth and turns easily, an instant smile guaranteed. The smooth and curvy outline really works, it still feels like it'll hold in bigger stuff but for anything knee to head-high its going to be the surfboard of choice. The deep channels give it its drive, presumably what Tomo refers to as the 'double inside single concave into split quad concave planing hull' means the channels. Even Slater said it felt faster than a standard shortboard after that short interlude at the Gold Coast comp.

Firewire’s Helium tech is all about making an already amazing set of construction options even better. Its lighter, more durable than regular PU boards and thus far is proving a little more robust than Firewire's LFT construction. High Density Aerospace Composite Deck Skins and a new Paulownia/Balsa mix on the rails gives a faster flex response. Having surfed the tech in a couple of different models it does feel light but the speed through a stiffer feel and responsiveness is exceptional, Helium is here to stay.

Boardshop is stoked to be a key partner for Firewire surfboards across Europe and beyond, we've been with them since the very start. Firewire surfboards are more durable than other surfboard manufacturing processes, and for 90% of surfers they will improve your surfing. Firewire is pushing the limits of applying new technology and innovation to surfboard design and always has an eye on the environmental impact of what they do, they truly are different to the other board companies out there. Firewire have come a long way since the early boards and the range of shapes and tech just gets better and better. A big chunk of the boards in the range are perfectly suited to the waves that 90% of us surf on a regular basis so if you haven't already give them a try. The staff here have surfed pretty much every board in the Firewire range at some time or another and we speak to surfers from all over the world and get their feedback on how the boards perform in all sorts of conditions so we're well placed to talk about all aspects of Firewire surfboards.

We're happy to consider trading in your old board against a new Firewire, so If you have any questions about this we'd be delighted to answer them and advise on any potential board choices or enquiries you might have, just drop us an email to info@boardshop.co.uk or call us on 0044 (0) 1243 674250.

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Overall Customer Rating

16 Customer Reviews - Read Them (16)

4.81 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the advice
Finally got to go out on it today. Great board. Feels Fast. Glad boardshop advised me to get the 5'11 (I'm 6'4, 88kg) rather than the 6ft.
Order it smaller than you think
Got it one size above my normal volume in order to grovel well. This was a mistake, as it's meant to be a daily driver for waist high + and imo doesn't work well as a true groveler. Had I ordered it a size smaller (or even two sizes at HP volume), it would have gained more manuverability and control in decent surf, which it lacks a little one size up. It definitely is crazy fast down the line though and it catches waves easily.
I'd say 5 star customer service and a 4 star board if bought at the correct size. Possibly a 5 star board if you surf clean conditions most of the time.
Sold the board and am looking forward to buy my next groveler from Boardshop, thanks guys :)
....it’s taken off a few years whilst upping performance.
Hi Ian,
Just some feedback on the board as I’ve had quite a number of sessions over the last two months. The board is quick, responsive and a joy to surf in all sizes. Really pleased with it and it’s taken off a few years whilst upping performance. Thanks for the advice and you’ll be pleased to know that it’s created a lot of interest so I’m sure you’ll get plenty of orders.
Enjoy the winter, Mark
6,2 evo
Ordered a 6,2 evo really good service and really well packed very pleased had a surf on it this week loved it
Amazing board
This board is amazing and has everything you need: speed, maneuverability...I surfed it in La Cote des Basques which is not a powerful wave. I was impressed how it was easy to catch waves. Almost as easy as the longboarders besides me! Try it you’ll love it.
Worth the wait!! Best small wave board I’ve owned.
Best grovler I’ve ever owned. I’m 108kg and 6’5 so the 6’2” dimensions are just about perfect for me, heaps of float and wave count is great, could have gone smaller but I’m happy with the compromise as I want a board that gets in early entry. People say it feels like levitation but I just recon it’s the ability to generate speed that makes this board so good, has push my surfing up a notch!!
Just bought the evo helium last week looks and feels AWSOME !!!
Super super light but feels tough in your hands.
Really good delivery and packed very well.
Excellent board
Paddels like a long board, waves you normally would miss, you catch with this board! Board is very skatey, turns amazing (only surfed in thruster yet) will try quad later. My weight is 78kg and 5,6 is perfect size. Surf in Holland
Don’t know the details but this board has a different flow from anything that I’ve ridden before. One surf only but was magical how fast it was, how easy it turns, how straight you can put it! Also the advises from boardshop were spot on and the 5’5 is really a sweet spot!
My Smile is Back
This board has leaped me up to intermediate level and there I was thinking I’m just going to live with the fact I can’t catch that many waves but my 6 ft baby has put a smile back on my face ! I’ve fallen in love again
It flies!!!!!
Like the Vader I got this as an experiment in good to average waves. Really likes full rotations off the top with just the right amount of lift for the s*** stuff. Bought the 5'3" and at around 70kg cannot fault. Still prefer the Vader a lot more but who wouldn't. However, the Evo has it's place on sub-par waves and gets up and going withe least amount of effort. Go small and have a blast if you're paddle fit, otherwise long as you like and just cruise. Thank you to Ian and Roger and the guys at Boardshop on another awesome purchase!
Like a cheat code
I bought this after using an Omni for the past year, and was keen to try out the Evo and the helium tech for slacker waves.

