He’s done it again, a range of Lost surfboards that caters for every style of surfing and every level of surfer.

The existing range of Lost surfboards is awesome, highlights including the Psycho Killer, and Puddle Jumper family of boards.

Mayhem has added, the Smooth Operator, Rad Ripper, Puddle Jumper HP Round, Uber Driver XL, Maysym, Evil Twin and more, find out more about these boards and a couple of others right here and figure out which one can take your surfing to the next level.

We love what Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos does and the way he pushes the limits with board design, the strong retro feel with logos etc harks back to Lost’s Punk inspired era, in real life the logos looks amazing.

Don’t forget at Boardshop we have the custom board builder which allows you to create your next Lost Surfboard exactly how you would like it, we can’t stock every board in every size so if we don’t have what you need contact us or use the builder.

Evil Twin

Lost Evil Twin Surfboard

The Evil Twin is here to give all round performance in a wide range of conditions with the added fun or a wide range of fin options.

This surfboard features the e wing design feature which previously Matt has only used on small waves boards for the Japanese market.

He is now introducing e-wings globally. Without drowning in a sea of tech detail here’s the lowdown - the elevated wing works allows increased lateral speed, and by reducing surface area in the tail improves control and responsiveness and basically sharpens up performance all round.

The e wing creates hyper extended rail rocker which rolls into the wave face easily, and also creates loads of holds through your turns.

Being near the rear foot e-wings feel forgiving, and counteract this relatively wide, high volume, flat rockered board.

The key feature is obviously the fin set up, the board feels loose, fast and fun in small surf but doesn’t slide around like wider flatter tailed boards.

The single fin gives you glide and wider arcing turns, there are so many set ups to use on this boards its crazy!

Try a bigger twin with trailer, straight thrusters or all manner of centre fins... keep and eye out for a Futures set up designed by those guys specifically for this board.

Crowd Killer Round tail

Lost Crowd Killer Round Tail Surfboard

The Crowd Killer surfboard from 2018 has had a make over! Can you spot the difference? That frankly way too small swallow tail has gone to be replaced by a far more sensible and user friendly round tail, thanks goodness!

This is a kind of natural evolution for the board we guess, it should have worked much better than it did but the with the swallow tail there was something not quite right, the round tail version is a vast improvement.

In contrast to the original Crowd Killer with a double wing swallow tail, the Crowd Killer Round’s round Tail is more forgiving and easier to turn in better waves, and at high speeds.

Think smoother turns and more relaxed surfing in a wider variety of conditions.

The Crowd Killer Round has the same rocker and foil as the Crowd Killer, but with less concave, slightly lowered rail volume and little more curve to the outline.

The standard dims are altered as well you can surf this new Crowd Killer Round a bit longer without added volume.

This board is designed to be ridiculously easy to surf from tiny surf to the largest days, what’s not to like!

In smaller waves, we set this board up as a quad to give us more speed and drive, and funnily enough this set up will suit when the waves get stronger and bigger, giving you two fins in the wave face for control.

This is truly a wave catching machine, that will have you catching more waves than ever and having more fun than ever.

Puddle Jumper HP Round

Lost Puddle Jumper HP Round Surfboard

The latest addition to Lost’s “Puddle” family is the Lost Puddle Jumper HP with a round tail, and this looks like a solid addition to the PJ range.

What Mayhem has done here, is create a high-performance version of the original Puddle Jumper surfboard with a user friendly round tail.

The Puddle Jumper HP Round follows in the footsteps of the Puddle Jumper RP, as a board that’s easy paddling and easy riding with the ability to handle more powerful, punchy, and even larger surf.

The addition of the rounded pin tail extends the wave size range of the PJ HP squash tail without being limiting its small wave performance.

Biolos has also lowered the rail volume and foiled the tail a touch to even the board out. This version of the board is meant to be ridden about 1-2 inches longer than the squash tail, but in a similar volume.

Sit this board alongside a groveler in your quiver and you’ve got pretty much everything covered from knee up to solid overhead waves.

If you don’t live where we do, or never surf small, weak waves then view this board as a one board quiver.

Smooth Operator

Lost Smooth Operator Surfboard

We’ve been waiting for this for while, we spotted it on Matt’s Instagram feed back in October last year, it was a board that he’d designed and built for his daughter but we really liked the look of it – we contacted him to get some made straight away but we had to wait for the official launch, here we are almost 6 months later, it’s been worth the wait!

