The Chilli surfboard range arrives at Boardshop with 4 new models which are right up there with any other board brand. Hope you enjoy our Chilli Surfboard review, with a full breakdown of all the latest models.

Chilli Surfboards are the brain child of Australian shaper extraordinaire James Cheal, working out of the Shapeland factory in Portugal the brand is established as one of the global leaders in board design and development. Chilli surfboards boast attention to detail you won’t find in many places, from the Futures fins designed leash plug to the Colan carbon inlays the build quality is exceptional. Chilli boards cater for all levels of surfing from full on grovelers to the highest of high performance shortboards, there is a board in this range for every kind of surfer.

We’ve been looking for a new surfboard brand to add to our existing range of boards and, after long conversations and a bit of wrangling we’ve super stoked to be working with Buffalo and the boys at Chilli.

Custom orders are available too, turn around time is around 4-5 weeks, and don’t forget you can trade in your old board against a new Chilli, or even buy one on 0% finance, not to mention our truly unique Ride Out guarantee.

The Miami Spice is a great take on a groveler, the Cherry Peppa a more traditional groveler type board, the Rare Bird small wave performance board, and the Churro a more conventional shaped board with added performance over the other shapes. The range we have picked out suits 90% of surfers for 90% of the waves they are likely to encounter.

The Chilli Miami Spice surfboard

Thinking of a summer board or just a board to maximise wave count then the Chilli Miami Spice is a great option. The double bump and thumb tail loosens up what otherwise is a standard groveler. A great wave catcher with added performance and hold thrown in. It’s not over volumed, the 5 10 comes in at 35.1 litres so it sits below your standard flat Lost Bottom Feeder type boards, think Rusty Dwart. Surf it at your normal volume in waves from waist to a little overhead.

Chilli Miami Spice Surfboard

Sizes Available

 Length (Feet)   Width (Inches)   Thickness (Inches)   Volume (Litres) 
5'8 21 2 7/16 32.40
5'9  21 1/4 2 7/16 33.30
5'10 21 1/2 2 1/2 35.10
6'0 22 2 5/8 38.80

The Chilli Cherry Peppa surfboard

I remember talking to a customer who’d picked one of these up in Australia and the airline on the way home had destroyed it, at the time we couldn’t replace it, the board just wasn’t available in Europe at that time, he was inconsolable. He’s tried lots of boards since but says nothing is as much fun, that's saying something because there are a lot of good boards around. I’ve got him down as our first Chilli Cherry Peppa customer, you know who you are Justin! It’s a groveler,  33.8 litres in the 5 10, but it’s not super heavy in the rails so it’s got a bit of zip to it as well. Single to deep double concave means it’s going to paddle well and catch ripples, it's good and flat in true groveler style so your wave count is going to be through the roof. Think Channel Islands Average Joe, Bradley New Barcelona etc by way of comparison. Add 3+ litres to your shortboard volume and get out there!

Chilli Cherry Peppa Surfboard

Sizes Available

 Length (Feet)   Width (Inches)   Thickness (Inches)   Volume (Litres) 
5'8 20 3/4 2 3/8 31.50
5'10 21 2 7/16 33.80
6'0 21 1/4 2 1/2 36.10
6'2 21 1/2 2 5/8 39.30

The Chilli Rare Bird surfboard

Maximum performance in waves up to head high, that’s what the Chilli Rare Bird is all about. Loving that pulled in round tail and the single to double concave, the Vee out of the tail gets you going rail to rail with ease. Staying in the pocket in that punchy fun beach break is a cinch for the Rare Bird. 30.3 litres in the 5’ 10 gives an idea that it’s a sensible option, size it up or down according to your ability, stick to your normal volume  

Chilli Rare Bird Surfboard

Sizes Available

 Length (Feet)   Width (Inches)   Thickness (Inches)   Volume (Litres) 
5'10 19 3/4 2 1/2 30.30
6'0 20 2 5/8 33.00


The Chilli Churro surfboard

Lost Short Round, Channel Islands afraid the Chilli Churro is after your fan base! Conventional short board shape, single concave through the length of the board for great acceleration and speed. Not a groveler more a board for a decent surfer in weaves up to a little overhead. 30 litres in the 5 10 so once again a usable shortboard, not aimed at pros or groms, more aimed at average guys who can surf and want a board to maximise those better days at home.

Chilli Churro Surfboard

Sizes Available

 Length (Feet)   Width (Inches)   Thickness (Inches)   Volume (Litres) 
5'10 19 3/4 2 7/16 29.80
6'0 20 2 1/2 31.60
6'2 20 1/2 2 5/8 34.80

Why buy a Chilli surfboard?

Why not??  Quality, innovation, attention to detail and hours or meticulous  R & D that’s why! Seriously though, these boards work, we’ve tested them in a wide range of conditions and the ordering factor is fun, lots of waves and lost of smiles. We’ll be adding a whole raft of boards more in the performance mould very soon, but its summer so these models seemed to be the obvious choice.  

View the full range of Chilli surfboards at Boardshop, if you need any more info, advice on sizing get in touch on or call us on 0044 (0)1243 674250