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Wetsuit boots, Wetsuit shoes

Wetsuit boots come in range of different styles, thicknesses and have proven popular with surfers around the world. Neoprene boots provide grip on and off the water plus help protect your feet not only from the cold but sharp rocks to. High quality wetsuit shoes are glued and blind stitched for additional warmth and come in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thicknesses. The latest boots to hit the market come with round toe and split toe variations for added comfort and warmth.

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Wetsuit boots, Wetsuit shoes

Wetsuit boots burst onto the market many years ago as wetsuit socks. Wetsuit off cuts were used to help keep feet warm in colder sea temperatures allowing riders to surf longer. The same neoprene material used in wetsuits is used in neoprene boots. The concept is simple water is trapped inside the neoprene and is warmed using body heat to keep feet warm. The socks have developed over the years and wetsuit shoes were the end result. Most boots now feature a grippy, flexible, rubberised sole which helps with traction on the board and added protection for feet on rocks or reefs. As technology has advanced neoprene boots have become even more comfortable, fluid seams combined with ultra stretch neoprene have made wetsuit shoes the perfect addition to your surfing equipment.

Our online wetsuit shoes range is split into summer and winter models this can often be determined by the neoprene boots thickness, 2/3mm boots for summer and 5mm neoprene or thicker for winter. When buying wetsuit boots you are looking to buy the same size boot you wear in shoes, then select the thickness you need. If you're heading out in heavy surf then we also recommend a Velcro strap. When choosing between a split or round toe the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. Boardshop carries stock of wetsuit boots all year round, we have tried and tested all the models here, we only wear what we sell and the models above represent what we believe are the best available brands and products.


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