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Hydralite Surfboards

Hydralite Surfboards

Hydralite surfboards and Hydralite beginner's surfboards have been designed and composed for the price conscious surfer disregarding whether that surfer be a beginning or a longtime weathered expert. However the build of the Hydralite surfboards have not suffered whilst keeping prices down to keep them affordable and within the reach of the average customer. To get the price of these boards so competitive other things have been considered, such as not fussing the look up with a complex artwork. Instead they have kept spends down by making the Hydralite surfboards and hydralite beginners surfboards look clean, simple and fresh.

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Hydralite Surfboards

Hydrlite surfboards start with the industry standard blank and then are built up with the resin lay-up method. The core is an EPS foam with a wood stringer which is unusual for a lower priced board but it offers a much better longitudinal strength. Then the boards are glassed with a total of 3 layers on the deck and then heavyweight cloth is placed on the bottom. However even though the Hydralite beginners surfboards are have a very tough construction they are still light weight and are easily maneuverable through the surf. These Hydralite surfboards are built to withstand the wear and tear of weekend surf trips through to more adventurous travel. The standard board is the Minimal being more an all rounder and is perfect for first time surfers on account of its width, length and thickness. Theses features give the board plenty of buoyancy and stability for both easy paddling and wave catching. Hydralite surfboards are also available in two fish shapes and are designed to cater for all abilities of wave rider. The sushi king is an ideal option for a first time board for kids or is suited as a fish to the intermediate/expert surfers. The Whale tail is a great starter board or is ideal for someone looking for a bit more performance than a minimal offers.


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