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Soft Surfboards, Softboard Surfboards

Softboards are a popular choice with new surfers, families and kids. Soft surfboards are popular because they make getting out into the waves fun and exciting. The boards perform in the same way as any normal surfboard. Softboard surfboards usually have a padded top sheet with a smooth poly base. The advantage of the soft deck is it does not require any waxing, the boards are cheaper due to the construction and the boards are focused at catching waves no matter what your age is.

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Soft Surfboards, Softboard Surfboards

Surfing is a great sport and the only way it can grow and continue is through the introduction of new people into the sport. Soft surfboards have been developed by the industry as they offer the perfect solution for those on a budget who are keen to get into the sport but don't want to spend too much on their first board. Surfing takes time and patience to master but with softboard surfboards beginners are able to easily point the board towards the beach and ride that first wave. Softboards are a popular choice for families who want to share a board between them as the boards allows for mistakes to be made and the soft deck ensures that no heads, legs or arms are knocked which often leads to frustration when learning.

If you are new to surfing it is most likely that you will have your first surfing lesson on softboards. The softboard surfboards used in surf lessons are thicker than any of the standard boards shown above. They are very thick and ultra wide to provide you with the best platform possible to get you up and surfing the board. The soft surfboards still provide you with a wide and stable platform but are designed to help you progress. Once you are up and riding before long you will want to start to link turns and get the board to carve on the wave face, this is all possible on the soft deck boards.


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