Bic Kayaks

Bic Kayaks

Outdoor activities have been the big winners of the eco wave of the last few years. The Bic Kayak range responds perfectly to the demands of people who like spending time on the water. As Bic Kayaks become more accessible a great deal of attention has been paid to developing stable, practicle, sturdy, good-looking craft that respect the environment. At Boardshop we sell the latest range of Bic Kayaks and Bic kayak accessories ranging from 2 adults plus 2 children kayaks to paddles.

Bic Kayaks

Each Bic Kayak is designed, developed, and manufactured to respect the environment. Bic Kayaks are made in thermoformed polyethylene, a particularly ecologically friendly material, as during its production very few hazardous chemicals are used and there is no wasted material.

The staff of boardshop live to spend out rime outdoors and feel the Bic Kayak range offers outstanding value for money. Bic Kayaks are ideal for leisure or serious paddlers, solo use or outdoor adventure with the whole family. Boardshop is a leading online retailer of Bic Kayaks our site uses live stock levels. If you wish to ask us a question about Kayaks please use our contact form and start the message with Bic Kayak


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