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Womens Snowboards, Ladies Snowboards

Womens snowboards have changed dramatically over the last fifteen years. The ladies snowboards ranges often have some of the most interesting and exciting top sheet graphics. Snowboarding is hugely popular with more female riders in the sport than ever before. Many argue that because of genetic makeup a girls riding style is much more natural and relaxed when carving up the snow. The ladies snowboards for the 2011 season are bold, bright and well priced.

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Womens Snowboards, Ladies Snowboards

Womens snowboards are also available in a range of sizes, widths and thicknesses. The current trend within snowboarding at the moment focuses around camber and new base cuts. Snowboarding is frequently described as skating or surfing on snow. The snowboarding development teams have mastered the internal core of the boards by using wood laminates and carbon stringers. Improved manufacturing techniques now allow snowboards to be shaped, with either flat, gull wing, single, double and triple stage bases. The 2011 ladies snowboards available are heavily focused around new base designs. The purpose of improving the base shapes in to aid speed in the flats, help edge to edge control and offer different characteristics from piste to park and powder.

When buying new womens snowboards it is important that you order a board that is the correct size for your height and weight. A board for general use with all mountain riding in mind should measure from the floor to the bottom of your chin. The ladies snowboards chosen for Boardshop have been selected by our buying team for their user friendliness and ease of use. You may have your sights set on mastering the corked ten eighty however you need to start somewhere. To find out more about ladies snowboarding search for popular team riders including Jenny Jones, Tara Dakides and Cheryl Mass. The ladies boarder cross and slope style has had a new bar set by these adrenaline demanding female riders.


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