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Shortboards, Shortboard

Shortboards for surfing have changed and developed beyond recognition over the past few years. As surfing has grown worldwide, the demand for revolutionary designs and shapes has increased dramatically. The shortboard is now no longer just a short surfboard with three fins and a few small changes to the tail. Shapers of the shortboard surfboard now produce models with different rocker lines, profiles, tails and fin systems. All the models from the shortboard range shown use only the most cutting edge materials and construction techniques.

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Shortboards, Shortboard

Shortboards are used by surfers who have improved past the intermediate stage and are looking for a smaller board that will allow them to turn faster and tighter on the wave face. The shorter shortboard design makes the pop up slightly harder but once you are up the rider can start to cut back into the critical section of the wave. Shortboard surfboards are now highly sort after, as people wait for the latest shapes that are used by professionals to be released. Many of the worlds larger shaping houses produce there shortboards in collaboration with professional surfers, however many local shops and spots also have custom designers and builders.

Choosing the right shortboard surfboard can be a complicated process and complex decision as there are a number of different shapes, tails and fin set ups to choose from. When looking to buy a shortboard consider how often you will be riding, where you are going to ride and be honest about your ability. There are so many great shapes available many even come with custom constructions, laminates and graphics. If you are not sure which shape, size and board is right for you then contact a Boardshop who will be able to advise you. Short surfboards are often referred to as performance surfboards as they allow you rider bigger waves or develop advanced techniques like slides, cutbacks and aerials. Shortboards do require more advanced techniques therefore read the board descriptions and watch the You Tube videos provided which give an excellent insight into the shapes purpose and feeling on the wave.


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