The Evo is awesome. Took me a while to settle on fins, for me the stiffer the better on this board, using the JW PG fins. Quad set up is insane for speed, it feels like your levitating, while thruster blew me away with the direction change and turns it could do. I was initially concerned it was too much foam/too wide a tail comparing it to the omni but it absolutely does not limit performance. The drive off the bottom and feeling on rail is amazing, it just holds.

I've ridden it in knee high waves with a quad. My puddle jumper is collecting dust. I still use the omni if it's heavy, but I've used the Evo in overhead surf and if holds fine.

Helium is great, amazing durability. The flex is not as springy as carbon wrap and nothing on my old futureflex hypto but is much stronger, and definitely flexy enough.

It took me three years to buy one, having not been convinced by the looks... but honestly it's so easy to surf, and unlike most easy boards to surf it turns on a dime. Get one. I'm sticking to Tomo's from now on!

As usual the guys at boardshop are so helpful. It doesn't feel like your dealing with an online team.
Great board
I bought this board to replace the one in LFT.
She is lighter with more flex. I weigh 70 kg for 1.70m (advance level). I use this 5.6 for small conditions and not to take longboard.
If I had to use this board for better conditions I would have to go to 5.4 or 5.3. Very nice board to paddle and take off.
Fast delivery (for France) and in great condition because very well protected. Very good commercial service.
Tomo Evo helium 5'4
This board is really light, nothing compare to my "old" Pu Board.
The Evo in helium has more buoyancy than you can imagine on a 29 liter surfboard.
I've the 5'4 and it's a little bit too big for my 65 kg, 1,69m (level : 6years surfing, once a week, low intermediate)
If I can I will change it for a 5'3
Great board, great construction
First impression of the helium construction is that it is ridiculously light. It almost feels like a fragile toy. Having surfed the EVO five times I can confirm, it is solid. Super robust. Another thing about the helium is that the board feels more buoyant than I would have expected from a 33.9L board. Happy that I did not go bigger in size.
I surfed the board five times and the surf here in Lisbon is quite heavy right now. Normally I would have chosen another board, but I will fully commit to this plank for the next few month so I stuck to it.
From the first impression the board works best in cleaner conditions. it is super maneuverable and easy to surf. I would suggest straight forward fins to compliment all the bottom concaves or it has some bubbly feeling.
I love the board already and look forward to surf it in some smaller, cleaner waves. The versatility of the board and the construction makes it a great travel board as well, I reckon.
Boardshop, as always, working hard to deliver the best customer experience possible. cheers!
What a board
New version of the board is even better than the lft version noticeably faster and still as much fun

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