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The new winter season is here and the powder fields are calling, the 2011 snowboards have left the factories and are now lining our shelves. As the snow begins to fall across Europe, the emails will be hitting your inbox with news of where to board this weekend. Buy snowboards at Boardshop and make every trip you take to the snow this winter even more rewarding. The mens snowboards range available this year is the result of fifty years of improvement, with the leading companies continuing to use advanced materials and construction techniques to deliver the ultimate on snow experience.

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Buy Snowboards, Mens Snowboards

Snowboards were first invented during the late sixties, as our passion for snow sports developed across the world. With more people hitting the snow it did not take long for people to adapt skis and mono skis into the Snurfer or snow surfer. After thousands of prototypes the design that appears to offer the best all mountain performance is the freestyle and freeride twin tip. Mens snowboards are now designed with ABS rails, sintered bases and metal edges. If you are looking for to buy snowboards online, read reviews and check the brands website to find out more about the board. Many of the leading snowboard builders provide useful information about the boards flex, torsion and cut radius. All of these factors will impact how the board reacts on the snow and in powder. Mens snowboards are often available in different widths to cater for boarders with bigger feet. This prevents toe drag as your riding improves and you link turns.

The demand for snowboards has rocketed over the past ten years thanks to its inclusion in the Olympics and the hard work of ambassadors like Jake Burton. Jake has been instrumental in putting snowboarding on the map and making the sport it is today. The sport of snowboarding now falls into a number of different categories including, big air, park, half pipe, boarder cross and back country riding. Buy snowboards in the UK from Boardshop and your snowboarding holiday will be the best you have ever had.


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