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Surfboard Leash, Surf Leash

The surfboard leash is now available in more colours, styles and designs than ever before. Leashes now come in variety different thicknesses dependent on the size of waves you are riding and different lengths based on the size of the surfboard you are riding. When buying a surf leash always buy one made from urethane, with a rail saver and precision molded brass fittings. Our range of surfboard leashes will keep you attached to your board and make sure that you stay together for the entire surfing session.

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Surfboard Leash, Surf Leash

Surfboard leashes were introduced onto the surfing scene in the early seventies. The invention of this now very useful item has been pinned on Santa Cruz surfer Pat ONeill son of the famous neoprene inventor Jack. In the early days the surf leash was a simple piece of rope or cord, for riders who did not use them they had to swim to collect their board after every wave. From the outset the leash was seen as something used by idiots, or for riders who were not competent in the waves. Opinions about the surfboard leash changed quickly when the entire surfing community could see the advantages and benefits of wearing one.

The surfboard leash has changed dramatically since the early years when they were made from elastic cord which would cause the board to ping back towards the rider. New materials now mean that the surf leash is much safer, although some traditional riders and long board surfers still prefer to ride without a leash for traditional old school reasons. Surfboard leashes are easy to attach because most boards today have a plug built into the deck with a metal bar to attach the leash to. Fitting a leash is simple, thread the rope through the plug and secure. The best bit of advice we have ever heard was from an Australian who said always clamp the knot into the Velcro this helps to keep the strongest part of the surf leashes in contact with the board plug and the knot should also never come undone.


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