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Snowboard Goggles, Snowboarding Goggles

Snowboard Goggles are now lightweight, stylish and very cool. Goggles used to be worn on white out and snow days only, but as snowboarding grew in the early nineties snowboarders made goggles ultra cool. Snowboarders often wore goggles to stand out from their slope sharing counter parts. Snowboarding goggles are now worn by all boarders and advances in lens technologies have made them ideal at spotting those undulations in the snow. The goggles available today are often all compatible with park and pipe riding gear ensuring a quality fit.

Snowboard Goggles, Snowboarding Goggles

Snowboarding goggles are worn by snowboarders in all light and weather conditions. Most riders tend to ride with two pairs a pair for flat light and another for sunny or bright or sunny days. The flat light goggles usually feature a pink, blue or orange lens. This lens colour allows you to better spot the bumps and undulations in the snow. A bright light goggle normally has a mirrored or shinny coating on the outside, this not only makes the goggle look cool but helps reflect light rays away from your eyes. Inside the lens is usually a grey. Snowboard goggles are usually made from lightweight flexible materials. Most of the recent developments have improved the air flow and ventilation to reduce fogging and keep your eyes fresh all day

Protecting your eyes when hitting the snow is very important if you do not buy a good pair of goggles that provide good UV protection you are in danger of damaging your eyes. Snow blindness can be a serious issue and is very uncomfortable. The snowboarding goggles on Boardshop.co.uk all offer 100% UV protection and have been tested by pro team riders including Shaun White, Gigi Ruf, Jamie Lynn and Robbie Sell. Snowboard goggles should be big, bold and bright this season, the range online is bigger than ever before and we have more colours, lens styles and strap set ups! Ride in style and grab your new Goggles online here.


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