Roger Reviews the Firewire Cornice Surfboard!

Roger took the Firewire Cornice out to Portugal recently and apparently fell in love with it! Here he reviews the Cornice and explains what and why he loved it so much! Enjoy.

The Firewire FST Cornice surfboard. The Cornice combines Firewire's board building expertise with design collaborator Dan Mann and Eduardo Cenzano from Trinity Technologies interpretation of an effective side-cut design for surfing. The side cut shifts volume from the middle of the board towards the tail, leading to the most effective area in contact with the water. The board literally displaces less water, leading to minimal friction and increased speed that is noticeable. Dan Mann explains further, with such a narrow design, it takes less force and time to tip the board on its rail. That fast twitch sensitivity, especially on late drops or hollow waves, is where you feel the side cut really engage, and the wide tail still allows for speed in the flats.

So what does this mean for the average surfer...the board paddles remarkably well but it definitely needs a half decent wave, it is not, repeat not a groveller! it comes into its own in chest high plus waves, preferably with a bit of push and a cleanish face. Board size is pretty straight forward, look for the same volume as you'd ride in a Vanguard or a Vader.

firewire cornice
firewire cornice