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  • Name - The Firewire FST Unibrow 5ft 10
  • Ability - Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume - 30.2 lts
  • Conditions - Anything from waist high to overhead waves
  • Construction - Fibreglass and Epoxy with Balsa Rails and EPS foam
  • Dimensions - 5ft 10 x 19.5 x 2.5
  • Fin System - FCS 5 Fin.
  • Fins not included


The Firewire Unibrow. Deisigner Dan Mann explains, "The Unibrow has its roots in a shape I've been riding as my regular shortboard, blended with all that I've gleened from designing and using the Dominator, Sweet Potato and Potato-Nator. Different from a regular shortboard with a compressed outline curve without sacrificing the width needed to maintain and maximise paddling and planing speed. My goal was to design a proper high-performance shortboard that didn't feel too chunky when the surf was good and you don't really need a 'groveler'. The rail profile is dropped and very sensitive, especially through the tail. The hull has an aggressive single concave that begins at the nose and runs through the deep spot in front of the fins and divides into a subtle double concave that directs the water flow to the inside of the front fins".

The rapid response flex memory in the Future Shapes Technology used in these boards yields great speed through the turns whilst the parabolic rail configuration guarantees 100% return memory for years.

Firewire surfboards feature some very distinct construction traits that set them aside form other boards currently available:

1) parabolic balsa rails
2) dual density EPS and advanced composite core

The parabolic balsa rails flex at the start of a turn storing energy and rebound through the turn releasing built up energy in the form of speed. The spring back of the parabolic rails to the original rocker triggers rapid acceleration, like an arrow shot from a bow. The construction materials, a unique formulation of hi-tech epoxy resins and advanced composites mean that these boards maintain the lively feel you get with brand new polyurethane boards, but are up to 20% lighter and will last 5+ times longer.

This manufacturing process has won environmental awards and has created a range of lightweight and durable custom boards that are quickly being recognised for their awesome performance.

What this all means for surfers is a step forward in the age old trade off of performance versus durability that has traditionally limited polyurethane boards. The nature of the core technology in these boards allows them to rebound in and out of turns with little loss of speed. The secret to improved surfing is maintaining and using this speed to go higher, bigger, longer or whatever does it for you!



Customer Reviews

Great service... Thanks boardshop

Joao F (Board size: 5ft 9)

Really impressive Has completely revitalised my surfing

Simon (Board size: 7ft 0)

Perfect support from boardshop and super fast delivery without any problems .. cant wait to get in the waves with this board , love at the first sight !

Angelo (Board size: 5ft 11)

Haven't got it wet yet but the board seems sweet it's hard to appreciate from the pics the more rounded outline of the board (compared to a regular short board shape) from the pics but it is quite a big difference in shape, can't wait to see what it rides like. You can feel that the construction of the board is a lot harder than a regular foam board feels like a double thick glass job. Hope that is a good sign for strength and ding resistance. The service and advice from the guys was great (first FireWire purchase). I even traded in my old DHD which was a real help and they made it simple to do.

Stuart  (Board size: 6ft 0)

The board was delivered to me already a month ago but it was only this week I got the chance to take it in use on some very nice Moroccan waves! I am an intermediate surfer who gets to surf proper waves only a few weeks a year. I went for a slightly bigger size and found out that the 6'4" is indeed a good match for my 83-85kg + wetsuit. The board paddles well, gets early into waves and overall feels very nice under the feet. Obviously at 6'4" the board is not the quickest one to maneuver, but paired with a thruster set of large fcs carver fins it did go very well on long carvey turns and cutbacks. The fst model seems very sturdy but light at the same time. It survived the whole trip without even the smallest pressure dings. Has not happened to me with any other board so far. Even if the Firewires cost a little extra compared to a standard poly board, I am feeling confident that this board is worth the money and that I am going have lots of fun for a long time on this one!

Sami (Board size: 6ft 4)

The Unibrow is a great board. I ride mine in my performance volume and it really becomes a hi performance board. The magic for me is the volume distribution with the fuller but narrow nose and the wide but thinner tail. The fuller nose gets you into the waves very easly and because it remains narrow, it keeps the hi performance response in top to botom surf. The wider tail really fits better the back footed surfer, but alows you to never get hung up in sections, and get instant speed in any type of wave. That, combined with the deep single concave, makes this board really fast. The rail design and the slight pin tail, makes the board really sensitive and very reactive to whatever you want to do in the wave. It works amazing in 2 to 6 foot waves, but after the 6ft range, you really start to feel the wide tail and it's necessáry to put stiff fins to secure the board. In 2ft waves and in "fat" waves, I usually use quad fins, evan if it is glassy conditions. If you are a good surfer, ride it in your performance range and you get a magic one quiver board that does turns, airs and barrels great. Perfect every day and travel board. For the intermediate surfer, go a couple liters up and you get a really forgiving board that suits all conditions. That great volume distribution will get you into waves that you never thought you could (steep ones) and make amazing barrels. You will also fly through the flat and mushy sections with ease. The board comes from the potato family, but it can deliver some really hi performance rides!

Pedro Antunes (Board size: 6ft 4)
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