High volume, lowered rail line, and a 4 + 1 fin set up make this board an absolute fun machine.

The Smooth Operator is basically a classic mid-length. This area of surfboard design is on fire right now with good reason, they are fun to surf!

Recently Biolos developed the Crowd Killer last year to serve this market but that board turned out to be a big shortboard basically and kind of missed the point it did not have the effortless glide and horizontal trim of a classic mid length.

The Smooth Operator is a far truer version of this genre of board, lowered entry rocker, forward wide point and steady thickness throughout.

The nose and tail measure the same width at both 12” and 24” and it’s this that makes it paddle and glide like nothing else that’s come out of the Lost set up. It’s a winner, apparently it turns too!

Uber Driver XL

Lost Uber Driver XL Surfboard

Flatter, faster, fatter and more fun than its fore runner

Whether you are surfing your home break or on your travels, Lost’s Uber Driver is an amazingly good everyday shortboard that can handle average conditions with ridiculous comfort. Matt “Mayhem” Biolos has managed to blend his surfboard design between a performance shortboard and a modern-day hybrid, giving the board the best of both worlds.

In hindsight Biolos has understood that what he calls the “Domesticated and distinguished Gentlemen”…aka bigger boys needed a bit more float and paddle power than this board offered.  Hence the arrival of the UBER-XL.

A scaled up version of the recently of the original,  The UD XL is designed for bigger or mid range surfers, as well as intermediate surfers looking for a stepping stone to a more performance orientated surfboard.  The rocker, outline and bottom curves are performance minded, with enlarged dimensions and steady  thickness flow through the board all with this kind of surfer in mind.

The deck is flatter giving a  more stable platform, for the surfer who knows how to surf,  but prefers a modern Pro-France rocker, but needs a bit of help in the crowded line ups and weaker or sloppy surf it might well be the answer.

Rad Ripper

Lost Rad Ripper Surfboard

The Retro Ripper emerged in November 2018 and was an instant hit, Rad Ripper is its little brother built for small, sub-par, every day surfing. To surf its fast, forgiving, and user friendly, as can be surfed by almost anyone.

Compared to the Retro Ripper there is lowered entry rocker to give faster paddling and early wave entry, easy glide and instant speed and he’s replaced the speed controlling round tail with a wider squash tail to carry more speed and add stability.

The board has lots of lift and surface area to make the most of small surf. The Rad Ripper surfboard still has a healthy amount of tail rocker but Biolos has added an aggressive double concave, to give even more lift and squirt under the rear foot.

Think Pyzel Gremlin in terms of comparison but with all the exacting detail that Biolos brings to the game.


Lost Maysym Surfboard

Err, it actually is a thing! Asymmetric boards have been around for a while and this is Mayhem’s take on it. Looks amazing but is it for everyone?

The general concept is we all surf with different weight on our heels and toes. Heel turns are harsher, without the ability to build the rail pressure gradually.

Matt say’s contrary to the common misconception Asymmetrical boards are not for going right or left, or even backside or front side but are designed to work in symmetry with a natural or goofy footed surfer.

Generally they’ll be designed to be more forgiving on the heels by reducing surface area or shortening the rail line but with more resistance on the toes through a wider, straighter, or longer rail and or rocker line.

These Lost boards are softer says, he’s attempted to make riding a really wide short board easier, when transitioning from heel to toe.

The fins are set the same No offset fins, no crazy design features but actual function, if you’re looking tom try an asymmetrical surfboard this is the one!

The Boardshop Seal of Approval

Lost Surfboards Seal Of Appproval

Matt Biolos has created a board that ups the levels of what can be done on a mid-length board in the Smooth Operator, and has given us a high-performance version of the world-famous Puddle Jumper, that fits into this series of boards seamlessly in the Puddle Jumper HP Round.

In the Uber Driver XL does what it says on the tin, whilst the Rad Ripper builds on the success on the Retro Ripper to cover the lower end of the wave spectrum.

The Evil Twin looks like you’re getting g about 8 boards for the price of one with its seemingly endless fin options, can’t wait for that one.

As you work your way through the collection you get the feel of a shaper who sees board development right through from start to finish and is passionate about what he does.

Good work Matt, thanks again for making boards that normal everyday surfers can get stoked on!

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