Future Fins

Future Fins

Future fins were born like all good surfing companies from a love of the water and waves. Futures set out with one mission to make a fin box that was simple to fit and capable of handling powerful loads when riding with different fins. Future surfing fins are engineered and refined in an ongoing developmental process. Each aspect of the fins profile, base, box and materials and adjusted and improved. Futures fins see themselves as revolutionary, they combine passion for quality and the result is a fin that is secure, reliable and delivers on performance.

Future Fins

Future fins work closely with some of the worlds leading surfboard manufactures. These collaborations allow the company to work closely with shapers to understand their shaping and fin requirements. The Future surfing fins are designed around an ultra strong base to maximise speed and power on the wave face. The designs strength is also unique because future fins are the lightest system currently available in the surfing industry. Futures fins is built on a simple design brief, flex allows projection and this projection provides speed. Many surfers for too long have used different fin systems but the new futures fins are pushing the boundaries with advanced materials and flex patterns.

Future surfing fins use a number of different materials and shape patterns to change the feel of the surfboard on the wave face. Understanding these subtle changes is easy to thanks to the Future Foil shapes guide and their online fin selector. This tool allows you to quickly customise your ride and ensures you get the correct fin based on your board type and surfing style or location. Futures fins are growing in popularity as more shapers try the new faster install boxes. The fins are also being used by more of the worlds top riders who constantly strive for better products and more performance. The Future fins professional team includes riders from all over the world including Pancho Sullivan and Dave Rastovich to Michel Bourez, John John Florence and Rob Machado. If you have been surfing for a while and want to try the strongest, lightest and fastest fins, then you need a set of future fins.


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