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Kids Surfboards, Childrens Surfboards

Kids or Groms as we know them in the surfing community are the future of the sport and are also active in the sports progression. Kids surfboards are now tailored and shaped specifically for a smaller people this helps to guarantee they work with and not against size. Keeping a sport fresh and exciting is what helps is maintain its mainstream approach. The kids surfing today are throwing three sixties and trying flips and spins never seen before. These groms all started with a childrens surfboard and our range has all you need to get into the sport.

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View AllViewing 1 - 20 of 76

Kids Surfboards, Childrens Surfboards

Kids like adults need boards designed to get them up and surfing quickly and easily. Kids surfboards are often smaller adult boards. The reason for this is the board still needs to provide float to aid paddling and wave catching. Kids are able to get away with a short and narrower board because of their size. The principal of buying a childrens surfboard is ultimately the same when looking for an adult board. How much are they going to be surfing, how often and which beach or location will they surf at most frequently. The surfboard can either be a softboard or pop out construction and depending on the childs size and ability range from five to seven foot.

It is important when buying a kids surfboard that they understand sometimes the best looking board is not always going to be the most suitable for them. The childrens surfboards range has something for all ages, the child needs to be able to carry and manoeuvre the board in the water but also surf and ride it. If the board chosen from the outset is not suitable then it can be frustrating and the child will often quickly lose interest. Like all balance sports surfing takes time and practice, the equipment is available and is now better than it has ever been. Boards are built to last and with stand the bumps and knocks sustained when learning. For advice on whats right for your kids please get in touch.


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