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Rip Curl Wetsuits

Rip Curl Wetsuit, Mens Rip Curl Wetsuits, Ladies Rip Curl Wetsuits

Rip Curl, now considered one of the ultimate surfing companies, they started in the late 60's/early 70's in Torquay, Australia by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer, with an innovative and enthusiastic approach they began by offering a range of surf products, such as boards for the local market. Then they decided to break into the under developed market for wetsuits and began producing their own range and so Rip Curl wetsuits were born and since then have continued to be developed in line with the real needs of real surfers. While the company has grown into an international brand they remain focus on their original beliefs.

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Rip Curl Wetsuit, Mens Rip Curl Wetsuits, Ladies Rip Curl Wetsuits

The company has a strong environmental ethic and has created the Rip Curl Planet Foundation to further these ideals; it has developed its own environmental projects as well supporting many other projects and organisations in areas such as reef protection and water quality, working with a diverse range of partners such as Surfers Against Sewage and the World Wildlife Foundation.

Rip Curl has spent a lot of time ensuring that it stays in touch with the needs of all surfers and it does this by spending a lot of time testing its products, sponsoring some of the world's top surfers but also by trying to keep in touch with its surfing roots and the core of its vision and focus; the Search. It is this that drives the company and product innovation and development forward. Rip Curl wetsuits offer an impressive range of technological benefits with the development of Elastomax and Slickskin technologies. You can also get Rip Curl wetsuits with the exclusive Xpandx a durable superstitch neoprene. Another new technology that benefits a Rip Curl wetsuit is the development of the new Fireskin lining which is thinner and lighter than others but still an incredibly warm lining. A Rip Curl wetsuit is one that you know has been fully tested and incorporates the latest technological developments. From its small beginnings in Torquay, Australia, Rip Curl is now a world leading brand with nine licensees around the world to manufacture the range of Rip Curl wetsuits to strict quality guidelines. As well as being able to get a Rip Curl wetsuit there is also an extensive range of Rip Curl products. However they still try to remain true to their original focus and belief in the Search as well as their commitment to the grass roots surfing communities.


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