Build your own custom Penny Skateboard!

  • Step 1 - Pick your Board Model - Original 22" or Nickel 27"
  • Step 2-6 - Pick your Deck, Wheels, Trucks, Bolt and Grip Tape Colours. Go as wild as you like!
  • Step 7 - Buy your custom creation. Board will be assembled and shipped out to you with free UK delivery. (Grip tape will not be applied by us)
  • Step 8 - Hit the streets with the satisfaction that you did not conform to the norm!
Build it, Buy it, Ride it!
Step 1 - Select your board size
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Grip Tape
Grip Tape
Skateboard deck - BlueSkateboard deck - Glow in the darkSkateboard deck - Green
Skateboard deck - Light GreenSkateboard deck - OrangeSkateboard deck - Pink
Skateboard deck - PurpleSkateboard deck - RedSkateboard deck - White
Skateboard deck - Yellow
59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Black/Pink59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Clear59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Clear Green
59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - CMYK59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Green/Black59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Green/Purple
59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Orange59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Orange59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Pink
59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - Purple59mm 79a Skateboard wheel set - YellowWheel - Red
Wheel set - BlackWheel set - Pink
Skateboard truck set - BlueSkateboard truck set - GreenSkateboard truck set - Orange
Skateboard truck set - PinkSkateboard truck set - PurpleSkateboard truck set - Red
Skateboard truck set - Yellow
8 Pack deck bolts - White8 Pack deck bolts - Blue8 Pack deck bolts - Green
8 Pack deck bolts - Orange8 Pack deck bolts - Pink8 Pack deck bolts - Purple
8 Pack deck bolts - Red8 Pack deck bolts - Yellow8 Pack deck bolts - Black
None22inch - Blue22inch - Pink22inch - Clear22inch - Green22inch - Orange22inch - Purple22inch - Red22inch - Yellow


Welcome to the Penny Skateboards customiser

As always we've been slaving away to make sure you can get the exact set up you want. You can select deck size and colour, wheel colour, truck colour, and bolt colour. The truck size will be determined by the board, so you don't need to worry about selecting the correct truck size. The bushings (cushions) will be the colour that comes with the truck selected. Bearings get added to the basket automatically so no need to worry about that. We'll then put your chosen selection together and send it out to you with free UK delivery.
Please note customized set ups cannot be returned under our normal T & Cs for returning products, this doesn't effect warranty or your statutory rights.
Grip tape does not come applied to the board. You will need to apply this yourself.

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